Sacred Readings

Blue Abyss by Barbara Bennett
Blue Abyss by Barbara Bennett

I channel sacred spiritual readings for people who choose to connect. 

I have found that diving into the non-physical dimension of Reality is an incredible tool for obtaining, and exploring, information from the spirit world. It has been a fascinating and​ liberating experience for both me and the people with whom I partner.  

There are lots of reasons people may choose to have a reading. They may wish to connect to a loved one who has passed, or there may be a loved one that has been waiting to come through to them. Very often people receive information that is helpful for their personal life or for their soul’s evolution. Many people connect with spiritual guides, which they didn’t even know they had. 

The information that comes through still amazes me. It confirms that the spirit continues after the physical body dies. There is Love and Life beyond our physical reality; we truly are not alone.

A reading can be a profound experience. Here are a few things people have written to me after.

Information for first-time readings