Waking up is a participatory sport

“Starry ceiling – Spiritual Center” by UMHealthSystem | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

How do we climb out of our egoic boxes and move through our doorway of consciousness?

Waking up is a participatory sport. If we just have the idea of advancing on our path, not much will happen. We all know people who live their entire lives without once giving a thought to higher dimensions, oblivious to who they really are and what their life could be. Very few people pay any attention to their higher powers. That’s sad because everyone on the planet has their own higher frequency and has access to that essential power. The truth is that our higher power knows who we are and is already sending us signals.

We already have access. As the Circle of Light says:

Every day your spiritual wisdom is unfolding. What you’ve attained through millions of lifetimes in all dimensions, all realms, is available for you to draw upon if you allow. Become the superhuman you were meant to be. Become aware viscerally of who you are. You are so much more than the person you created to play in this game of life. You are infinite Intelligence and Creativity.

Dawson Church adds:

You don’t need to know anything about higher vibrations. Leave it up to your Higher Power. (You are still waking up even when you don’t understand.) Your Higher Power isn’t physical and lives only at the level of energy, consciousness, and vibration. It’s the expert in this field. You don’t have to understand it. You don’t have to know what a high vibrational state is. You simply ask Higher Power to bring you to the highest possible vibrational level and trust it to do the work.

How do we actually participate in our waking up?

But how do we climb through the doorway of our consciousness in a conscious manner?

I have found that participation is key. It actually happens on multiple levels, and various frequencies. It can be a bit tricky to catch. So, let’s see if we can make the process of participation a bit more transparent.

First of all, the various frequencies and stages of conscious participation will swirl and circle around. They will intertwine and combine. Our insights will twist and turn. Our awareness and breakthroughs will not necessarily be sequential. We may have a new egoic or spiritual insight at any moment, and then have that same kind of “knowing” arise later on, but in a very different frequency—often at a more intense, profound level. What makes the process of participation perplexing is that we are participating both knowingly and unknowingly. Let’s take a look at the process of participation. Every one of us is unique. Each of us is on our own unique journey. So, as we examine the various ways we can participate, be on the lookout for what resonates for you.

Moving towards something: At times, we may feel that we are moving towards something, not even knowing what that something is. We may find ourselves drawn to a certain book. A certain passage might excite us, light us up. A certain teaching or teacher may attract us. When I was in college many years ago, I loved reading the Bagavad Gita, but had no idea why. Sometimes a certain course, or teacher, may pop up on our computer screen. Somehow, we are drawn to it. I remember when I first heard Thomas Hübl speak on my computer, I felt that my words were coming out of his mouth. I was hooked. It turned out that he was the perfect teacher for me at the time. He helped me immensely. Another time I signed up for a computer course in sacred readings with Suzanne Giesemann. I had no idea why. I didn’t even believe in readings! But it turned out that going beyond the physical dimension set me on fire. Now I do spiritual readings for people around the world. So, be on the lookout for what attracts you. The amazing thing is we don’t have to understand why. We may never understand, but this process of moving towards something is waking us up.

Climbing out: There comes a time in our journey when we’re sick and tired of the same old, same old. We want to climb out of our usual perspective. We want to move beyond our repetitive thoughts and behaviors. We realize that our familiar self is actually limiting us. We want more. But our conditioned egoic mind wants us to stay in the same old framework because that’s where it feels familiar.

When we get to the point that we really want out, we will pay more attention to our every day beliefs, habits, and patterns of behavior. We will knowingly participate. We have an intention to climb. We have anintention to do the work. As Thomas Hübl says, “we want to start living on a different highway.” And heads up, when we do wander outside our familiar selves, it will feel uncomfortable. We can feel lost, overwhelmed, bewildered. And this can happen at any point in our journey.

Climbing out of our ego trap takes trust, commitment, and dedication. (I’m still watching and climbing out of my ego-self on a day-by-day basis.) This is when it’s good to remember that our higher power is more Intelligent than our physical, analyzing, mind. Our higher power knows how to move us. It will guide us. It wants us to ask and allow. Even though it takes effort and attention to climb out, going beyond the usual is well worth the effort.

Feeling the pull: As we climb out, we will still feel the pull, but it begins to be at a deeper level. Now we want to discover our higher power, a higher order of love beyond ego. We want to be part of the ongoing movement to help the human race move forward with compassion and connectiveness. (See my blog series Moving from 3D to 5D Dimensions of Reality.) We somehow know that living from the higher frequencies will be an entirely different way to experience life. We understand that, as a global society, we are still consciously and unconsciously limited by the template that has been passed down through thousands of years of human experience. And our pull moves us forward into…

Moving with something: At yet another level of participation, we find that we are magically moving with something, even though we may still not know what that something is. (And remember, we don’t have to know because our higher power always knows.) When we feel we are moving with something, it means we are breaking through our current spiritual ceiling. This occurrence is an inside job. We are actually co-creating with our higher power, even though we may not yet see it that way.

Thomas Hübl often says that we need to learn to “listen to the whisper.” We need to attune to the subtle information that is already coming in from our higher dimensions, from our higher power. Dawson Church explains,

Your Higher Power lives at a high vibrational level. That’s the level of love, peace, joy, and complete enlightenment. Higher Power reaches down to connect with you, but because it isn’t physical, it can’t get all the way down to the human level. That’s why you have to lift your vibrational level to at least some degree. You then get high enough to meet and connect.

We can cultivate a relationship with our higher power. It’s here with us right now. So why not take the time? As the Circle of Light says, “Allow your own personal secret to unlock within you. Imagine with each breath that you are drawing in another aspect of your Wisdom.” When we do the work of meditating, paying attention, contemplating, and staying present, we raise our vibrational level. When this happens, we are given gifts that go far beyond our wildest imaginations. We discover there is no separation between ourselves and the quantum energy realms. We experience multi-dimensional frequencies. We may slip into past lives. We may experience becoming one with our guides, our ancestors, and humanity in general. We enter the infinite world of possibility.

Breaking through our usual level of consciousness can bring awe, magnificence, and power. It can also bring a fear of the unknown, and a feeling of destabilization. As we move into the higher dimensions, we need time to integrate. Eckhart Tolle talks about experiencing a tremendous amount of emotional pain, asking God for help, and instantly breaking through into an entirely new Reality. After the breakthrough, he sat on a park bench for two years to adjust. We all need a little time to adjust to the ups and downs of waking up.

There comes a point in our journey when challenges have very little to do with our childhoods, or personal issues, even though we still see repeating patterns that seem restrictive and outdated. But when we really start to experience the Wonder of Life, we are entering the realm of multi-dimensional, consensual reality. In this way we start living in the joy of the heart-center. We begin to radiate joy out into the expansive Reality of Existence.

Moving as: If we choose to continue to expand our doorway of consciousness, we will inevitably stumble into unchartered territory that propels us into bliss, robs us entirely of our identity, burns up our personal stories and occasionally hurls us into periods of disorientation and uncertainty. We will still say “yes,” as we continue to move towards, and with, but now will we find ourselves occasionally existing in an entirely new way. We will feel the physical world in a new way. It will appear to be quite transparent as we perceive through the higher, lighter, frequencies. We will glimpse the world as the Magical Plan of illusion, all while our feet are solidly on the ground. We are Life expanding.

A hand reaches up for a blue cup in the cabinet. A being-form, called Barbara, exists as the entire universe. This is both exhilarating and discombobulating. Remember, the Circle of Light tells us, “Trust that your expanded consciousness is your light body…Your super consciousness already understands these processes and is using them in your Creativity.” Wow!