3D-5D series #4: My experience in a nutshell

This post is #4 in the blog series: Moving from 3D to 5D dimensions of reality. See the series overview page for a list of all posts and schedule.

The third (3D) and fifth (5D) dimensions of reality are two very different perspectives. They are very different blueprints which determine my human behavior. On a day-to-day basis, these two frequencies affect me extensively. (See #1 and #2 in this series.) These dimensions come from entirely different perspectives, different frequencies. They generate two very different templates, or blueprints, within which I find myself living.

The 3D Mind

Photo of car engine
“Engine” by Accretion Disc | CC BY 2.0

I’ve been contemplating my move from 3D to 5D functioning. I keep re-discovering how my 3D perception works through my mind, filtered by my egoic perception. When I’m strictly functioning in 3D I’m operating according to my old, learned, acquired, personality system. I’m operating from the old, fear-based template. I see that all my perception funnels through the mind. (wrap text)

My brain functions. It contemplates, computes, analyses, judges, obsesses, and generates information. But, at this point, when my thinking comes solely from my mind, the information feels outdated, incomplete, dull. It feels like an old engine that is over-worked and obsolete.

When I inquire, I see that I’m functioning on an intellectual level that is based upon what I’ve already think I know. It’s not really new thinking! My information is being filtered through a bunch of old beliefs and concepts that I hold onto. I sort, label, judge, and categorize. It could be stories from childhood, a conversation with a friend, a work issue, or a spiritual idea. My 3D brain processes according to old information, whether I’m conscious of this or not.

3D experience is vicarious. It is experienced in the imagination, through feelings, actions, or other people. I see that my brain, my mind, can only imagine things, for example, what it’s like to wake up or to experience from a higher dimension. The mind doesn’t really Know.

The 5D Heart

There is a much grander frequency available for humans to perceive. It’s the high-functioning energy of the fifth dimension. It is based on the Heart, not the brain. It is the 5D Heart that actually Knows. This 5D frequency is what can entrain the brain.

When my 5D energy arises, there is no imagination involved. There is a direct knowing. When I experience from 5D frequency, I become the actual, present, emerging experience! This is totally different than operating from the head. 5D operates through the template of Total Consciousness. This is an important distinction, one that my 3D mind will never be able to comprehend.

Lines of colored light in arcs and waves
“Garden of de light” by kevin dooley | CC BY 2.0

This is how my head and my heart experience 5D

In the beginning, when I experienced the 5D realm, it seemed to come suddenly, out of nowhere. It was definitely outside my usual 3D experience. When in 5D, my entire world felt surreal, like walking in some kind of wonderland. I experienced flashes of insight, and peaks at what is available beyond my usual ceiling of perception. These 5D peeks felt awesome, amazing. Early on, my 3D mind classified these experiences as non-ordinary, yet now I know that this emerging perspective of consciousness is what we humans are growing into. I realize 5D experience comes from the Intelligence of the Universe. It comes from the higher self, from essence. When we actually experience 5D, we Know our experience to be True. We feel it throughout our bodies and our entire surround. We sense this understanding deep within our Being.

The fifth division is about love. Love is so much greater then our 3D memories, beliefs, and stories. The 3D template resists going into the 5D realm. However, the 5D experience brings us into our higher intelligence. We see how it is possible to overcome all stories, to go beyond. In 5D we know we are part of an energetic expression that takes place from the heart. 5D funnels everything through the heart. It brings us to our true potential. It gradually dissolves our 3D resistance. It allows us to live life more fully, from the frequency that’s underneath.

5D takes us to Freedom, Creativity, Freshness, and Connectedness. 5D is open to whatever arises in this very moment. The fifth dimension leads us to Become the moment. Wholeness, Unity, and Oneness pervail. We experience wonderous, magical, abilities. Out of the box possibilities for creative action spring up. We realize the we humans are the determining factor. We are the receivers, transmitters, and transformers for ourselves and for planet Earth.

