Heart series #3: Practice of open-ended inquiry

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When I read the above journal entry, I realized it showed the practice of open-ended inquiry, a method I learned many years ago when I was a Diamond Heart student. (See the book Spacecruiser Inquiry by A. H. Almass)

This inquiry process will take you where you need to go. Your heart will show you what it would like you to know.

The steps of inquiry

Be open to whatever comes, no matter how strange it may seem.

Locate where this is occurring in your body.

Watch as a silent observer, maybe your balcony or deep within.

Wait. Allow. Follow. Listen. This is the way of love.

Poem for support

When bubbling emotions
come to the top,
you need not hide them 
or make them pop,
they may have messages
for you,
to look with clarity and 
see what is true.

As a child you do what
you need,
to make sense of what 
may feel scary,
now with discernment 
and your Truth as Love,
with clear eyes now,
what are you still 
scared of?

Old familiar patterns 
may still run through
the body that holds on
to what you used to do,
re-tune to what you 
with Gratitude,
what can you lovingly 
let go?

Do not fret when 
in the midst of this,
a loving inventory 
is a gift,
honor all phases life
may bring to you,
remembering always,
Love is All of You!

This poem was written by Sandy Soulsister, who was nudged to offer messages from a higher frequency of consciousness. The messages come to Sandy spontaneously. She posts daily messages of support here.

Heart series #2: Wounded hearts

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"Estrangement of the Heart" by qthomasbower, 400x400
“Estrangement of the Heart” by qthomasbower | CC BY-SA 2.0.

We all walk around with wounded hearts. That’s because we are all human. We all have had childhoods. We all have experience dealing with life. Like it or not, our hearts get broken. What do we do? We protect our hearts, close them down. This limits our human potential. Every day we unconsciously recoil from our wounded hearts. As an example, I’m sharing a recent personal experience taken from my journal.

I’m tired of an inner pressure that I don’t understand. I keep feeling an urge to be doing, doing, doing. I should be working on my courses, blogs, or meditating, walking, emailing, journaling, doing something useful. I’m sick of this pressure. I’m going to sit down and take a look at what’s underneath. First, where do I feel this pressure in my body? Seems like it’s in my throat and my gut. Seems stronger in my throat, so I’ll look there. Whoa, there is a gummed-up ball of goo. Uck. Sticky and old, my nose is crinkling in disgust. What’s going on here? I don’t like this. I want it to disappear. Well, I’m going to suck it up. I’m going to sit down and take a look. Following my practice, I’m going to welcome the feeling instead. Here goes nothing. A dialogue begins between me (M) and the Sticky Ball (SB) that I discovered inside of me:

Wounded heart dialogue

Me: Hi, welcome Sticky Ball. I don’t think I’ve seen you before. I’m wondering why you are here.

Sticky Ball (SB): I’m surprised you invited me in. You usually just roll right over me and get totally engaged in your work. I’m thankful to even see the light of day! I’m presenting in your throat because I would like to speak; that is if you will take the time to listen.

Me: I’m sorry. I never really realized this part of me existed. And yes, I’d like to get to know you, to hear what you have to say.

SB: I’m not quite sure I believe you, but I’ll give it a stab. I feel overlooked, neglected. You don’t stop long enough to listen, and I’ve been around since you were a kid. I’m getting worn out.

Me: Suddenly, I hear my mother’s voice, “Hurry up. Hurry up. We’ll be late. I don’t like it when people are late. It’s rude and selfish.” Wow, I’m about three years old and right now stopped in my tracks. I was having so much fun just daydreaming and now my arm is being tugged into my blue snowsuit. I feel rushed, violated somehow. I have no control. I’m at the mercy of big people. Better to just go off by myself, be invisible, alone, out of trouble. Yeah, that’s best. I hate listening to my mother and father bickering all the time. I’m gonna hide.”

SB: That’s well and good, but what about all the other parts of you that shut off. It breaks my heart to see how you hole yourself up. You wall your heart off, retreat. You are a good person. You have a kind heart. You have the right to your whole self. So, open up already!”

Me: That sounds a bit scary. I think I’d rather have a sticky ball then go into the fear.

