Join forces with your early inner child

Young girl on tricycle with helmet.
“How Do You Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike?” by BenSpark | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Prelude: We want to be part of the great transformation of human consciousness that’s currently happening on our planet. We want to emerge out of our old, habitual patterns and get on with a new, expansive life. With this in mind, it’s very important that we spend some time loving, nurturing and growing with our inner child. It’s still inside us wanting to have its say, like it or not. We want to get to know our inner child in a variety of ways so that we release the pain of our early experience and get to embrace a new, more integral way of living.

To do this, please take the following journey of visualization. See what you can discover about what’s still inside you at this point in your life.

Visualization to explore your little child

First, take a few moments to relax. Take a few deep breaths and slowly drop into your heart center. When you are ready, slowly read the following words and let your imagination run free.

Picture yourself in large empty room. (It’s not scary; you can have as much light as you wish and no matter what happens, it’s all OK.) Now, over in the corner, you can see your own young self, sitting on a stool. Notice as much as you can about your little child’s body language. What is he or she doing?

Now sit down on the floor and send your little child some love. How does this feel? How does your little one respond?

When you are ready, move into a part of you that makes you feel like love and smile. (You could think of anything—a loved one, a baby’s smell, puppies, kittens, or a favorite place in nature.) Send that love to your little self. Just watch your little child as you send them love. Notice what happens. What are you, and your young child feeling? Give this some time.

When you are ready, put your arms out. (Your inner child may, or may not, be ready for this. Or maybe they have already jumped into your lap. Some little ones are still afraid, and that’s OK. They’ve had a lifetime of being scared and feeling small.)

Whatever happens is fine. Just offer more love. Say, “I will pay attention to you. I will listen to how you are feeling and what you would have me know. When you are ready, please tell me how this is for you.”

When your inner child is ready, ask, “Is it OK if I give you a hug or even more love?” Ask, “How can we work together, join up as a team as we go along in life?”

Listen to what your child has to say. Feel into what happens. (It’s all OK.)

Now take your little child by the hand. Tell your little one, “I’m going to listen to all the messages you send me. We can learn to experience life together. Any time you want to send me a message, I’ll be here. We can both check in. It doesn’t matter if we’re feeling afraid, alone, sad, rambunctious, or joyous. Let’s just stay in touch and form a team through thick and thin. I want to thank you for being with me. You are an ongoing part of my life.

Now, gently come back. Open your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Contemplate what you’ve discovered with an open heart. Journal. Remember, you can communicate with your little one any time through an open heart. You can go back into that room or meet in a field, wherever calls you. Just be together. Talk. Listen. Stay present. Work out a plan to mature this relationship into the kind of integrated person you want to be. Help each other break through to what you really want in life. Cry together. Laugh together. Grow together. Have fun.

With this new partnership, you are ready to find your new self and live the life you’ve always wanted. Stay tuned.

Note: This exercise is one that I adapted from what I learned with Dee Wallace here.