Where am I?

As I look back on my own journey, I remember all the times that I did not understand the perception from which I was viewing life. I began to pay more attention to what was going on inside. I discovered that I was experiencing three different versions of reality: the little ego me, the witnessing me, and what I have come to call the Sky Consciousness me, which is the more expanded me. So, now I’m about to explore the different Me’s.

Window to the Soul
“Window to the Soul” by premasagar | CC BY-NC 2.0

The little ego me: This is where I find myself when I’m feeling fear, isolation, rushed, not seen, confused, overwhelmed, limited, separate, resistant, lethargic, or alone. You get the picture. This is where I’m in my habitual, learned, egoic perspective. I start to judge, analyze, and manipulate myself—trying to get to where I think I should be, or to where I want to be. This does not work. It takes me further into my old stories and beliefs. This keeps me out of what is actually happening on the inside.

The witnessing me: This is my bridge perspective. When able, I go up above my ego perspective. I look down. I step into witness mode. Here I can consciously receive and observe my thoughts, feelings, and sensations. I’m learning more and more how to discern where the inner me actually is in the moment. Am I caught up and limited by me ego self? Am I up on the bridge in witness mode? This is where I can observe without judgement, analysis, or trying to change things. Or have I slipped into my Sky Consciousness, my natural, higher, intelligence? I want to practice exercising my witnessing muscles. I want to know, am I in the primitive fight/flight reaction mode? Am I caught up in the drama of the moment? Is my mind wandering off into the or the future? From my witness mode I discover I can look up or I can look down.

Sky Consciousness me: Whoa, this feels different. It’s open, vast, clear. Here there is softness, comfort, safety, relaxation. There are no questions. There is complete trust in this Knowing-ness, this state of Being-ness. There is gratitude, fulfillment, love, contentment, value. Joy. I see that I am part of this unfolding, universal awareness. I give great thanks.