Waking Up book available now

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My new book Waking Up: Making the Invisible Visible is now available on Amazon (ebook, paperback). My hope is that readers of the book will experience the challenges and wonder of diving deep into higher dimensions and their own human potential.

For the next three days, you can download a free Kindle version here and a discounted paperback version.

What’s the book about

​What does it feel like to literally experience different dimensions of reality? Find out as Bennett experiences higher/deeper frequencies as she takes a wild ride, while automatically writing down what’s happening in direct, present-moment time.

Bennett did not start with a multi-dimensional view. When she began to write in her journals, she was wandering through life from the usual ego-perspective, until tragedy struck 30 years ago. Bennett’s awakening process is riveting and compelling . Her story is for anyone ready to move their life forward from tragedy, feeling stuck, alone, abandoned, misunderstood, or powerless.

Bennett transparently shares both raw and wonderful real-life experiences, with courage and honesty. As her soul shakes her awake, she receives downloads from her inner voice. She weathers intense emotions and uncovers hidden personal trauma and abuse. She discovers spirits, guides, and avatars, which change her understanding and perspective. Bennett becomes a sacred spiritual medium, quite a change from her previous corporate life. Her extreme experiences of both high and low spiritual frequencies transform her life from the inside out, revealing a world of wonder and hope.

Waking Up will challenge the way you think. It will give you glimpses of what lies beyond the usual human perspective. It will help you discover new possibilities, which lead to self-knowledge, trust, and greater freedom.

Whether you’re a new seeker or you’ve already awakened, if you have the courage to set aside what you already know, go on a soul’s adventure, step outside yourself, and continue to seek, question, and find your own way, this book is for you.