Heart series #7: Take everything to the Heart

“Love” by SpacePirate82 | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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Taking everything to the heart is tremendously important for our personal and spiritual development. Yet while the latest brain research shows that the heart is key to becoming our best, fully coherent selves, most of us have not learned how to do this. We stay doggedly in our heads.

The latest research in physics demonstrates that we come from a quantum web of love. It tells us that we humans are the same medium that makes up everything—puppies, trees, stones, turnips, thunderstorms, and yes, even ourselves. We are an inherent part of Oneness, a United Field of Existence. Yet again, most of us limit ourselves to our heads.

And why limit ourselves? When he was asked, “Why are you here?”, Dawson Church, author of Brain Bliss, responded, “To give and receive love! To connect with the universe with a huge heart and open mind in every moment.”

Then we have the Circle of Light, a collection of light beings dedicated to human enlightenment, channeled by Georgia Jean. The Circle of Light explains that we have the power to be our greater selves. We have the ability to train our hearts to override our heads. We can learn to master our consciousness. We can learn to flow with ever-present, on-going, reality. They explain that anchoring in the heart is key, that the intelligence of the heart far exceeds the information we’ve learned through our egoic minds. They tell us to take everything to the heart and see what happens. (I talked about this in my book.) The following Heart Skill Practice was revealed to me by the Circle of Light. So, let’s go for it. We can do this. We can let the heart do the work.

The Heart Skill Practice

Notice what’s happening inside. Pause. Trust. Stop trying to manipulate your experience.

Entrain your brain/heart connection. Slide your usual mind-brain down into your heart-brain. It’s been discovered that the heart has brain cells of its own. You are learning to switch from your habitual ego-stream of consciousness to the on-going multidimensional consciousness of the heart.

Deposit the contents of your mind into your heart. Just plop it right in. Your energetic heart is like the sky, open and clear. The vast spaciousness of your heart can take in everything–love, happiness, clouds, storms, whatever. Nothing can disturb your infinite heart. As the Circle of Light says, this is where your Super Consciousness resides.

Notice your emotions. Feel what’s underneath—a bit of panic, a lot of disappointment, sadness, joy–whatever.

Love and Accept everything that arises

Say, “I love and accept this sadness, shame, anger, aloneness, or x.” Realize there is trapped energy that accompanies your feelings. This is the old energy that wants to be seen, harvested, released, set free.

Take Everything into your heart

The Circle of Light says the heart is the center of Master Consciousness. It is the center of Creativity. Within your heart is where daily manifestation emerges. So, pay attention.

Run energy through an infinity eight loop between your thymus and heart. This energetic movement purifies your old, limited energy, transforming it into clean, amazingly new, energetic potential.

Now just practice. See what your heart can do for you.

This heart skill, like any other, takes work and persistence. Set your intension. Ask for help. The Field is waiting for you to ask. With practice, the capability to deposit things in the heart moves along with deftness. With practice, this skill leads to greater peace and confidence on a day-to-day basis.

Here is my wish for the future. I would like us to help humanity by bringing the hate, fear, and distrust down from our heads into our hearts and purify that negative energy through the infinity eight loop between our thymus and hearts. I would like our work to help absorb and release the old accumulation of muck, both in ourselves and others.

So, when things come up that we don’t like, why don’t we just say, “I love and accept this part of me. This is my human part. I am evolving. This heart practice is for me and humankind.”

Let’s pull together. Unite. Collectively add to the evolution of Earth. Let’s move the human race towards greater peace, love, compassion, and joy. After all, the best is yet to come. When we make the heart practice a daily habit, we help ourselves, others, and the planet to be more awake.