SB: Grow up. Get over your kid defense. Remember what Karla McLaren says about emotions. (See her book.)

Me: OK, I’ll go get the book. She says (page 235) that fear is the language of “intuition and action. It includes anxiety, worry and the healing of trauma.” (Oh God, not more trauma!) She also writes that fear bring gifts of “intuition, focus, clarity attentiveness, readiness, and vigor. Fear hones your senses, alerts your innate survival skill, and increases your ability to respond effectively to novel or changing environments.”

And I must admit, that discovering a sticky ball inside my throat is novel.

SB: You bet, sister. And now read about her practice for fear.

Me: She writes, “Focus your attention on your fears. Move consciously and revitalize your psyche with the dynamic focus fear brings you.” Well, I must admit Sticky Ball, you’ve got my attention.

SB: Yea! That’s what I wanted, just like you wanted from your parents when you were a kid; but they didn’t seem interested in paying attention, so you bound yourself up and forged ahead by yourself, leaving your heart behind.

Me: I’m actually beginning to like you, Sticky Bal. You are teaching me a lot. Wait a minute, where did you go? My throat is clear. I realize I need to take some time for myself without pressure. I need to pay attention to my body. I need to listen to what the different parts of me say. Thanks sticky ball.

Note: The next morning I did nothing but work on a jigsaw puzzle all morning. It felt great.

Heart series #1: What’s love got to do with it?

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Love has everything to do with who we are and how we behave. If it were not for love, we would not exist. Love is the gold standard of Life. Love is at the very heart of everything.

“iPhone Background – Liquid Brass” by Patrick Hoesly | CC BY 2.0

Jean Houston teaches about the deepest dimensions of love in her course Unlocking Your Quantum Powers. To paraphrase, Jean tells us:

“Love is the place of the One mind, the One reality— the Source of it all, the reality of who you are at the deepest/highest level. This love is the super implicate order, the process of your unfoldment, the ultimate of soul summation, the source of Quantum Reality. It is in this level of quantum love that you feel a cleansing of your entire being. Regrets and sorrows of your life seem to be washed away. Your ego mind is as clear and luminous as the dawn sky. You move into the realm in which everything is contained. You have only to think of something and it appears. You have entered the mind of the maker, the great Creative Force at the center of All there is. You are home; home in a sacred place that has always been within you.”

Note: If you are not already familiar with Jean, she’s a scholar, philosopher, author, and researcher in human capacities. Jean is one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. She has collaborated with some of the most influential leaders in the last century including Buckminster Fuller, Margaret Mead, Jimmy Carter, Aldous Huxley, Joseph Campbell, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Nassim Haramein also demonstrates how love operates through his breakthrough discoveries in quantum physics. To quote Nassim:

“When we connect to our authentic selves, we are able to understand the underlying reality what manifests as our everyday world. With a dedicated intention of knowing ourselves, a practice of meditation, and a focused attention of going deeply inward, we have the ability to witness our deeper purpose on the planet. We see that there is a benevolent path laid before each of us. So, let’s unify our thoughts, our energies, and our love to make this world a better world.” (See Forbidden Science course.)

Note: If you are not already familiar with Nassim, he is a brilliant physicist who, at age nine, experienced the physics of both the largest and smallest parts of the universe. Nassim has spent over 30 years researching connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, anthropology, and archeology. His research has led him to groundbreaking theories, published papers, and patented inventions in the field of unified physics. He speaks regularly to audiences worldwide and is now gaining worldwide recognition and acceptance. You can learn about these breakthroughs at the Resonance Science Foundation.

Over the years, I too, feel blessed to have been shown that love is truly at the heart of everything. Yes, beneath everything lies this amazing pulsing quality of LOVE. This love is not the kind we usually experience within our 3D bubbles of perception. (See previous blog series.) This deep love is gigantic. Fantastic. Liberating. It extends far beyond time and space. It tempts us. When we dare to investigate, love leads us magically into its mysteries. We discover that love reveals the same fundamentals of Truth as it did way back in the times of Jesus, Buddha, and others. Only recently, when love arose on a walk, it revealed how the frequencies of body, sidewalk and love are continually united. Simultaneously occurring. Demonstrating how love is always emerging, emanating, and moving life forward in a benevolent way. On this occasion, flooded by sheer beauty and the splendor of being alive, my heart surged. My eyes watered with tears of deep gratitude. This is the experience I desire for us all.