At this point in my journey, I still seesaw between 3D and 5D. I am able to witness my3D habitual patterns of body and mind. I watch how my ego resists the frequency of 5D. It’s much more familiar in 3D. I also witness how the 3D dimension is producing division, unrest, and chaos in the world today. Yet, the more I practice, the more I experience an integration of the third and fifth dimensions. I see how the higher frequency of light shines through, causing the world to be experienced as less dense and more transparent.

At this point, I’m discovering that the  journey is all about bringing the light frequency of 5D down into everyday 3D experience. I’m trying to remember to view life from my heart, rather than my head. From this perspective I am finding life to be quite magical and joyous.

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Checklist: 101 Signs of waking up

Fireworks bursting against black sky
“Fireworks – Adelaide Skyshow 2010” by anthonycramp | CC BY 2.0

Here’s a fun checklist of signs of waking up. See which ones may apply to you. You can also download a PDF version if you prefer.

1. Buzzing over left ear
2. Feelings of well-being
3. Surroundings seem to be surreal
4. See in vivid colors
5. Receive downloads of knowledge or knowing
6. Hear the sounds of silence
7. Spontaneous shaking of body (or parts)
8. Experience spaciousness
9. Feel grounded, rooted in Earth
10. Feel spacy
11. Experience hot flashes
12. Feel you are walking up above the ground
13. Have the experience of no space
14. Have feelings of deja view
15. Have experience of past lives
16. Can hear your subtle inner voice
17. Have glimpses of parallel lives
18. Break into spontaneous prayer
19. Feel you are the same substance as rocks and trees
20. Dislike not being authentic
21. Know that you Are actually Everything
22. Have deep feelings of bliss
23. Experience periods of inexplicable irritability
24. Experience of being Nothing at all
25. Tear up when see beauty
26. Suffer unexplainable pain or discomfort
27. Experience the Oneness of Everything
28. Feel light or buoyed up
29. Spontaneous relaxation of body
30. Able to just witness your mind
31. Recognize behavior patterns that limit you
32. Wake up during the night and process
33. Feel the density of being human
34. Feel the stickiness of the little self
35. Experience deep aloneness
36. Realize how ego gets its way
37. Feel loving in general
38. Feel peaceful inside
39. Wake up excited about the day ahead
40. Have a sense of connection with deeper realities
41. Experience spontaneous joy
42. Feel unexplained inertia
43. Feel connected to people you don’t know
44. Realize when you become separated from your Self
45. Know when you are out of alignment
46. Are comfortable being alone
47. Feel you are loved
48. Feel full of life and vitality
49. Feel worthy of receiving Source
50. Have discovered spiritual guides
51. Are satisfied with personal relationships
52. You like yourself
53. Know you are really not alone
54. Feel neutrality
55. Feel connected to Source
56. Experience wonder and awe
57. Feel that life is safe
58. My life has value
59. Experience the flow
60. Every experience offers a lesson
61. Feel that what you do counts
62. Experience the illusion of life
63. Feel Life supports you
64. Experience multidimensions
65. Allow unusual things to happen
66. Experience the black velvet spaciousness
67. Allow Life to have Its way
68. Don’t have to analyze
69. Don’t have to understand
70. Can be a witness to your own feelings
71. Experience feelings without getting engaged
72. Experience from the heart, not the head
73. Discriminate feelings moving through you
74. Pay attention to your inner life
75. Feel more love and compassion
76. Able to feel outer happenings without becoming overwhelmed
77. Take your experience to your heart
78. Notice what brings you down or up
79. Able to give up your stories
80. Comfortable with the silence
81. Curious about life
82. See how concepts & beliefs can hold you hostage
83. Have the experience of melting
84. Merge with nature
85. Feel a subtle level of anxiety
86. Can distinguish between separation and connectedness
87. Observe without becoming engaged
88. Feel the magic of the moment
89. Wonder about the possibilities
90. Experience infinity
91. Feel light-headed but OK
92. Experience spontaneous gratitude
93. See the space between all things
94. Have a sense of wonderment
95. Overwhelmed by love or bliss
96. Tear up with joy
97. Can tolerate intense emotions
98. Feel the hugeness of your Self
99. Feel the freedom to be who you really are
100. Feel unlimited, not constructed
101. Have a sense of open awareness

You can also download a PDF version if you prefer.

