Raising your frequency of love

“A few of the ways I love you” by Timothy K. Hamilton | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

One morning I decided to listen to a Circle of Light (COL) meditation called Raising the Frequency of the Personal and Planetary Love Paradigm in the Temple of the Heart. It took me on a wonderful journey. I would like to give you the opportunity to experience this meditation for yourself and discover where it leads you. It can be fun and instructive at the same time.

I asked the Circle of Light if I could paraphrase this meditation and offer it to you. They answered with an enthusiastic “yes.”

So, in this blog you will find this meditation to experience for yourself. Please keep the following suggestions in mind as you read the Circle of Light’s meditation prompts:

  • Respect any and all words and images that come to you.
  • Take the time to have your own experience. (The actual COL recording is an hour long with plenty of space for silence.)
  • Relax into your body.
  • Read each prompt slowly.
  • Allow each prompt to fill itself out for you.
  • Go inside your body to discover whatever is there. Stay out of your head. (Remember that your higher power knows much more than you.)
  • Observe. Allow yourself to feel into whatever comes up—colors, shapes, images, feelings, sounds.
  • Know that the Circle of Light will guide you. Don’t be shy. The Circle of Light will support you, guaranteed. Whatever comes up for is just right for you at this time in your journey. Trust. You may wish to take notes. (That’s what I often do.) Even if you don’t understand something at the moment, that’s OK. What comes up will trigger your subconscious to explore further in its own way, even beyond this meditation.

The meditation

As I type this, the Circle of Light are inviting you personally to experience this meditation. Here is what the Circle of Light said as it was channeled to me:

The heart reveals where you are holding beliefs that are unhelpful to you. We ask that you go inside yourself. Scan your body to find where you are holding tensions and obstructive beliefs. Go ahead. Take your time. Scan your body and see what you find.

Love and accept all these parts of you. These parts want to be seen, heard, and released.

Now, imagine you are being taken into a healing temple of love which is just for you. Go slowly. See how your temple comes into form. (Notice shapes, colors, configurations, sensations, sounds, whatever arises for you.)

From here you are able to experience deeper love. Notice the energy within your body, within your mind, and throat—within your entire energy field. Take your time to observe, explore. See how it feels.

Imagine that within this temple of love, you find all the ones who have supported your journey, consciously or unconsciously—your higher consciousness, various friends and family members, guides, and those with whom you have explored relationship. Take your time.

What do you experience? Allow yourself to receive the love. If love feels distant, just make it up for now. We are here for you. You are loved. Take your time.

Now, imagine a pool of water washing away and transmuting any energy in the form of scars and wounds from relationships, love, memories, belief structures, traumas or hurt. Again, take you time. Allow. Explore.

As the old gets washed away, allow yourself to feel the love of all those who have supported you. Let it feel good.

Now, imagine all your personal, planetary, and universal templates are dissolving from your being. These templates have rested within your energetic structure for eons. These templates are now being resolved and restored.

Allow yourself to be part of this, your, planetary realm. Allow whatever comes up.

Finally, we invite you to re-align with your own truth as an infinite, powerful human being.

I hope, pray, and believe that each of you will find valuable information as you experiment with this meditation. Each one of us is unique. Please write and let me know what happened for you.