Without love we are adrift, bereft. As Anodia Judith tells us in the book Eastern Body Western Mind, “There is nothing more devastating than lack of love. Love is the primal glue of the universe, the binding force par excellence, the unifier. Loves integrates and lack of love disintegrates.”

Reader question: Experiencing quantum love

A reader asked me to explain how it is possible for a human being to actually experience the deepest, quantum, realm of love. He said he didn’t understand. He had never experienced such a thing and couldn’t imagine how it was possible. I’m certainly no physicist, but I will do my best to explain how this happens.

The Physics of love

Years ago, Einstein postulated that space/time was actually curving in waves, although at the time, he had no way to further explore or measure. But the latest findings in physics take us a giant step further. Physics now can mathematically prove that the universe is a United Field of plasma-like energy. This ubiquitous field is made up of the smallest of particles, called Plancks. This field of energy includes everything, you, me, sidewalks, tables, electromagnetic waves, thoughts, feelings, and an infinite number of frequencies. This connective field is Alive and Awake. It is our very own field of consciousness!

Now let’s look at how the field of Planck frequencies is organized. The higher frequencies are lighter, airier, more translucent, and transparent. As the energy filters down, it becomes more and more dense, manifesting through the fifth, then the fourth, then the third dimension of reality. (See blog series on moving from 3D to 5D.). The third dimension is physical reality, the frequency which we experience as everyday reality. This physical dimension is the most dense frequency. The surprise is that the same quantum Plancks that make up the United Field of the Cosmos are the same Plancks that manifest our human form, and the tables and chairs on which we sit.

Let’s explore how we humans experience the numerous Planck frequencies of the United Field. The lowest human frequency is one of survival and regulation. Our body speaks to us through sensation and movement. We feel kinks or tickles or tightness in our joints or muscles. Our digestive system sends us signals. We have the capacity to sense whether we are safe or not. Often, we do things unconsciously at this level, like walk, exercise, meditate, hum, sing, or make sounds to calm ourselves down.

Another frequency in the quantum field gives us emotional knowledge. It filters information through our personal history. It makes unique associations to incoming stimuli that is based on what we’ve learned from the past. This frequency manifests as judgment and expectation. What is this world like? What do I interpret as good, bad, right, or wrong?

Still another quantum frequency speaks to us in the language of images and imagination. This frequency provides us with a much broader view, way beyond just what we see with our eyes. As we learn to witness, awareness deepens, and quantum love reveals that we are equipped with a complete inner world of sense, touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste. This is a huge step forward. We learn how to scan our bodies, discover where we are stuck, where we have emotional kinks, and begin to release.

So, we see, we are already experiencing many frequencies of the quantum realm, many of which we are not yet aware. When we continue to observe our inner world, we develop our capacity for inner knowing. (It’s really an inner job.) The Quantum Field of Love starts to reveal itself, magically, effortlessly. It wants us to see! It brings us peeks that go beyond our usual ceiling of experience. It delivers peak experiences which amaze us.

As our process matures, the United Field reveals we can actually experience reality in infinite ways. We can experience all of the frequencies together. We can experience them separately. We can even experience all dimensions at the same time. The variations are endless. Captivating.

When we leave ourselves completely open, we begin to understand that the root of the united, quantum, cosmic, Planck field is the dimension of Love. It is experienced as Home, Source, Agency. We realize everything is a manifestation of Love. We humans are the expression of love, bliss, and joy. As Gregg Braden and Nissam Haramein explain throughout their course, Forbidden Science, “We are IT. We are soft tech, able to connect to cosmic information. We are the interconnective nervous system of the universe.”


As we continue with the Heart Series, we will explore processes and practices that can help us move toward living our quantum roots. So, let’s get on with our journey, clear the obstacles and find a way to experience more love and joy in our lives. In the next Heart Series post, we will take a look at how we personally cut ourselves off from love.

Heart series Intro: We are Infinite Possibility

“Structure and Space” by Barbara Bennett

This post is the intro in the blog series: Heart. See the series overview page for a list of all posts.

