Know your true Intent: hidden dynamics count

“The two dimensions of the same Light!!! / Les deux dimensions de la même Lumière!!!” by Denis Collette | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Knowing your actual intention is a key element of waking up. There are two kinds of intention, one comes from the head (like the dark shadow areas pictured above) and the other intention comes from the heart (the golden truth of who we are). The difference between these two intentions is critical. This is why we want to learn how to distinguish between an intent from our head and an intent from our heart. This knowledge will give us a way to move with grace towards our true authentic selves.

Intention from the head

Most of us are living according to intentions that come from the head, from the motivations that we’ve learned so far. These intentions come out of our 3D personality. They come from our Shadow-selves. We project these head intentions out into our physical reality. The thing is, when we are coming from this fight/flight, survival mode, we try to protect ourselves by manipulating what’s going on. We attempt to change people, thoughts, feelings, and situations into what pleases us. This continual rearranging of life takes conscious effort, and in truth, it never fully works to our satisfaction.

The intentions, the motivations, that originate from this ego realm appear to us to be direct, straightforward, and understandable, but actually they can be sneaky and lead us in the wrong direction.

“People, confused by ego, think they are doers of all kinds of work while it is being done by the energy of nature.”

— Bhagavad Gita

Don’t forget, we are here to discover what our body/mind systems are actually longing for—the ability to function from our higher selves, from our 5D (Gift) dimension. (See my 3D to 5D blog series.)

Intention from the heart

When we actually come from the heart, we come from the unmanifest realm, from the metaphysical part of us. This non-physical energy compresses itself down until it manifests as us on the physical plane. This frequency is multidimensional and goes way beyond our bodies and brains. This kind of energy comes from our natural state of Being and is essentially effortless. It manifests from Source, flowing freely though us from the quantum field. This kind of intent emanates a powerful electromagnetic field, just waiting for us to engage with it and blossom. This virtual, non-physical, vibrational energy is our true self, our true Home. This powerful, invisible, field of intention is what actually runs our life.

While both dimensions of intention, physical and non-physical, are real, the intention in our head is of relatively minor importance. The invisible, non-physical intention of our heart plays a much more profound role in our life. This is because our everyday life experience is actually lived as a reflection of the underlying intent of our heart.

Here’s why: We don’t manifest what we think we want in our heads. We manifest what we actually believe in our hearts. We may be able to fool ourselves at the ego level, but we can’t fool ourselves at the heart level. Our true self, our higher, non-physical self, knows the truth.

Inner conflict happens when what we believe in our head does not match the underlying intention we have in our heart. It’s important to understand this difference. For example, if we have an intention, an aim, of having more money, abundance, love, or whatever, the heart knows what we really believe underneath. It sees that we don’t really believe our intention is possible because we are coming from a sense of lack, not from the higher frequency of who we truly are.

We receive what we believe.

— Barbara Bennett

When there is a mismatch, it means our body/mind system is out of alignment with its higher self. (This mismatch is often the reason we don’t get what we want.)The mismatch causes stress which cancels out our head’s desires—leading to confusion, worry, anxiety, and heartache which throws our life off-kilter. As we become astute observers, we discover that holding a conviction in our mind does not guarantee that we will hold the corresponding truth in our heart.

The non-physical, vibrational, intention is actually what we want our minds and hearts to discover. We want our minds to stop working like mad to control our lives. We want our hearts to gently crack open and come out of their protective covering. When our minds and our hearts find out that this is indeed possible, they are delighted! They can then become true partners, working to serve our authentic selves.

The higher intention of the heart is also the dimension that we humans are seeking spiritually. We are biologically wired to find this dimension. It’s the frequency that wakes us up. The good news is that our non-physical dimension trumps all other dimensions, and it manifests our desires faster than anything else. This is because our higher dimension doesn’t judge; it merely gives us what we actually believe. (This is why it’s so important to pay attention to our underlying intention.)

Because our greater-Self functions in this neutral manner, we can’t live our larger self if we continue to hold onto our smaller self. When we hold onto our small 3D self, our invisible energy manifests in ways that keep us stuck because of our underlying, learned, beliefs. This feels horrible and causes all kinds of problems.

But when we experience the energy of our larger 5D self, this same non-physical energy manifests in ways that are remarkable, awe-inspiring, and majestic. (This took me a l-o-n-g time to discover.) Make no mistake: this energy-vibration belongs to each one of us. With dedication and practice, we can learn to experience this higher frequency in a palpable way.

This is why we are going to keep learning about the underlying dynamics that keep us small, the unconscious things that sabotage us. We want to be able to flow with life’s energy. We want to be able to flourish. We want to shift our perspective to 5D, to the Gift of love. Shifting from head to heart is well worth the effort, because as Bruce Lipton (the noted cell biologist and researcher) tells us that we humans have the ability to create from this amazing place of love—95% of the day!

Note: for those who wish to know more about the shadow self, watch this video Facing your shadow by Carolyn Myss.