Heart series #3: Practice of open-ended inquiry

“The Art of Inquiry” by Candace Nast | CC BY 2.0

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When I read the above journal entry, I realized it showed the practice of open-ended inquiry, a method I learned many years ago when I was a Diamond Heart student. (See the book Spacecruiser Inquiry by A. H. Almass)

This inquiry process will take you where you need to go. Your heart will show you what it would like you to know.

The steps of inquiry

Be open to whatever comes, no matter how strange it may seem.

Locate where this is occurring in your body.

Watch as a silent observer, maybe your from balcony or deep within.

Wait. Allow. Follow. Listen. This is the way of love.

Poem for support

When bubbling emotions
come to the top,
you need not hide them 
or make them pop,
they may have messages
for you,
to look with clarity and 
see what is true.

As a child you do what
you need,
to make sense of what 
may feel scary,
now with discernment 
and your Truth as Love,
with clear eyes now,
what are you still 
scared of?

Old familiar patterns 
may still run through
the body that holds on
to what you used to do,
re-tune to what you 
with Gratitude,
what can you lovingly 
let go?

Do not fret when 
in the midst of this,
a loving inventory 
is a gift,
honor all phases life
may bring to you,
remembering always,
Love is All of You!

This poem was written by Sandy Soulsister, who was nudged to offer messages from a higher frequency of consciousness. The messages come to Sandy spontaneously. She posts daily messages of support here.