Many of us want to go for our fullest, most fruitful, most joyous life. We want to be consciously connected to the new emerging blueprint of human consciousness (read more). We want to be connected dynamically to who and what we are. The latest scientific discoveries show us that this is possible. In the deepest of realities, we are all connected within the United Field of Existence. We are One with everything, able to experience all layers, dimensions, and frequencies. (See Forbidden Science course.) We are all emanating from the One Heart that can help us find our way and blossom into the life we desire.

Over the years, I’ve been rummaging in, around, and through, my heart. Taking peeks. Slowly learning as I go. It seems that the mysteries and capabilities of the heart are a direct route to discovering the profundity of who we really are. At this point, my heart is bursting to tell its story. Let’s start at the beginning. I invite you to come along as we review and unravel the Heart’s amazing revelations and abilities.

2022: What’s your passion?

abstract.4 by foxrosser
abstract.4 by foxrosser | CC BY-ND 2.0

I’m tired of my same old habits and circular thinking. In 2022 I’m going for my fullest self, my most powerful self, my most consciously connected self. I’m going for the gold! And the possibility of me, or any human, attaining such a powerful self is now fully supported by the latest scientific discoveries of how life unfolds.

Below is what Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein reveal in their amazing course, Forbidden Science: The secret of our past and the promise of our Future. Gregg explains, “We ARE the united quantum field. The Unified Field is everywhere. Literally. And it contains an essentially infinite amount of energy and the potentiality of all possible outcomes, which means we — as part of the Field ourselves — have the power to access, and direct it, to bring about the kind of experiences and outcomes we desire.” And Nassim, follows this conclusion with his proven mathematical equations, to show that we do indeed live in a unified web of space/time. “We are all connected and interacting with this underlying field of Life.”

This course has helped me understand my life on a quantum level. But beyond this, it explains the how’s and why’s of what is really going on in our lives. I’m on fire with this new information, this life-affirming perspective. I want to live consciously in this United Field, the frequency in which we are all powerfully connected. As Gregg says, “We are a highly advanced, sophisticated, soft technology, with powers way beyond what we currently believe….and we can learn to use the powers of the Field that we are.”

So, I’ve been contemplating. How do I want to live in 2022? I want to live powerfully, passionately. I realize how my old recurring loops of thoughts and feelings are stale. They hold me back, tether my soul. I don’t want to wallow in the loops of my past. I want to develop a continual fresh perspective. I want to go into my shadow parts whether they be feelings of anger, shame, fear, or helplessness. I want to be able to say, “I love and accept this part of me” and really mean it, knowing that shadows are just a learning part of being human. I want to allow the experiences in my body to come to the surface. I want them to talk to me and tell me what they need or what they are bringing to me. I see how energy is trapped in my old beliefs, feelings and thinking. I notice that this underlying energy is very powerful. It’s actually longing to be seen, released, and refreshed for the betterment of humankind.

I’ve made a list of my greatest desires for the future: I want to unleash my full power, my full potential. I want to move towards true Love and greater compassion. And I’m not talking about the usual 3D (link) perspective of love, where I love conditionally, only when the other person meets my wants. And I’m not talking about looking up to the heavens in a dreamy way. I’m talking about the greatest Love that exists beneath everything. I’m talking about bringing 5D powers down into everyday life.

I want to consciously be part of the Connected We, the Unified Field. I want to start a small, experimental Quantum Power Group. I want to join with others who are called to come together to help the planet. I want to join with you, my subscribers. I want to affect 4D (link) collective consciousness in a positive way through my thoughts and actions.

What about you? What are your greatest desires for 2022? The following blog, “Calling in the future you desire” may help you decide. If you would like to join this 2022 effort, jump right in. I’ll be writing a new series on the heart. The heart is the secret of moving forward. So lets’ do it. Let’s fall in Quantum Love!

Calling in your future desire

abstract.8 by foxrosser
abstract.8 by foxrosser | CC BY-ND 2.0

What follows is an exercise I’ve adapted from Jean Houston’s class Unlock Your Quantum Powers to help each of us explore what we personally would like to have happen in 2022.