These occurrences are often the natural result of Waking Up. See which signs apply to you. Add your own waking up signs to the list. What did you discover? Do you have any signs to add to the list? If so, please contact me.

3D-5D series #3: Collective Consciousness: The importance of 4D

This post is #3 in the blog series: Moving from 3D to 5D dimensions of reality. See the series overview page for a list of all posts and schedule.

Collective Consciousness is a difficult frequency of reality to describe. The fourth dimension of reality (4D) is the collection of individual human consciousness, combined with the interconnective consciousness of humanity as a whole. In this frequency we all participate in a shared, collective, consensual reality. Located between the third and fifth dimensions, which we have already explored, this silent level of reality serves as an emotional bridge. It greatly influences what we humans do. Understanding 4D can facilitate our moving from the 3D to the 5D dimension of reality.

Collective Human Consciousness

Red and green shapes and lines.
“CAS DE CONSCIENCE/ Case of Consciousness” by lucborell photophones | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

4D is the Collective Mind of Humanity. It is a non-physical dimension, which can be experienced, much like 5D. The collective mind is a mixture of our individual thoughts and feelings, which come together to form collective patterns, as the lines converge in the image above. These patterns connect each one of us to ourselves, and to each other. We humans are influenced by the fourth dimension of consciousness, on both a personal and collective level. This is because 4D energy comes together to form collective human agreements, of which we are mostly unaware.

So far, our human story has been shaped by an enormous amount of collective pain, dysfunction, trauma, and struggle. We’ve come through generations of war, disease, and trauma. These old energetic experiences have become part of our shared hereditary memory. They are held deep within our cellular structure. (See the book It Didn’t Start with You by Mark Wolynn.)

On a personal level, most of us have some experience from childhood that has deeply affected how we perceive life. It could be family dysfunction, death of a loved one, suicide, substance abuse, mental illness, or a myriad of other issues. We all have filters formed in childhood. These unseen filters become ingrained in our personal 3D perspective. The fourth dimension collects these 3D memories. Emotions swirl, congregate, coagulate, and ferment. This is why 4D’s potent frequencies can intensify and take us down when we find ourselves feeling completely alone, unprotected, or we get triggered by anger, shame, or grief. Dr. Paul Conti talks about the prevalence of emotional trauma in his book, Trauma: the Invisible Epidemic.

On a much broader level, the 4D frequency affects entire populations. It filters down over generations and causes disquiet, confusion, division, and unrest. Thomas Hübl shows us in his book (Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds) how old wounds affect our collective human feelings of safety, love, and health. They affect how we interpret life. They affect how we interact with people at home, work, and in our community. Unconscious beliefs distort perception. Old wounds congeal into unseen negative agreements. They color our world view, including the unconscious beliefs we have about life and the planet. Thomas Hübl talks about this phenomenon in this video: The Collective Healing Journey (58 min).

Fundamentally, 4D is the dimension of emotional expression and conversion. The fourth dimension of reality gathers, amasses, clusters, intensifies, and disperses human emotions. This frequency divides our perception into dualities—dark and light, good and evil, positive, and negative. This split drives our collective thinking on both a personal and global basis. This dimension of reality informs humanity for better or worse. 4D energy can bring us up or take us down. This is profound.

On the negative side, 4D frequency coagulates, congeals, thickens, and solidifies our experience. It incites, stirs up, kindles, and triggers. This dimension can lead to unrest, disquiet, confusion, and mayhem, much like we see in what is happening today on a world-wide basis. In 3D reality, many are upset, disgusted, and fearful of what our world has become. Many have come to consciously, or unconsciously, believe that this is just a part of life, that this is how things work. With this limited perception, 4D takes us down and complicates our move to 5D reality

On the positive side, the fourth dimension of reality liquifies and lightens our perspective. It invites feelings of calm, clarity, and safety. We are more compassionate and transparent. The human race has moved into a new template of human consciousness which is positive and transformative, as stated in the first post in this series. 4D energies help move us to 5D.

