Heart series #6: Trust and allow

“Trust” by Cornelia Kopp | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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The Circle of Light, a collection of light beings, explains that:

“Most of the conflict that occurs within human beings is fueled by the egoic mind….this mind is racing around in conflict with all the various aspects of itself…. there are a million different voices inside putting in their two bits about what to do or not do. ‘You shouldn’t have done that, why did you do this, or when are you going to do that?’ If you can truly acknowledge that all those aspects are at war within yourself, you will be able to realize that each of those bits is just a part of your consciousness that deserves and wants love.”

The Circle of Light goes on to explain that when humans

“come into real unity consciousness, the consciousness of the heart, this allows all experiences to exist without labeling them. You can simply do this by choosing to love and accept all those different parts within yourself and bring them into a unified place. This is what will truly get you into the flow, into the zone of creation.”

Over the years, I have learned that the ego has the right idea. It wants engagement, fulfillment, and satisfaction. The problem is it’s got the wrong strategy, one that was adopted at a very young age. But I know the ego can be sent out for job training! We can help our ego mind mature, grow up. We’re not trying to get rid of the ego; we just want it to be able to receive the vast ocean of love that is available to us.

I’ve discovered that we need to trust ourselves. We need to trust Life as it unfolds. These have been hard lessons for me to learn. It’s only recently that I truly am allowing myself to trust Life. The results of this trust continue to deliver longer, and more frequent, periods of happiness, bliss, creativity, and wellbeing. I give great thanks.

Trust and Accept all parts of yourself

When we accept each and every part of our being human, we open to higher frequencies. When I first heard the Circle of Light say, “Accept every part of you”, it sounded terrible! Why would I want to accept my anger, my fear, my discomfort, my not knowing? But as I practiced, I discovered that accepting all my parts led to some amazingly good things. I realized when I accept all parts of myself, I am not loving their form, I am loving the energy that created that form. I am loving the very energy field that animates me.

Remember, all our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and sensations are just part of Life’s creative energy. And each part wants to be seen. It wants to be free to experience. I want to release its limiting energy. It’s only the old ego strategy that wants to hold on to what feels good and reject whatever feels bad. But my higher self says, “Bring the experience on. Bring it all on!”

Total acceptance practice

During a reading with the Circle of Light, they asked me to sit quietly and really focus on myself. They asked me to become aware of all the things I was feeling or thinking in the very moment. This could be about a person, an experience, a situation, or my life in general. They asked me to repeat the following over and over again, I LOVE AND ACCEPT THE PART OF ME THAT……. and this is what I’ve been practicing ever since.

I now use this statement in the following way. First, I identify what I am feeling and where it is located in my body. Next, I use the “I love and accept this part of me” statement. Then I add a statement of trust. This is because the Circle of Light suggests, “Learn how to mold your resistance [to evolving] by choosing belief structures that create a higher belief, a higher identity, that really supports you.” Below are examples of how I’ve applied this process in my daily life.

Feeling: “If it wasn’t for __, I wouldn’t be feeling this way.” Acceptance: I love and accept the part of me that blames. Trust: I know my higher power is bringing up this experience so that I can learn something more about myself.

Feeling: I’m so angry I could spit. Acceptance: I love and accept the part of me that feels angry. Trust: Wow, this feeling is filled with old, trapped, energy that wants to be released. What potential!

Feeling: I’m confused. Acceptance: I love and accept the part of me that feels confused. Trust: In this moment, I tune into the highest possible vibrational level. I go to my inner place.

Feeling: I’m totally frustrated. Acceptance: I love and accept the part of me that is frustrated. Trust: I notice what my body feels like when I am in touch with my ego-self. But I also remember how it feels to be with my Higher Power. I fill my heart with gratitude and compassion.

Feeling: I feel alone and lost. Acceptance: I love and accept this part of me that feels separate. Trust: I know my higher self is bringing up this pattern for me see. I am aware of my greater reality. I am an intricate part of the United Field.

Feeling: This is really hard. Acceptance: I love and accept the part of me that encounters hard times. Trust: I am grateful for obstacles. They challenge me to know my inner self more completely and move toward my higher power.

Feeling: I’m feeling afraid or anxious. Acceptance: I love and accept the part of me that fears. Trust: This part of me is ancient. It’s part of the old blueprint for humanity. It’s no longer needed in this situation. There are no lions that are about to pounce.

Accepting ourselves is not about excluding the dark parts of us, or even about darkness itself. Darkness can be quite beautiful.

Acceptance is about including every single part of who we are. It’s about coming to realize that we, as individuals, are all an integral part of the United Field of Life. If we can accept and love our “shadow” aspects, it’s much more powerful than going around suffering with our ego identities. When we do nothing to move toward our more joyful, expanded, selves we will just remain stalled, unhappy, and unaware. We will just reinforce our limited, unconscious experience which is what keeps us in the same old habitual loops.

It is far more important to be authentic. So why not just say, “Oh well, I feel sad. I love the part of me that feels sad. I’m human. This feeling is just one part of my experience.” When we take the time to do the work of acceptance, we gradually wake up. We shift our vibrational level in an authentic way. We’re not fooling ourselves. We’re not in denial. We are allowing ourselves to blossom within the full unification experience.

I like to remember what the Circle of Life says:

“Life keeps adding different elements. The soul really enjoys exploring the new things that have emerged, the new possibilities, and realms of experience. This is what the soul loves. What continues to expand consciousness, is its exploration of itself. The key is to ask yourself, “how can I love and accept myself more right now?”

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