Sky Consciousness

My new book Waking Up: Making the Invisible Visible will be released on Amazon in August. My hope is that readers of the book will experience the challenges and wonder of diving deep into higher dimensions and their own human potential.

Here is one of my journal entries from the book:

I notice how my day-to-day experience has changed. Sometimes, as soon I step out my door, my world becomes radiant—colors vivid, blades of grass distinct, wind a magical swirl around me. At other times, when I’m walking outside, my entire “surround” is so magnificently beautiful that I find myself crying tears of joy.

But one morning I really got a surprise. I was sitting in a waiting room, waiting to get my eyes examined. All of a sudden, a bolt of inner lightning hit, almost throwing me off the chair:
A deep, ever-present, pure, awareness is here revealing that all states of waking—sleeping, dreaming, dying, and even after life are the same. They are all composed of this same Sky-Like Consciousness. This awareness is completely open. Sky Consciousness allows everything. Nothing phases it—rain, clouds, thunder, tornados, fire, floods. Everything is allowed to come into the open window of the heart.

This isn’t the way my usual head works; things get stuck and conflicted. But from this sky perspective, I see how Life is constantly birthing and destroying Itself, becoming Itself and moving on. I can feel Life’s vibration in the center of my throat and chest; It’s radiating, pulsing, and teeming with Its, my, morphing existence.

My consciousness has become sky-like