Series intro: Transcending the 6 Core Wounds of Humanity

“Wounded” by philwirks | CC BY-ND 2.0.

This is the intro to the Six Core Wounds blog post series.

Prologue: In previous blog posts, we examined how early imprints from childhood are still leaving their mark on us as adults. We’ve teamed up with our inner child to help resolve early scars. We discovered how the skill of Inquiry can play an important role in uncovering and healing our immature life-strategies. We’ve explored the hidden impact that our genes play in unwinding our Shadows and moving on to our Gifts.

Now it’s time to go into more depth to understand what’s actually holding us back. So, we’re going to take a look at the source of all our distress, trauma, discomfort, and pain.

There are six core wounds that lie at the heart of our humanity. These wounds are buried deep within our DNA. They are the cause of all our human suffering.

Each of these wounds have actually been programmed into our DNA blueprint. These wounds exist to irritate us, to make us miserable. As Buddha said, “Life is full of suffering.” Like it or not, suffering comes with the territory of being human.

All suffering comes from our Shadow frequencies:

  • We experience Shadows in the 3D egoic frequency, which is the lowest of human frequencies. Every Shadow dims our life energy. Every Shadow can challenge us on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Shadows are filled with discomfort, fear, struggle, reaction, stress, doubt, and desires which can never be fulfilled.
  • Shadows are not inherently bad. Shadows are designed to cause human suffering, to egg us on so that we want to relieve our stress and move on to higher levels of consciousness. Shadows are built into our biology to press us to move on, to evolve, to wake up.
  • Shadows create patterns in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These pattens loop around. They trigger us over and over again. They trap the life force in our body, rather than allowing it to burst forth, expand, bloom.
  • When we live in our Shadows (which most of us unconsciously do most of the time), we suffer more than need be. Shadow living means that we are living from our head, not the heart. This limits our energy and our human potential.
  • At the Shadow level, we have no idea of what is actually possible for us as humans. Shadows, when understood at the deepest level of self, hold an enormous amount of consciousness; as it turns out, each Shadow holds a tremendous Gift.

So, let’s move on—discovering, uncovering, learning about our own Shadows in order that we move into our Gifts, where living becomes an entirely different, and wonderful, experience. We will explore each of these wounds in detail in the next blog posts.

The 6 core wounds

Here are the six core wounds (from Richard Rudd’s book The Gene Keys: Embracing your higher purpose):

Repression is the primary wound of humanity. (#40 Gene Key)

Denial is the deep physical tension of fear in our body expressed as anger and aggression. (#17 Gene Key)

Shame is the profound feeling of being constricted. (#25 Gene Key)

Rejection is the closing of our heart. (#43 Gene Key)

Guilt is the unconscious karmic debt that we all carry. (#4 Gene Key)

Separation is the ultimate wound of humanity. (#63 Gene Key)

We want to understand that the DNA which lays dormant within our Shadows is just trying to wake us up. Our very biology wants us to move out of our low frequency Shadow states into our higher frequency Gift states. Life wants us to learn to live in the state of love and peace and relaxation. Life wants us to engage, discover, expand so that we can best contribute The Great Transformation which is occurring behind the scenes.

Most of what I have explained, and will be explaining in the posts to come, is sourced from knowledge gained through Richard Rudd’s profound work in The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose and from my own personal experience with life.

By the end of this wound series, my hope is that each of us will have discovered which of the six wounds is most dominant for us and how all the others affect us too.