The fifth dimension of reality is what researchers at HeartMath Institute find in their scientific studies and experiential courses. These contains a wealth of information on the new transformative level of human consciousness.

Dr. Rollin McCrafty is the Director of Research at HeartMath. In his course, The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence, he says, “There is a larger consensual reality that is not governed by linear space and time. There is a deeper Reality that goes beyond our five senses—what we hear, taste, touch and feel. We are moving more and more into the group, consensual, or collective consciousness. This is the sense, the knowing, that we are all actually connected in the field of Oneness. We are in the midst of rewriting the programs of collective, consensual reality. We have the ability to produce real and tangibly different outcomes, even though we may not be aware of this.”

Hopefully we are coming to understand how humanity’s breakthrough to the fifth dimension is so critical. Why? Because the fifth (5D) dimension of reality empowers us to see things quite differently. From the fifth dimension, we can witness, rather than be buffeted around by our 3D perspectives. We can witness both the positive and negative ways that lead us to collective, albeit often unconscious, societal agreements. Unseen agreements affect our personal and collective planetary experience. The good news is that the new human template of 5D shows us that we can energetically and collectively choose new stories. We can re-write the story of humanity on a much higher frequency. Working in unity we can clear the old planetary template and operate from the new.

A short recap: So far in this 3D to 5D series, we have examined how consciousness is expanding on a breakthrough level on planet Earth. We have explored the difference between the third, fear-based, mind-based, physical dimension of reality (3D) and the fifth, fearless, heart-based, non-physical dimension of reality (5D). (Post #2.) In this segment we have talked about how the fourth dimension of reality (4D) is a collective, non-physical, realm of emotion that permeates humanity and affects each of us.

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3D-5D series #1: Breakthrough blueprint for humanity: Current 3D level of human consciousness expands to 5D

This post is #1 in the blog series: Moving from 3D to 5D dimensions of reality. See the series overview page for a list of all posts and schedule.

We humans are in the midst of a gigantic evolutionary shift. Yes, we know we’ve been evolving for eons. We’ve gone through the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Age of Reason, the Agricultural Era, and the Industrial Revolution. Now, in the Age of Information, we are supposedly evolving through science and technology. But many believe we are going backwards, into an age of division, confusion, confrontation, and chaos. Many long for a more expansive, inclusive perspective where we engage with each other in a more meaningful and compassionate world. This is where the big cosmic shift comes in.

The Birth of a New Consciousness

Birth of a New Consciousness by Cornelia Kopp
“Birth of a New Consciousness” by Cornelia Kopp | CC-BY-ND 2.0

We are now experiencing a breakthrough in human consciousness. This dramatic shift in consciousness is transforming life on planet Earth. This groundbreaking level of consciousness is not just for seers, sages, or avatars. It is meant for regular people and is available now. 

Humanity is moving from a self-serving 3D dimension of reality to an expanded, inclusive, connective 5D dimension of Reality. This shift is profound. It’s a game changer. This shift in evolution takes us to a new template of human consciousness, one that is caring, connective and compassionate. At first, this level of consciousness seems impossible to attain, until we get a taste of the Reality of this new perspective.

At some point in life, many people encounter a peak experience. They get a peek at 5D consciousness, which is way beyond the ordinary. Some are amazed. They remember the event for the rest of their lives. Others are momentarily dumbfounded, think their experience a fluke, and forget the entire occurrence.

The good news is that many more humans are consciously experiencing the new, expanded, 5D dimension of consciousness. This frequency is available for us right now. This higher level of consciousness is less driven by ego. It is more driven by an Eternal Life Force. This Force, this frequency, is the Power behind Everything. When we have a direct experience of this Source, it moves us forward. We long for more.

Contemporary scientists, mystics, spiritual finders, and beings of light are currently bringing forth factual information, insights, and direct experience of this new 5D form of consciousness.

