How Things Really Work

Space view 700x292
“Space Engine” by K-putt. CC BY-NC 2.0

I’m still working away on my book, day and night. Now, I’m on Chapter 3: Mystical Days with Thomas Hubl. As I read over journal entries from the last three decades, here’s an entry that I wrote years ago at 3 :00 am one morning.


It’s my mind that makes up the world! It’s my mind that manifests what I’m thinking, and projects that information—the thoughts, concepts and feelings out into the world. When I’m sleeping, it does the same, but then my usual, learned mind is One, so I can dream, fly and have adventures. Now, I realize this is also what’s happening in my waking moments. I’ve learned to limit my projection to what I’ve come to believe is true. This is why, when my usual mind disappears, I easily go into different planes and have adventures. 

Oh, and then there is space! My little mind sees in linear, physical terms. I have to go across the room to get to the door. But in this infinite space/place, anything can happen. That’s why the other night, when I got up to go to the bathroom, I discovered that my physical body was still in bed. I had to go get it. Yow, an out-of-body experience. 

Another download comes about time. Time only exists in the physical, linear domain. But in this more open field, when I keep my window open, there’s no time what-so-ever. There is only, this, very, present, now, moment. And this moment is eternal. It is the only moment; past and future are merely concepts that I have acquired, only figments of my imagination. I can see how this one, eternal, moment is constantly changing, morphing. I realize this is how I am able to experience so many different worlds. I am so grateful for this realization.