Deeply explore your own personal desires. For example, you may wish to feel more connected, start a group, feel more loved or loving, moving ahead on your spiritual path, buy a boat, allow life to unfold without wanting to always be in control, start a business, learn to play a musical instrument, maintain an inner calm despite what is going on in the world, trust life to unfold as it is, feel safe, lead with your heart, grow a garden, whatever. What would you like to call forth in 2022? Take your time. Make a list, “I would like to………” Once you have chosen an intention, have fun with the following exercise.

Calling in the Future

Imagine what you would really like to do, or be, or manifest in 2022. Let your imagination fly. It can’t hurt, and it could be quite enlightening. Take a very favorite desire and imagine it now. Actually picture it. See it happening. Feel into it, knowing this is something that will enhance your life, and perhaps the lives of others, because after all we are all entangled in the same Quantum Field.

Imagine your desire as vividly as you can. Find yourself beyond the curtain of time. Hold your hands out. Go ahead. Feel the energy frequencies. Pass through that thin curtain of time into the frequencies of future. (You may see, or feel, various kinds of future in front of you.) But hold on, as vividly as you can, to the particular future that you desire.

Now, call for that future desire to emerge from the collection of all other possible futures. Reach out for this future. Begin to bring it toward you. Feel it in your heart. Feel its liveliness, its vitality, it’s reality. Vividly imagine it. Again, take your time. What do you see? What do you hear? Touch this desire with your hands, your heart. What does it feel like? Taste it. See it. Hear it. Smell it. You’re discovering that you can really be with this future, as you are right now. It is very, very real in the highest frequencies.

Now step into this future. Live in it as thoroughly as you can. Experience its reality. Observe the course it takes. Feel the excitement, even the joy. Feel the fulfillment unfolding. As you feel deeply into your experience, be aware that the quantum ground of Being is holding this future right now for you. Know that this is an interdependent, participative, co-arising between you and the field! You are establishing the appropriate frequencies of attraction to bring this possible future into probable manifestation. In this way, you are interacting with the quantum field to co-create your desired happening.

Feel the vital energies of this creation. Sense how it vigorously brings in new power. It brings a new reality to power your emerging creation. The future is presenting itself to you right now with the presence of this creation. You need only to continue your desire and allow what’s needed for fulfilment to come to you. When you unleash your highest self, you enter the realm of your greatest power. When you have an intention, pay attention, and stay the course, you increase the likelihood that your greatest desire will manifest in your life.

I thank you for your participation in this exercise. I look forward to our being together in the quantum, connected, web of Life. I look forward to this group creating magic together in 2022.


Holiday thanks to subscribers

The holiday season brings to mind things for which I am especially thankful. I am grateful that each of you has choosen to become a subscriber to Barbara’s Musings on Waking Up. I love to be in the company of others who are serious about following a spiritual path and helping humanity to become more fully human. I deeply appreciate your interest, attention, and loyalty. When I am writing blogs, I can actually feel the presence of this group. So, again, many thanks.

"Gift" by asenat29 | CC BY 2.0
“Gift” by asenat29 | CC BY 2.0

The gift of mediumship: I am offering a free spiritual reading to the first five subscribers who contact me and have not yet had a reading with me.

Those that are interested in a reading can read more about spiritual readings here. Also, you can read testimonials about what people write me after readings. (People who have already had readings can call me any time.)

I look forward to meeting with you and working together.



3D-5D series #5: Paying attention in everyday life

This post is #5 in the blog series: Moving from 3D to 5D dimensions of reality. See the series overview page for a list of all posts.

Luckily, many more humans are starting to wake up. We are beginning to really take in the fact that life on the planet is undergoing a radical shift. Many of us long to be a part of that change.

But most of us are still seesawing between our old survival mind, driven by comfort and what’s familiar. We still perceive the world only by what we see, feel, taste, touch, and hear, even though we may be aware energetically that there is something very different happening. We continue to move between the third 3D and the fifth 5D perspectives of reality (see post #2 in this series). We get caught up in unseen collective agreements (see #3). There’s so much going on, that our kaleidoscope of experience may drive us crazy!