Science has discovered the existence of frequencies, way beyond the old radio and microwaves. These quantum frequencies are made up of living particles. These waves of energy had previously been hidden, unknown to us. In the field of science, one brilliant physicist, Nassim Haramein, brings his profound mystical knowledge together with the latest research of quantum physics, cosmic energy, and human Unity. He explains that we are now in a broader planetary template in which we can transcend our usual human patterns and behaviors.

Thomas Hübl, a contemporary mystic, brings his deep knowledge of pervasive human wounds together with a deep understanding of mystical traditions. Thomas has worked with large groups from around the world. He demonstrates that individual and collective healing is possible and leads us into the realm of a higher order of greater creativity.

Spiritual finders, like Georgia Jean, explains that our human story (3D) has been shaped collectively by a huge amount of pain, dysfunction, trauma, and struggle. These dysfunctional concepts are held deep within our cellular consciousness. They affect our feelings of safety, love, health, and how we connect with each other. These old, built-in, perceptions color our world view, including the unconscious beliefs we have about life and the planet. The new human consciousness template (5D) shows us that we can choose new stories. We can collectively re-write the story of humanity with a much higher frequency.

Maureen St. Germain explains that we are “all transitioning from a narrowly focused and polarized awareness of the third dimension and waking up to the higher vibrations and abilities of the fifth dimension” (quote from back cover) She give us lots of information on the new, expanded, consciousness in the fifth dimension in her book Waking Up in 5D: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation

Patricia Albere tells us, “When we achieve the capacity to love wholeheartedly and without inner conflict, we access higher potentials that allow Evolutionary relationships.” Patricia explains the importance of the collective dimension in her book, Evolutionary Relationship: Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening. This knowledge tells us that we need to enter into Unity Consciousness and go beyond our limited (3D) human selves.

The Circle of Light, a group of twelve light beings (a group that Georgia Jean channels) informs us that we have entered into higher/deeper levels of unconsciousness. We are now able to operate with the new program of what it means to be a human being. The Circle explains that we humans have much more power than we realize. We have the power to choose the new world paradigm. The Circle of Light and the Philosopher: Keys for Unlocking the Soul.

All these voices converge to tell us that we have already entered a new dimension of consciousness. The entire planet is shifting. We as the human race are shifting. We now have the potential to change our individual patterns and collective agreements. We are at a crossroad, a tipping point. The old (3D) paradigm of ego-separation and selfishness is currently being upgraded by a gigantic shift into fifth dimensional consciousness (5D). This shift changes everything.

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3D-5D series #2: Moving from a 3D to a 5D dimension of consciousness

This post is #2 in the blog series: Moving from 3D to 5D dimensions of reality. See the series overview page for a list of all posts and schedule.

see-saw with man and white stick figure
“See-Saw” by mikeleary83 | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Intro: In post #1, we discussed that we humans are in the midst of a gigantic evolutionary shift. We are moving from an old human template of consciousness, based on ego-separation and selfishness (3D) to the new human consciousness, based on expanded Intelligence, compassion, and connection (5D). In Series #2, we focus on the move from a 3D to a 5D level of perception. We discuss what it means, why it’s transformational, and how this shift leads towards an expanded life of joy, cooperation, and love.

Series #2: Moving from a 3D to a 5D dimension of consciousness

The 3D and 5D dimensions of Reality serve as templates. They are blueprints for how we operate as human beings. These two dimensions are very different operating systems. They come from very different energetic levels. They produce amazingly different views of everyday life.

Currently we are moving from a primitive, linear, mind-driven perspective to a multi-dimensional, heart-driven reality that is open, free, and abundantly creative. This is what moving from 3D (the third dimension) to 5D (the fifth dimension) of consciousness is all about. When we actually move from 3D to 5D, we go from the perspective of the young boy on the seesaw, to experiencing ourselves as a body of light.

Let’s take a closer look.

The 3D template of consciousness

The third dimension is one of physical reality. It is based on the mind. Our brains and nervous systems are still operating from thousands of years of collective human experience. This 3D operating system is both limiting and fear based. It is a survival system that has been our unconscious blueprint for eons.

