Let’s face it: We’re on Automatic

“Quantum Annealing” by jurvetson | CC BY 2.0.

Our automatic selves

So far this year, we’ve been looking at the latest and greatest information on waking up—the underlying nature of how things work, and the hidden dynamics that make up our day-to-day reality. We discovered that:

  • Our energy is what animates us.
  • Our DNA determines the frequencies in our bodies. Our genes drive our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors—from our Shadows to our Gifts.
  • Our feelings are running our body/mind systems.
  • Our minds are leading us around by the nose.
  • Our subconscious is keeping us trapped in the past.

Let’s face it, most of the time, we are operating on automatic!

This is not a surprise

When I first realized that most of my life was running on auto pilot, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was appalled. Disappointed. Angry. But now, after learning about the underlying dynamics of how our body/mind systems work, this fact is no longer surprising, especially when contemplating what Dr. Nilesh Jain (a microbiology researcher) has to say…

Five minutes after your birth, they decide your name, nationality, religion, sect, and you spend the rest of your life defending something you didn’t choose.

All our lives we continue to look outside ourselves to learn how to behave in the world. This restricts our development further. In fact, looking to the outside even determines our moods.

Richard Rudd, author of The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose, says:

The human tendency to look outside is the greatest addiction on our planet…this addition sets up a low frequency pattern which keeps us locked into a web of our own making. This pattern gets reinforced over and over again.

All of the above sounds pretty grim, but don’t worry, contemporary teachers and researchers have shown there are many things that we humans can do.

We have a choice

We can break through the shells that we’ve built around us. These shells keep us disconnected from our higher selves and from our true desires. A good way to learn how to break out of our shells is to take courses given by Dr. Henk J. M. Schram. Henk is a down to earth teacher who provides simple, yet effective information that I’ve never run across in all my years of studying psychology or spirituality. I highly recommend a deceptively simple course given by Henk @ Crack Your egg. And this course is free!

We can ditch the old patterns that bog us down. Bruce Lipton, a noted cell biologist (way before epigenetics was even recognized), says, “We have all been programmed. That’s the nature of human development.” But when he discovered how our cells actually work, he was over the top, “Oh my God, we’re controlling our genes…Stop running the program! We have a choice.”

Lipton explains that ditching the old program is a bit like choosing to take the red (expansive) pill, instead of the blue (programmed) pill in the Matrix movie. With the red pill, the old programing disappears, and we can handle whatever comes up in our environment with ease.

He also tells us that choosing to drop our program is like experiencing the euphoria of love. (I love how Bruce Lipton explains things.) “This is what happens when you fall in love. You meet someone and 24 hours later you say life is beautiful! This is because people stay mindful. If you’re not thinking, you’re not playing the program.” So what’s not to like about dropping our old programs?!

We can change our entire body/mind systems. With today’s brain imaging tools, we can actually see what’s going on in the brain. We can develop techniques, ways to change our systems for the good.

We can re-program our brains. Dr. Joe Dispenza uses the technique of rehearsal to emotionally train our body/minds to experience the future that we actually desire.

We can learn to go way beyond our automatic behaviors. Dr. Joe has already trained thousands of ordinary people to attain extraordinary states of consciousness. (The research on this is truly amazing.)

When we decide to go beyond our automatic behaviors, we go outside of our comfort zone. We take the risk of going into the unknown. We can’t predict what will happen. This feels uncomfortable, scary, but as Dr. Joe explains, this phase of discomfort is well worth it because “the more you start becoming aware of your unconscious thoughts, the more conscious you go.”

Note: For hard-core “wake-up-ers,” listen to the first hour of this video interview. Dr. Joe explains what’s involved in reprogramming ourselves to live our new future dream.

Upcoming blog posts

So far, we’ve examined the underlying nature of how things work and the hidden dynamics that make up our day-to-day realities.

In upcoming blog posts, we will dive in a bit deeper. We will explore the invisible non-physical reality that actually shapes our lives, the importance of moving from our heads to our hearts, learning to direct our energy, and aligning with our higher, natural, creative energy. After all, we want to wake up! We want to live more joyous and productive lives. We want to contribute to the good in the world.