Meditating: I notice how I often swing, or seesaw, from one dimension to another. One moment a thought arises and I careen off into my old, familiar, way of looking at the world. I’m caught. Over and over again I find my mind falling into its well-worn neural network. On the other hand, I know how my energy can shift.

Seesaw 800x291
“Seesaw” by nzgabriel | CC BY 2.0

Wait a minute, it’s doing so right now. I’m no longer in the groove. Now there’s a wide-open vista! I’ve swung from my old, familiar, ego-driven perspective to a new feeling. Wow-e! This is actually fascinating. One moment old, another moment new.

In the Great Wide Open, fields of Lyngdalsheiði, Iceland
“In the Great Wide Open, fields of Lyngdalsheiði, Iceland” by WanderingtheWorld | CC BY-NC 2.0.

I’m going to try this again. Who am I, the “Barbara” with all her usual patterns, or a “Being-ness” who freely allows what is arising? Seems I don’t have a choice, or then again maybe I do. Oh, screw this, I’m not going to think about it anymore.

Whoosh, now I’m a streak of bright light, and I’m wrapped around my own cosmic spit! A skewer of light runs up my trunk, right up through my head. Wow, I’m like an open network, a radiant energy—arcing through eternity, having multi-level experiences in multi-dimensional frequencies and universes. This is sooo different from the usual groove.