Three ways to release resistance

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Intro: We talked about resistance in the last blog. We can see how resistance can become an obstacle unless we do something about it. I’ve heard plenty of people say, “It is what it is” or “What happens is meant to be.”

I’ve said these kinds of things myself. Some people may think this means they are actually “surrendering” to life. Unfortunately, the frequency of Life doesn’t work like this. (Remember, wakening up is a participative process.)

In truth, surrendering happens to us when we relax enough to have Life’s frequency take the lead. We humans are not really in control of true surrender. The good news is that at some point on our spiritual path we do start to release our old stuff. This allows new experiences to be discovered and opens us up to our more-expanded self.

So, what are some things we can do to the release old patterns that are inhibiting our unfoldment?

Work: Feel an uncomfortable feeling

Identify exactly where the feeling is located in your body. (This is important. It helps the healing frequency find just the right area in which to work.) Hold your awareness of this feeling as you breathe. Imagine your breath is going in and out through your heart. Breathe in this way for four or five breaths.

Now sense that this uncomfortable feeling is moving out, bit by bit, through your heart. Each time you exhale, breathe a bit more of this feeling out through your heart. Affirming, “I release this feeling.” Do this with each subsequent outbreath.

When you feel ready, breathe in new energy. On each inbreath, affirm, “I receive peace, calm, Grace (or whatever is right for you in the moment). With each outbreath, feel that new feeling spreading throughout your body.

Give yourself time to let this new feeling set in. Now, notice how your uncomfortable feeling has been replaced by a new sense of peace. Congratulations, you’ve done the work!

Note: This exercise has been adapted from one that I learned in the course, 21 Days to Your Higher Power, with Dawson Church.

Sleep: Have an intention

Research shows that when you sleep, your ego mind shuts down. Then your subconscious mind is completely open to release old baggage. So, sleep and dreaming is good, whether you remember your dreams or not. Even when you have crazy dreams, you are releasing old energy that is no longer needed. Research also suggests that falling asleep is a perfect time to imagine your intention, for example, wanting to wake up and be willing to let go of old stuff.

Play: Find your Quantum Creature

One day, while meditating, I was frustrated by my inability to release old energy. Then this fun, hungry, creative creature arrived. Here is what happened:

Whoa, out of the blue, a Quantum Creature arises, a creature that’s awake within me. I can feel it. I watch. This creature is devouring anything and everything old that comes up. Poof. Gone. This quantum energy is enormous, dynamic, compelling, all consuming. Extraordinarily powerful, it’s creating its own space within me. It’s co-creative!

Now, I realize that human and divine energies have combined. They are manifesting, influencing, and creating the reality in this very on-going moment. Amazing.

I just watch as the Quantum Creature devours everything. Wait, now my old mind wants to enter, to intervene. No problem. Slurp. The Quantum Creature just laps it up. Yummy. Old mind-energy is just food meant to be digested, reconstituted, purified, redirected towards the good.

Suddenly, I’m edgy. I want to quit this meditation, move on. (This wanting to move away from my deeper reality is yet another old pattern of mine.) But, the Quantum Creature says, “Ooh, this is a really tasty morsal—so packed with habitual energy. Yes. Bring it on. Go ahead, woman. Bring in more emotions, patterns, and obstacles to be metabolized. I love it.”

Quantum Creature is gobbling up all the old energy. It’s like an alchemical process—converting old crap into gold. The universe is cleansing itself. Yeah!

Takeaway: I pray that you find your own version of divine cleansing. (A friend sent me a picture of her Quantum Creature, which looks very different from the one I’ve posted at the beginning of this blog.) So, go ahead. Explore. Contemplate. Meditate. Let your mind go. See what happens when you open to your own Quantum Creature cleanup frequency. And please, send me a note to let me know what happens.