Stylized rollercoaster, palm trees, and sky.
“California Adventure” by krandolph | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The most important element in moving to the fifth 5D dimension of reality, is paying attention to what’s happening to us in everyday life. We get frustrated by our 3D minds, which perpetually turn out product. But there may be times that we are in 5D and don’t even know it. This means we have to pay more attention.

Most of us have had flashes, moments, or periods in our lives when we are more aware. We may get an unexpected download, idea, or insight. Intuitively, there is a flash of something new, a sense that something greater exists.

Once our 5D perception starts to kick in, strange things can begin to happen. We wake up at 6:03 AM feeling from our heart, instead of from our head, which immediately brings up day’s to-do list.

We notice a faint inner voice, smell unusual scents, or feel subtle energies running through us. Sometimes we experience body tremors or jerking movements for no reason at all. We experience physical discomfort, intense emotion, and mental interference with no known cause. We become more aware of how our usual thoughts serve to distract us. We watch our self more often as a non-critical observer.

We notice there are times that we are calmer and more content to just be. Maybe it’s waiting in a line at the supermarket or sitting at a window looking out. Maybe we don’t stiffen and rush distractedly to an appointment. We remember that our discomfort is just an early childhood reaction. If we don’t hurry, Mom will be annoyed.

We find that we are more relaxed. We are less flustered. We notice these changes from simple incidents, like opening a jar. The top spins off and flies across the floor. In 3D this could cause exasperation. In 5D we simply bend down and pick up the lid. When we open the wrong drawer, instead of being flustered, it comes to us, “ Oh, it’s the next drawer over.”

We begin to change our perception of what’s possible as a human. We begin to feel more organic, natural, and authentic. We become more aware of higher frequencies. This feels good.

In 3D, during a walk or jog, we worry about a meeting that’s coming up. We notice that we are being hijacked by our mind. We are not really present. We are concerned about the future. We pause, stay in present time. We see that we are safe right now. Things are OK. Our perception opens up 360 degrees. We take in the beauty of the trees branching overhead and feel the dew on the grass. We notice an old man walking past.

We’re hard at work. Our computer starts doing weird things; we’re incensed. We’re busy and the phone rings; we’re annoyed, “Go away!” We realize that we are in our old 3D responses. Then we get annoyed as we see how we’ve been swept away in 4D. We are out of alignment with our real self. Bummer, but minutes later we are back on track. That’s just how it goes.

Sometimes we find that we judge less, observe more. We become more neutral. We develop a neutrality gage. We watch. What’s happening? Does the needle go to the right, left, or stay straight up in neutral? If we are in neutral, we give our self a 3D brownie point! OK, so we’re not perfect.

When we have flashes of higher dimensions, and experiences that we don’t consider ordinary, we start to notice more deeply. We start to question long-held beliefs. Who am I really? We begin to realize that the 5D perspective is far greater than we thought. (See earlier posts in this series: #1, #2, #3).

We become more open to other possibilities. We may communicate with spiritual guides. We ask for guidance, “What am I supposed to learn?” We ask for symbols to pop into our head, symbols that mean “yes” or “no” to our questions. (My “yes” started out as a cross and has become a cock- eyed “y.”)

We come to trust more. Maybe Life Itself really does know more than we do! We begin to relax, let Life have Its way. We learn to allow, to trust the information, insight, or experience that comes through, even when it’s not what we wanted or expected.

In the end, who knows what will happen with us! Every soul is unique. This shift from one reality to another is not instantaneous. Moving from 3D to 5D perception takes diligence and intension. We have to engage, get involved. It takes a lot of work to pay attention to de-program our old 3D template. Plus, our nervous system has to catch up. The good news is that waking up is a participatory sport, an adventure. We can assist in our own process, with our own efforts, and free will. We do this as best we can, little by little. No one can do this for us.

Practice is the answer. Practice is what allows us to experience the higher frequencies, the higher wattage, the brilliant new world. We realize that we are here, at this point in time. We are in 3D transitioning to a 5D level of consciousness. Eventually, as we learn, as we practice together, we can begin to choose to energetically write new stories on a collective level.

3D-5D Series: Overview page >>

3D-5D series #4: My experience in a nutshell

This post is #4 in the blog series: Moving from 3D to 5D dimensions of reality. See the series overview page for a list of all posts and schedule.

