Living inside my ego tunnel

As I was going through my journals to select passages for my book, I came upon the following entry. It reminds me of how easily I can get hijacked by my ego-self and be limited in its perspective. I’m including the entry here to help me, us, remember:


This morning I’m thinking about all the infinite, boundless, dimensions that I have been able to experience over the years. Just when I’m about ready to give my ego-self a few spiritual brownie points, the higher dimension comes in to set me straight.

Tunnel with person sitting
“Tunnel” by jugbo | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Suddenly, I realize how BONDED I am with my personal appearance, my usual worldly projections, my inner sensations and ways of doing things. I’m glued to a familiar “me,” a familiar body. This underlying, unconscious, projection is still serving as my net of security. I see that I’m trapped within this internal tunnel of perception.

Oh, brother, now I’m noticing more. I have the inclination to go on stage and get involved as a particular person in the day-to-day play that’s projecting. I see that I have also acquired a tunnel of perception in how I view the external world. I have pre-conceived notions about what should be, or probably will occur.

I see that I’m observing my outside life from backstage. It’s like watching a play from behind the curtains. I see the actors, and how the stage is set up. I’m hearing the script being read. The audience is out front waiting for the performance. This play is like a movie which appears out in front of my stage.

Now, I’m morphing into a different frequency; the script is just magically emerging. The various dimensions—inside, outside, you, and me, are all differentiated; but I notice that they cannot be separated. Life energy amalgamates as it comes down into the density of everyday life. As my viewpoint lights up, I can see how this works.

Tunnel photo 800x265
“Tunnel” by Tina Carlson | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0