3D is where we spent the majority of time in daily live. It is our usual, head-based, way of operating in the world. This is the frequency within which most of us “do” or perform. (While 5D is the pure agency which is behind what we “do.”) In 3D, we push to accomplish. We struggle to succeed. We want to feel good.

Our ego self loves 3D because the ego is mind based. Our mind loves to play with, and buy into, distractions—personal stories, beliefs, judgements, and preferences. It jumps into scenarios of future and past. Our 3D perspective makes us feel inferior, superior, clear, or fogged in. Inside it can feel sticky, oppressive, energetic, or lethargic. Our mind easily gets hijacked and often leads us around by the nose.

Our 3D level of operation limits perception. It feeds our fears and urges us to continue to operate in familiar, constricted, patterns and behaviors. We desperately want to feel safe. When we stray from our familiar way of things, we feel uncomfortable, consciously, or unconsciously. This is scary. We don’t know what will happen next. We can’t predict. So, most of the time, we automatically do what feels familiar and safe, as the mind predicts.

3D is the realm where guilt, punishment, and suffering occur. Fear, division, and “us vs them” thinking comes from the third dimension. We choose sides. We argue our perspective. We want to keep things the way we want them. We try to figure things out, be in control. We back off or we fight. We don’t want to look inferior.

3D consciousness is an expression of the ego for control. The ego believes it has the power to control reality. It focuses on the limited perspective of linear time and space, cause, and effect. Of course, we’re not trying to eliminate the ego. We will always have our personality and what we have learned so far. Yet, our ego can become more flexible. It can open enough to allow our higher selves to come forward. This more open perspective unburdens the ego. It allows the ego to develop a more mature perception, which can integrate higher and lower frequencies. When this happens, our everyday mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual frameworks look brighter. We are far more creative. We are more able to experience the 5D dimension of reality.

The 5D template of consciousness

The fifth dimension is based on the Heart. This 5D template is significantly different. It is a game changer for human consciousness. This dimension is a super Intelligent, Heart-based, way of seeing, knowing, and operating on planet Earth.

Our brains and nervous systems are just beginning to witness, allow, and adapt to this emerging template. 5D operates on a much higher frequency, with much greater wattage. Many people are beginning to actually experience this frequency in their daily lives. When this happens, we no longer push, or struggle. There is no polarity or judgement. Our actions just arise naturally, they flow effortlessly, seamlessly.

5D consciousness is an expression of the soul. It’s the expression of the Truth of humanity’s potential. 5D is our higher self. This frequency projects a world which goes way beyond the ego’s reach. 5D consciousness gives us the ability to transcend the 3D mind. It totally opens our perception of every-day reality, changing it completely.

From the vantage point of the fifth dimension, we clean up our energetic wounds. We see though our limitations. 5D takes away our veils of confusion. We are able to see how we are actors in an experiential play. With practice, we can witness our habitual patterns and beliefs and fall into the simple truth of who, and what, we really are.

5D is the realm of openness and wonder. This more infinite level of being informs and reveals. This level of consciousness unleashes the pure, rich flow of innovation, possibility, and collaboration. From the fifth dimension we witness, and experience, how things work behind the scenes. We no longer see ourselves as singular. We witness that we are a part of a unified whole, part of a cosmic reality.We see that we’ve come to experience planet Earth in a new way, as we live, breathe, shop, and work each day. We learn to operate from the heart, to come from the higher frequencies which manifest us, and everything. We learn to live an expanded life of joy and love. 5D raises the frequency of humanity. It brings freedom.

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Discriminating between different me’s

Recently, I came across a journal entry that I wrote many years ago. It records an incident which showed me the stark contrast between my higher and lower levels of human awareness. Both levels, little me and BIG ME, are true. They are just seen from different energetic perspectives. I’ve since discovered how various dimensions and frequencies interweave as I play the game of Life. These energies show up within, and beyond, my human form. They are designed to give me, us, experience in what Life is really all about. These frequencies continue to operate. My immature ego self still comes forward; it is yet another opportunity to see, learn from, and accept my full humanity.

label: little me meets big me

I’m walking along in the garden, when suddenly an image appears in my head. There is a line through this image which separates one side from the other.

