A Soul’s Journey

Waking Up is really a story about how The Soul blossoms within all of us. This waking up is truly what distinguishes us as human Beings. When a friend sent me this picture of her soft fabric collage, I was so enamored that my pen began to write. This is what emerged. 


Soft fabric collage by Marye Gail Harrison, 396x629
Soft fabric collage. (c) Marye Gail Harrison. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

I just arrived, born into this new human being
Hope she learns how to climb out of this pocket
There is so much more
She doesn’t see me yet
Getting all bound up in mind and karma
Doesn’t understand how the process works
Doesn’t know I’m here to help her
Endure the heartache and loss
The marathon of life on Earth 
She struggles to come out of her ego bubble
That’s what humans do 
But she’s starting to discover herself, take notice
Beginning to see some light
Learning about nuance
Frequency, dimension
Seeing beyond her usual self
She’s doing the work
Toughing it out
Now we’re in partnership
Looking around 
Seeing birds, sun, sequins and such
Infinite Possibilities
She’s beginning to discover her intrinsic worth
Her gifts, her preciousness
Good Lord, I think this human is going to make it