Sacred Readings: Testimonials

Connecting by Barbara Bennett
Connecting by Barbara Bennett

A reading can be a profound experience.  Here are a few things that people have experienced during a spiritual reading with me, their loved ones, or guides: 

“Thank you so much for the reading. The takeaway for me was that I now have confirmation that my Mom is still with me, just in a very different way. And this gives me much consolation.”

“Since your reading, I have been lifted up with a stream of calm and peace running through me, even in the midst of the constant sights on the news. I can’t thank you enough for opening this new perspective up for me. It’s truly a gift I never expected.

I now know that I can have a relationship with my sister – which I had not had in the flesh for years. It softens my soul.

Hard to put into words our gratitude for your loving presence today and the journey to the spirit world we took with you to connect with our beloved little girl. Thank you from both of us, and from all of our being.

“I am still taking in all from your reading. It is life changing. It has removed a burden I’ve carried around for years.”

Wow, amazing resonance! Thanks, so much for connecting me more consciously with my magical, dancing, wise, joyful spirit guide! Truly a gift. I would enjoy referring people to you.  And if I could do a redo, I’d certainly be open.

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