BIG Me, my higher Divine Me is on one side of the line.

My little ego me is on the other. “What‘s going on here?”

I see that BIG Me is Majestic, Powerful, Strong and Silent. It has unimaginable steadfastness and indisputable Presence.

My little ego me appears off to the side kicking and screaming. It’s running around in circles, caught up in feelings, darting off into fantasies about tomorrows and old memories. I’m embarrassed. My little me wants to hold onto some “thing,” anything—a thought, image, whatever. It thinks it won’t even exist if it doesn’t grab on to something. This is serious! Now my ego mind is trying to figure things out. Humm, wonder what will happen?

Wait, something deeper, more subtle is going on. Everything is moving. BIG Me is beginning to cross the line! My little ego panics. It doesn’t know what to do.

Now, BIG Me has actually crossed the line. I witness a silent moving-stillness, which is consuming, annihilating, and obliterating the little me, my usual ego self. A refrain from an old song floats into my mind, “One step over the line sweet Jesus, one step over the line.” I start humming.

Over and over and over again my mind keeps slipping away from center focus, going into memories, thoughts, feelings; you name it. Oh wait, there’s something deeper.

BIG Me is shining Its Light. I witness that BIG Me is actually Beingness! My Beingness is here. An unconscious dynamic is going on. Something is watching something. There are two things, which means separation is going on. I have separated from my true self.

My little ego immediately wants to run away. It wants to keep its identity, its familiar territory. I can plainly see that this is my old, conditioned, false, self. And it’s not actually needed.

What a contrast. BIG Me is just here. Silent. Majestic. From Its Presence, from Its very Existence, various qualities arise—Curiosity, Love, Value, Compassion fill the space. There’s virtual joy here, a celebration of discovery.

I notice that my ego me still wants to be superior and have its way. “Bug off buddy! You’re not needed. You’re out of date. You have no warp speed.” I continue to walk, humming, “One step over the line sweet…

Waking up through Coronavirus: Seeing the miracle beneath

Droplet fractal
“Droplet fractal” by kevin dooley | CC BY 2.0

My usual world comes to a halt. Gone. Enclosed in a miserable, colorless, tasteless nausea, an exhausting fog. For days and days, immersed in a framework I do not know, like a young child unconsciously going through life. No mind. No commentator. Never afraid. The world just unfolds around me. After weeks, I was able to walk around a bit, make myself eat something and do puzzles to pass the time. Turns out I had what some have called “long Covid.”

Day 26: The Covid lessons start to emerge. I could see, be curious, and begin to understand what this experience was all about. I was meant to experience deep sickness, something I had escaped in this lifetime. My guides come in and urge me to start listening to Circle of Light recordings and harvest the lessons brought to me through Covid 19. (The Circle of Light consists of twelve Beings of Light who talk about their perspective in the book, The Circle of Light and the Philosopher.)

Day 28: While meditating, I pull everything that arises in my head into my heart and run it through an infinity eight symbol between my heart and thymus (a practice I had learned from the Circle of Light). I’m burning up inside. Life-long scenes of betrayal and separation flash through my mind. 

All of a sudden, a vast amount of energy gushes to the very depth of an open cavernous void in my heart! I see that I’m dipping into an eternal spring, a well of infinite support. This substance is pulsing. It’s alive. 

I invite the energy in. I ask my guides for support. Please direct me, please help me surrender my old perspective. Let me fully engage in this deep, expanded way of being, right here, right now in the world. 

Whoosh, all the noise in my head/mind instantly moves into my heart. I’m completely at home, deep within the void in my chest. I find my seat. I’m in a cosmic room of light. I’m being shown a deep, fundamental, way of how things work for humans on Earth! 

I’m sitting in with a council which guides humans as they go about their earthly business. I see that I, myself, am a being of light. We all are. I am on planet Earth to have certain experiences, to learn how to function while housed within this biological body-vehicle. 

