Threads of abundance and gratitude: For what are you thankful?

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Most of us are surrounded by strands of life that twist and turn, separate, and come back together woven into a fabric that defines how we live. The threads on which we choose to focus determine how our lives unfold. So many negative things are happening in our world today — division, discontent, gripes, rigid belief systems, mass shootings, inflation, war, and depression.

I wonder, will we get all tied up and live in our little, pre-conceived egoic boxes? Will we choose the abundance to which we knowingly, or unknowingly, are freely given? Will we allow ourselves to fully experience gratitude?

Right up front I need to tell you that this blog was guided. Yes, I did want to learn more about abundance and gratitude, but I hadn’t a clue as to how to go about it. As it turns out, my guides came through with flying colors. First, they said, “Look at what other people say about abundance.”


“Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.” –Napoleon Hill

“Abundance is not a number or acquisition. It is the simple recognition of enough-ness.” –Alan Cohen

“If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can’t buy.” –Unknown author

Second, my guides told me to take a look at what ancient mystical principles, modern quantum physics, and contemporary spiritual teachers say about abundance. With this in mind, and from my own experience, I brought together the principles of ancient wisdom and the knowings of contemporary teachers. Turns out they all point to the fact that true abundance is already available for each and every human being. This knowledge can be found woven throughout the works of some of our greatest teachers — Thomas Hubl, A.H. Almaas, Dr. Sue Morten, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Craig Hamilton, Matt Kahn, and many others. Each of these teachers assures us that all of what is listed below is readily available to us as human beings.

  • Everything is Energy, including us.
  • We are love. We are already enough.
  • Life is Absolute Truth. We cannot be separated from life because it is what we are.
  • Life supports everything—doorknobs, fish, and us too. Life says “yes” to all.
  • We are free to choose our own inner environment, our own inner reality.
  • In Absolute Wholeness there is no lack, scarcity, wanting or needing.
  • Life energy holds infinite possibilities.
  • We are creatures with the power to create what we desire.
  • Life unfolds in Magical Possibilities.

Some of us still don’t believe this stuff. Dr. Sue tells us that it’s because we haven’t yet experienced the high vibrational frequencies of love:

Nature provides for you everything that you need. There isn’t something outside of you that is necessary for you to have whatever you are looking for… We all have access to all of the materials…and elements…that are necessary to have the things we desire to manifest.

​Others have more practical ideas. An anonymous person said: “The key to abundance is to stop needing more, and to start appreciating what you already have.”

Esther Hicks says: “The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there.”

Deepak Chopra says: “You must find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.”

Next, my guides suggest that I take a good look at gratitude and “make it personal.”

Gratitude wisdom

So, what are we actually grateful for in the midst of our present day lives? I looked at what a few people have said about gratitude.

Michael Bernard Beckwith said: “Gratitude places you in the energy field of plentitude. Glow with gratitude and see how awe and joy will make their home in you.” 

Wayne Dyer s “The universe provides abundantly when you’re in a state of gratefulness…gratitude is a sacred space where you allow, and know, that a force greater than your ego is always at work and always available.”

But this information seemed a bit too lofty. I was at a loss as to what to do next. Then, while meditating, I got the hit, “Do a survey.” Wow, good idea!

Gratitude survey results

Off I went. I sent out email requests to a few readers and friends. Then I asked all kinds of people—on the street, people who were fishing, construction workers, other friends, neighbors, maintenance people, people walking by, immigrants, and people in the grocery store. I asked each person, “With the world as it is today, what are you most grateful for?” Honestly, some responses brought tears to my eyes. I was blown away. What follows is a small sampling of what people said:

I’m grateful for…

Every time I focus on what I am grateful for my heart expands and joy arises

Being born at a time when love is everything, the experience of life, being alive

Water, to drink, cook, wash my great grandson, the rhythmic hum of rain on the roof

My heart softening touched and responsive to life’s prodigious offerings……ahhhh!

Morning tea….hot and sweet, sipped and savored, sunrises and sunsets, stars, and the moon in the night sky

For people walking around asking that question, puts a smile on my face

Just got approved for housing. As a single father of three little ones it will help a lot

The great Isness of the day, this planet, my Honey, and my vegetable garden

My health, the ability to stretch, breathe, make breakfast

Life is so rich, so many blessings, grand and small. My long-term friends, Godiva chocolate, air conditioning

Laughter, small ones, and big belly-hurting ones. Best sound ever.

Living in this country I have life I could not imagine. I think it comes from above

The abundance of colors around me, flowers in gardens, dyes in clothes, the crystal window globe on sunny days, colors in my paint box

Me good. Day good. My dog good.

Deep talks, silent sharing, boundaries blur, oneness stirs an old memory, returning HOME to love, in love, as love, as all…..ummm!

My loving partner, a warm blanket, a wiggling puppy

Everything! Everything! Putting in cement here, changing a lightbulb there, it all adds

A morning breeze, a gentle rain, a puddle in which to step, a home that shelters me and keeps me warm.

A body that works, health, hope, survival, second chances

Smiles, love, quantum physics, emotions good and bad, my ability to be generous

My faith in god, love, and life

My friends and family, especially the ones I can share intimately with, being with my grandkids

The sun in early morning, the water rippling as fish come towards me on the bridge

My sister, trees. Now that I think about it, I’m going to make a list like I’ve read about

In closing, it turns out that we are indeed thankful for it all, even, or especially in the midst of this troubled world. So, I’ll leave you with this question: With the world as it is today, what are you most grateful for?