The third (3D) and fifth (5D) dimensions of reality are two very different perspectives. They are very different blueprints which determine my human behavior. On a day-to-day basis, these two frequencies affect me extensively. (See #1 and #2 in this series.) These dimensions come from entirely different perspectives, different frequencies. They generate two very different templates, or blueprints, within which I find myself living.

The 3D Mind

Photo of car engine
“Engine” by Accretion Disc | CC BY 2.0

I’ve been contemplating my move from 3D to 5D functioning. I keep re-discovering how my 3D perception works through my mind, filtered by my egoic perception. When I’m strictly functioning in 3D I’m operating according to my old, learned, acquired, personality system. I’m operating from the old, fear-based template. I see that all my perception funnels through the mind. (wrap text)

My brain functions. It contemplates, computes, analyses, judges, obsesses, and generates information. But, at this point, when my thinking comes solely from my mind, the information feels outdated, incomplete, dull. It feels like an old engine that is over-worked and obsolete.

When I inquire, I see that I’m functioning on an intellectual level that is based upon what I’ve already think I know. It’s not really new thinking! My information is being filtered through a bunch of old beliefs and concepts that I hold onto. I sort, label, judge, and categorize. It could be stories from childhood, a conversation with a friend, a work issue, or a spiritual idea. My 3D brain processes according to old information, whether I’m conscious of this or not.

3D experience is vicarious. It is experienced in the imagination, through feelings, actions, or other people. I see that my brain, my mind, can only imagine things, for example, what it’s like to wake up or to experience from a higher dimension. The mind doesn’t really Know.

The 5D Heart

There is a much grander frequency available for humans to perceive. It’s the high-functioning energy of the fifth dimension. It is based on the Heart, not the brain. It is the 5D Heart that actually Knows. This 5D frequency is what can entrain the brain.

When my 5D energy arises, there is no imagination involved. There is a direct knowing. When I experience from 5D frequency, I become the actual, present, emerging experience! This is totally different than operating from the head. 5D operates through the template of Total Consciousness. This is an important distinction, one that my 3D mind will never be able to comprehend.

Lines of colored light in arcs and waves
“Garden of de light” by kevin dooley | CC BY 2.0

This is how my head and my heart experience 5D

In the beginning, when I experienced the 5D realm, it seemed to come suddenly, out of nowhere. It was definitely outside my usual 3D experience. When in 5D, my entire world felt surreal, like walking in some kind of wonderland. I experienced flashes of insight, and peaks at what is available beyond my usual ceiling of perception. These 5D peeks felt awesome, amazing. Early on, my 3D mind classified these experiences as non-ordinary, yet now I know that this emerging perspective of consciousness is what we humans are growing into. I realize 5D experience comes from the Intelligence of the Universe. It comes from the higher self, from essence. When we actually experience 5D, we Know our experience to be True. We feel it throughout our bodies and our entire surround. We sense this understanding deep within our Being.

The fifth division is about love. Love is so much greater then our 3D memories, beliefs, and stories. The 3D template resists going into the 5D realm. However, the 5D experience brings us into our higher intelligence. We see how it is possible to overcome all stories, to go beyond. In 5D we know we are part of an energetic expression that takes place from the heart. 5D funnels everything through the heart. It brings us to our true potential. It gradually dissolves our 3D resistance. It allows us to live life more fully, from the frequency that’s underneath.

5D takes us to Freedom, Creativity, Freshness, and Connectedness. 5D is open to whatever arises in this very moment. The fifth dimension leads us to Become the moment. Wholeness, Unity, and Oneness pervail. We experience wonderous, magical, abilities. Out of the box possibilities for creative action spring up. We realize the we humans are the determining factor. We are the receivers, transmitters, and transformers for ourselves and for planet Earth.

At this point in my journey, I still seesaw between 3D and 5D. I am able to witness my3D habitual patterns of body and mind. I watch how my ego resists the frequency of 5D. It’s much more familiar in 3D. I also witness how the 3D dimension is producing division, unrest, and chaos in the world today. Yet, the more I practice, the more I experience an integration of the third and fifth dimensions. I see how the higher frequency of light shines through, causing the world to be experienced as less dense and more transparent.