The council tells me, “Learn to do nothing. This does not mean you don’t act in the world. Just learn to constantly observe from your heart. Surrender to the flow that is perpetually occurring beneath the surface. When fear, noise, chaos, distortion, and distractions pull you into your usual mind—immediately dump them all into the loving void inside your chest. It is within this magical void that everything manifests. Energy becomes constricted when you resist. Energy flows organically, naturally, when you allow it to do its thing.  In this way, the old energy is consumed, dissolved, and purified for further creative potential.” Wow. 

This ever-moving energy relieves, consoles, releases, and heals. There is no mind, no analysis, no commentator in this frequency; there is a calm, quiet peace and a wonderful sense of the unknown—without the usual, unconscious, underlying fear. 

Day 33: I’m learning! I’m reminded to bring everything into my heart several times a day. I find myself walking untethered, free, unencumbered, embodied on planet Earth in my bio-vehicle. I can observe the wonderment of creation. Thank you.

Where am I?

As I look back on my own journey, I remember all the times that I did not understand the perception from which I was viewing life. I began to pay more attention to what was going on inside. I discovered that I was experiencing three different versions of reality: the little ego me, the witnessing me, and what I have come to call the Sky Consciousness me, which is the more expanded me. So, now I’m about to explore the different Me’s.

Window to the Soul
“Window to the Soul” by premasagar | CC BY-NC 2.0

The little ego me: This is where I find myself when I’m feeling fear, isolation, rushed, not seen, confused, overwhelmed, limited, separate, resistant, lethargic, or alone. You get the picture. This is where I’m in my habitual, learned, egoic perspective. I start to judge, analyze, and manipulate myself—trying to get to where I think I should be, or to where I want to be. This does not work. It takes me further into my old stories and beliefs. This keeps me out of what is actually happening on the inside.

The witnessing me: This is my bridge perspective. When able, I go up above my ego perspective. I look down. I step into witness mode. Here I can consciously receive and observe my thoughts, feelings, and sensations. I’m learning more and more how to discern where the inner me actually is in the moment. Am I caught up and limited by me ego self? Am I up on the bridge in witness mode? This is where I can observe without judgement, analysis, or trying to change things. Or have I slipped into my Sky Consciousness, my natural, higher, intelligence? I want to practice exercising my witnessing muscles. I want to know, am I in the primitive fight/flight reaction mode? Am I caught up in the drama of the moment? Is my mind wandering off into the or the future? From my witness mode I discover I can look up or I can look down.

Sky Consciousness me: Whoa, this feels different. It’s open, vast, clear. Here there is softness, comfort, safety, relaxation. There are no questions. There is complete trust in this Knowing-ness, this state of Being-ness. There is gratitude, fulfillment, love, contentment, value. Joy. I see that I am part of this unfolding, universal awareness. I give great thanks.


Meditating: I notice how I often swing, or seesaw, from one dimension to another. One moment a thought arises and I careen off into my old, familiar, way of looking at the world. I’m caught. Over and over again I find my mind falling into its well-worn neural network. On the other hand, I know how my energy can shift.

Seesaw 800x291
“Seesaw” by nzgabriel | CC BY 2.0

Wait a minute, it’s doing so right now. I’m no longer in the groove. Now there’s a wide-open vista! I’ve swung from my old, familiar, ego-driven perspective to a new feeling. Wow-e! This is actually fascinating. One moment old, another moment new.

In the Great Wide Open, fields of Lyngdalsheiði, Iceland
“In the Great Wide Open, fields of Lyngdalsheiði, Iceland” by WanderingtheWorld | CC BY-NC 2.0.

I’m going to try this again. Who am I, the “Barbara” with all her usual patterns, or a “Being-ness” who freely allows what is arising? Seems I don’t have a choice, or then again maybe I do. Oh, screw this, I’m not going to think about it anymore.

Whoosh, now I’m a streak of bright light, and I’m wrapped around my own cosmic spit! A skewer of light runs up my trunk, right up through my head. Wow, I’m like an open network, a radiant energy—arcing through eternity, having multi-level experiences in multi-dimensional frequencies and universes. This is sooo different from the usual groove.

Waking Up book available now

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