Appreciation by Jesse Stoner of Waking Up

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Jesse Lyn Stoner

Jesse Lyn Stoner, founder of Seapoint Center, is a business consultant, coach, former executive, and bestselling author. She is author of Full Steam Ahead! Unleash the Power of Vision in Your Work and Your Life


This book is truly unique. I have read many business and spiritual books, but never one like this. Barbara gives an intensely personal, no nonsense look at her odyssey from corporate officer to spiritual medium and mystic.

As a business professional, I first met Barbara when she was working with the CEO of a major American company. She was tasked to design large group interventions to change the course of this Fortune 500 company.

At that time, Barbara worked in Organizational Development, which hired and fired the top-level leaders of the company’s 30 divisions around the world. She was the most creative and effective business-person with whom I had ever collaborated.

I watched how Barbara worked. She earned respect by telling the truth to powerful men, which they valued. She broke all barriers when she became the first women executive in the company’s 143-year history.

But back to this book. Barbara is truly courageous. She shares incredible entries from her private journals over a thirty-year period of both personal and spiritual growth.

This book follows her path from a sudden life shock, through various teachings and experiences, each revealing some wisdom that inspired her to dig more deeply. Ultimately, she could not ignore a voice within that guided her to her present-day awareness and to writing this book.

I personally have watched Barbara grope her way through confusion and darkness to clarity and light. When she asked me to read her book, I found it to be wonderful and riveting. I hope that you, the reader, will find some wisdom and power in Barbara’s words. I know I did.