Heart series Intro: We are Infinite Possibility

“Structure and Space” by Barbara Bennett

This post is the intro in the blog series: Heart. See the series overview page for a list of all posts.

Many of us want to go for our fullest, most fruitful, most joyous life. We want to be consciously connected to the new emerging blueprint of human consciousness (read more). We want to be connected dynamically to who and what we are. The latest scientific discoveries show us that this is possible. In the deepest of realities, we are all connected within the United Field of Existence. We are One with everything, able to experience all layers, dimensions, and frequencies. (See Forbidden Science course.) We are all emanating from the One Heart that can help us find our way and blossom into the life we desire.

Over the years, I’ve been rummaging in, around, and through, my heart. Taking peeks. Slowly learning as I go. It seems that the mysteries and capabilities of the heart are a direct route to discovering the profundity of who we really are. At this point, my heart is bursting to tell its story. Let’s start at the beginning. I invite you to come along as we review and unravel the Heart’s amazing revelations and abilities.