The missing link: Direct your energy

“Strong emotion” by claudiadea131 | CC BY 2.0

Today, we will be looking at, not only moving our energy, but directing it. This is the most important skill of all, and it is predicated upon knowing our actual intent, our underlying motivation, and directing this energy from our head to our heart. (See my post “A critical Move: From head to heart“.)

Directing energy is the missing link to living our most enhanced life. The biggest key is to align ourselves with the indirect, built-in, power of the heart. This alignment is what makes us feel alive, creative, comfortable, and safe. When we move away from our core, our true self, we feel un-easy because we are off our center. We are out of alignment.

We want to learn to be in our heart’s energy zone, balanced. We want to be who we are at our core, on a continual basis. We humans do have the power to re-connect with the fundamental person we are meant to be, and to embody the values, attitudes, and behaviors that express this, our essential identity, out into the world. But here’s the rub…

“Unknown misalignment between implicit and explicit intent is most likely the biggest pitfall in our attempts to apply our natural-born creative powers.”

— Henk J. M. Schram @ Crack Your Egg

When we activate our old, ingrained patterns, we get stuck in the past. But when we actively practice moving our energy from our fear-based head set to our love-based heart set, we migrate into our new, higher self. This is where freedom and relaxation are found. Remember…

Everything is energy. Our life-force energy is magnificent and powerful. It runs through us, creating all things—bumblebees, buildings, and beings. It flows effortlessly from the quantum field. It gives us what we want according to the signals that we send into the field. (See my post “Energy is Us“.)

Energy is neutral and must be directed. Energy itself is not positive or negative. It is only that we humans have learned to analyze, judge, and interpret things as good or bad. This is why it’s so important to know our underlying motivation. (See my post “Know your true intent“.) We can tap into our energy and create the things we love, and/or, we can tap into energy and manifest things that we don’t want. This is why we need to clearly state what we want because our body/heart/mind systems work in an indirect way, So, it’s important to learn what we are actually doing with our energy; after all, we are the only ones who can take responsibility for directing it. Now, don’t get discouraged.

Directing energy is what Dr. Joe Dispenza, teacher, researcher, and author of Becoming Supernatural: How common People Are Doing the Uncommon is teaching thousands of regular people around the world to do; to go into higher dimensions by learning how the mind works and engaging in a breathing practice that transfers life energy from the perineum up to the pituitary gland, the effectiveness of which is continually being validated by researchers. Here is the secret code…

Our energies need to match up. The key is that we must learn to match the energy frequency of our heart with the energy frequency of our head in order to get the reality that we actually want to manifest. It can be no other way because this is how the higher, more intelligent, more powerful, frequency of Reality works. (See “Know Your True Intent“.) As Henk at Crack Your Egg says, “It’s paramount that our true, underlying, intent is consistently aligned with the nature of the reality we want to create.”

The good news is…

Energy can be directed by choice. We can learn to choose our thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and beliefs. Thankfully, there is a deeper urge within us that wants us to express who we really are. This natural force is always present, and it works in our favor. The tricky part comes in learning to discriminate what we really want beyond our learned preferences so that we can direct that energy to what we actually desire.

This is where Dee Wallace comes in. Wallace is a teacher, healer, and author of, Conscious Creation: Directing Energy to Get the Life You Want. Wallace learned the lesson of “energy direction” through trial and error as she worked with her dedicated students over many years. Now, she teaches thousands around the world, explaining, “You have a choice. You direct energy by choosing which thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and beliefs you hold to be true. You create minute by minute, directing energy in this way. If you don’t do this consciously, you’ll still create your life–but without any control over your results.” (Find out how in the next blog post, November 17.)