Heart series #10: Alignment

“Every Now and Then the Stars Align” by Thomas Hawk | CC BY-NC 2.0

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Heart Series recap

We began this Heart Series to help us move toward our fullest, most fruitful, most joyous life. The mysteries and capabilities of the heart become a direct route to discovering the profundity of who we really are. So, we set out to review and unravel the Heart’s amazing abilities and revelations.

We considered the quantum field of physics. We looked at the work of various researchers. We discovered that love, the heart, has everything to do with who we are and how we behave. If it were not for love, we would not exist. Love is the gold standard of Life. Love is at the very heart of everything.

We looked at our wounded hearts, at how we by-pass our hearts through thoughts, feelings, and unconscious beliefs. We inventoried our wounded hearts. We discovered the gifts of human experience, exploration of unconscious beliefs, and ways to use feelings to expand the understanding of life.

We looked how we can learn to trust the universe and accept all parts of ourselves. We tried out important heart exercises like, Take Everything to the Heart and the Personal Heart Dialogue. We examined layers and levels of self-love, all the way to radical Self Love. Now, we’ll end this heart-felt series by taking a look at the most important heart-space of all—the space of total, balanced, Alignment.


We often find ourselves being drawn to certain things. But in the end, the Circle of Light tells us, “Life is quite simple.” To demonstrate what I mean, I’d like to share the alignment I witnessed back in 2005 as I was walking high up in the Colorado mountains:

Awareness arises as vacancy, total no-thing-ness
Slowly … divine … qualities … become … noticed
Love … Joy … Peace … Comfort
Basic Reality comes into being

Worldly physical appearance shines through
Clothed in a gentle sheath of love
Projecting Itself through the gift of form
For humankind to see and understand

There are no words to describe, express or explain
Only when directly experienced is energy of the Heart
Able to Communicate Its Wisdom to humankind
Pure, simple, unadulterated

Within our bubble of projection
Lies the phenomenal world
Filled with thinking, feeling, sensation
Products of the divine ego mechanism
Meant to provide tools for horizontal functioning
And gateways for traversing the vertical domains

The Totality of Functioning shines forth
Through Pure Heart Awareness
Simple Being, Aligned, in Balance
It is, I Am, this total divine morphing
This one constantly changing eternal moment
Undulating, gestating, ”doing its thing”
When simple Awareness pervades
All is One Benevolent Movement

So, how do we humans come to experience more and more of such simple life dimensions?

From a down-to-earth brain science perspective, Jules Taylor Shore tells us:

“Integration is key. When we have integration, we are more flexible, adaptive, coherent, energized, and stable. When we are in the information flow pathways of the brain…we end up with harmony, like in a choir.”

From a higher dimension, the Circle of Light says:

“In truth, the most powerful thing is you want to have the whole system be in balance. You want to bring the high frequencies down into Earth consciousness….if you don’t have the grounding, you can’t maintain the balance of holding the high vibrational frequencies in such a way that they are able to be experienced in the Earth plane dimension….Invite the wisdom and the energy of the Earth to come into your energetic field. This will bring balance into your energy field so that you can hold a perfect balance between being human and being spirit. This is the best way to enjoy your life experience.”

I guess in the end, Life is all about aligning with our hearts, balanced with the universe. Carry water. Chop wood. Drive car. Watch sunset. Live life to the fullest.