At this point, I’m discovering that the  journey is all about bringing the light frequency of 5D down into everyday 3D experience. I’m trying to remember to view life from my heart, rather than my head. From this perspective I am finding life to be quite magical and joyous.

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Checklist: 101 Signs of waking up

Fireworks bursting against black sky
“Fireworks – Adelaide Skyshow 2010” by anthonycramp | CC BY 2.0

Here’s a fun checklist of signs of waking up. See which ones may apply to you. You can also download a PDF version if you prefer.

1. Buzzing over left ear
2. Feelings of well-being
3. Surroundings seem to be surreal
4. See in vivid colors
5. Receive downloads of knowledge or knowing
6. Hear the sounds of silence
7. Spontaneous shaking of body (or parts)
8. Experience spaciousness
9. Feel grounded, rooted in Earth
10. Feel spacy
11. Experience hot flashes
12. Feel you are walking up above the ground
13. Have the experience of no space
14. Have feelings of deja view
15. Have experience of past lives
16. Can hear your subtle inner voice
17. Have glimpses of parallel lives
18. Break into spontaneous prayer
19. Feel you are the same substance as rocks and trees
20. Dislike not being authentic
21. Know that you Are actually Everything
22. Have deep feelings of bliss
23. Experience periods of inexplicable irritability
24. Experience of being Nothing at all
25. Tear up when see beauty
26. Suffer unexplainable pain or discomfort
27. Experience the Oneness of Everything
28. Feel light or buoyed up
29. Spontaneous relaxation of body
30. Able to just witness your mind
31. Recognize behavior patterns that limit you
32. Wake up during the night and process
33. Feel the density of being human
34. Feel the stickiness of the little self
35. Experience deep aloneness
36. Realize how ego gets its way
37. Feel loving in general
38. Feel peaceful inside
39. Wake up excited about the day ahead
40. Have a sense of connection with deeper realities
41. Experience spontaneous joy
42. Feel unexplained inertia
43. Feel connected to people you don’t know
44. Realize when you become separated from your Self
45. Know when you are out of alignment
46. Are comfortable being alone
47. Feel you are loved
48. Feel full of life and vitality
49. Feel worthy of receiving Source
50. Have discovered spiritual guides
51. Are satisfied with personal relationships
52. You like yourself
53. Know you are really not alone
54. Feel neutrality
55. Feel connected to Source
56. Experience wonder and awe
57. Feel that life is safe
58. My life has value
59. Experience the flow
60. Every experience offers a lesson
61. Feel that what you do counts
62. Experience the illusion of life
63. Feel Life supports you
64. Experience multidimensions
65. Allow unusual things to happen
66. Experience the black velvet spaciousness
67. Allow Life to have Its way
68. Don’t have to analyze
69. Don’t have to understand
70. Can be a witness to your own feelings
71. Experience feelings without getting engaged
72. Experience from the heart, not the head
73. Discriminate feelings moving through you
74. Pay attention to your inner life
75. Feel more love and compassion
76. Able to feel outer happenings without becoming overwhelmed
77. Take your experience to your heart
78. Notice what brings you down or up
79. Able to give up your stories
80. Comfortable with the silence
81. Curious about life
82. See how concepts & beliefs can hold you hostage
83. Have the experience of melting
84. Merge with nature
85. Feel a subtle level of anxiety
86. Can distinguish between separation and connectedness
87. Observe without becoming engaged
88. Feel the magic of the moment
89. Wonder about the possibilities
90. Experience infinity
91. Feel light-headed but OK
92. Experience spontaneous gratitude
93. See the space between all things
94. Have a sense of wonderment
95. Overwhelmed by love or bliss
96. Tear up with joy
97. Can tolerate intense emotions
98. Feel the hugeness of your Self
99. Feel the freedom to be who you really are
100. Feel unlimited, not constructed
101. Have a sense of open awareness

You can also download a PDF version if you prefer.

These occurrences are often the natural result of Waking Up. See which signs apply to you. Add your own waking up signs to the list. What did you discover? Do you have any signs to add to the list? If so, please contact me.