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Lantern photo
“Lantern” by timo_w2s | CC BY-SA 2.0

My book Waking Up (to be published August 11, 2021) includes many journal posts from my thirty-year spiritual journey. An astonishing moment on my journey was when I became aware of my spiritual guides. Following is a description from the book.

On April 8, 2020, I started to take an online Sacred Mediumship Course with Suzanne Geisemann. Immediately I found myself on Fire. Ten days later, I knew something magical was happening. Here is an entry from my journal:

I’m out walking and my own spiritual guides came into to me. I, myself, have spiritual guides? YOW! Who knew. They have come to help me with my readings. They tell me that when I see the image of a lantern, it means that they have arrived—to light the way.

Over the past few days, I’ve realized that I now have three specific guides. One provides relaxation, it tells me when to slow down, and to just stay present. When this happens, I find I no longer need to act “right now.” I don’t have to run off mentally or physically. I don’t have to constantly be “doing” something. Another guide provides me with knowledge—direct and instantaneous. This guide helps me to discriminate what is going on moment to moment in the higher dimensions. The third guide brings in divine love and compassion. This guide is always there to comfort and illuminate, whispering “you are loved.”

Now, when I am doing a reading, various guides, like wizards, angels and arch angels come in to speak with my sitters. At this point, I realize that these guides have been here all along, but I was too constricted to perceive them. This is amazing.