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Waking Up book cover mockup: Cave
Released Aug. 10, 2021

About the book

Experience the challenges and wonders of diving deep into higher dimensions and your own human potential.

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Barbara Bennett had a nice family, was a corporate officer of a Fortune 500 company, and didn’t quite believe in the Divine. Sudden tragedy left her reeling. Amid darkness, she questioned. What was the meaning of life? Who was she really?

Excerpts from her journals uncover her potent 30-year spiritual story. Learn with her as she explores and relives early traumas. Stand with her as she courageously finds the power within to transcend limitations and tap into Universal Awareness. Be amazed with her as she becomes a spiritual medium, sharing tools of higher dimensions with people around the world.

Her honest tale will inspire all who question, all who quest. Barbara now lives an ordinary life in extraordinary wonder, courage, and excitement

Early reviews of Waking Up

“Barbara Bennett has sincerely and successfully shared her unique, individual soul’s journey through her new book: WAKING UP: Making the Invisible Visible. It will no doubt illuminate your own path and assist you to see what cannot easily be seen.”
— Patricia Albere, Founder of the Evolutionary Collective. Bestselling author of Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening

“Years ago, Thomas Hübl sent Barbara to me to help her ground herself. I remember her openness and courage to explore the depth of spaciousness. This book tells us about her journey of being very connected to the subtle field as she makes progress, and expands, while holding All in presence, space, and consciousness. This book would support people who are open to the astral world.”
— Marcus Hirzig, Senior faculty member who has worked extensively with Thomas Hübl since 2002

This book stands out as a leader by revealing actual experiences of a soul’s journey over thirty years. It stands up to its name. It is unique, raw, wonderful and riveting.”
— Jesse Stoner, author, 
Full Steam Ahead! Unleash the Power of Vision in Your Work and Your Life

One gift in reading Waking Up, it gave me ways to witness, and sometimes experience, the invisible. Another pearl, this book shows Reality through the eyes of Hindsight at its finest.”
— Charon Hunniford, spiritual finder


Exposes the energy to unlock gifts, abilities, and knowingness that will transform us—from a separation, survival-based experience, to an interconnected abundant and prosperous world.”
— Georgina Batchelor, Registered Psychologist


Full of good tools to help one realize we are so much more than we believed. Beautifully explained, I found myself very supported in reading the last chapter, it was powerful. Thank you for writing your book. I want a copy on my bookshelf.”

–Rita, spiritual seeker


As she shared her experiences, courage and trust, many times a strong curiosity came up for me about how she followed the inner calling into a higher frequency. Left me with the feeling of going deeper into this new state of being. Her experiences became so rich as she continued her exploration.”

Makes visible the human frequencies that are available to think creatively, innovate, and heal—both ourselves and our planet. The new paradigm opens solutions to global issues.”

Worth its weight in gold for the spirit of my love to be freed and known.”

An amazing piece of writing. We share our stories to know that they trigger important realizations. This has me pondering why it is so hard for me to understand the higher dimensions. It also helped me to understand my sister. Bravo!” 

— A reader who doesn’t believe in a God


“Potent and evocative. Enables the reader to witness, and sometimes experience the invisible in action.”

I liked the tension in her book. I never knew if she were going to find herself or lose herself.”

Extraordinary! A power of immense clarity. In seeing this, an amazing moment of great love was felt.”

“Disperses fear.  Invaluable to many of us with little experience of these invisible higher states.”

I loved the clear journey from conditional mind to unconditional love in the heart.”


“Classic example of a hero’s journey. She dives into wounds. Helpers on all levels arrive. Transforms into the exquisite Beingness of everything. Delicious, courageous, and so beautifully described!”


“A true seeker’s journey. The author chronicles her more than 30 year journey toward spiritual enlightenment in language that is accessible and evocative. Barbara has a real talent for describing what most people would consider indescribable; a soul’s journey through many layers of conscious and unconscious growth, emerging as a transformed being after a long and difficult process of rebirth.

“Vivid depictions of spiritual “breakthroughs” appear throughout the story, and Barbara reveals these to the reader with precise and detailed language, as well as some large doses of humor and humility. There is a considerable amount of raw emotion on display here, as well as many insights into how these emotional crossroad events were channeled into positive growth opportunities for the author.

“The spiritual revolutions that Barbara has gone through are covered in this book in seven chapters. The real-time process took many, many years and a true scholar’s commitment to reading, research, experiential learning and personal experimentation.

“My own spiritual child will take what is currently able to absorb from Barbara’s work here, and will file away the rest for future use. I especially appreciate the appendix that lists further readings for those who are called to explore more.”