Heart series #1: What’s love got to do with it?

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Love has everything to do with who we are and how we behave. If it were not for love, we would not exist. Love is the gold standard of Life. Love is at the very heart of everything.

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Jean Houston teaches about the deepest dimensions of love in her course Unlocking Your Quantum Powers. To paraphrase, Jean tells us:

“Love is the place of the One mind, the One reality— the Source of it all, the reality of who you are at the deepest/highest level. This love is the super implicate order, the process of your unfoldment, the ultimate of soul summation, the source of Quantum Reality. It is in this level of quantum love that you feel a cleansing of your entire being. Regrets and sorrows of your life seem to be washed away. Your ego mind is as clear and luminous as the dawn sky. You move into the realm in which everything is contained. You have only to think of something and it appears. You have entered the mind of the maker, the great Creative Force at the center of All there is. You are home; home in a sacred place that has always been within you.”

Note: If you are not already familiar with Jean, she’s a scholar, philosopher, author, and researcher in human capacities. Jean is one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. She has collaborated with some of the most influential leaders in the last century including Buckminster Fuller, Margaret Mead, Jimmy Carter, Aldous Huxley, Joseph Campbell, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Nassim Haramein also demonstrates how love operates through his breakthrough discoveries in quantum physics. To quote Nassim:

“When we connect to our authentic selves, we are able to understand the underlying reality what manifests as our everyday world. With a dedicated intention of knowing ourselves, a practice of meditation, and a focused attention of going deeply inward, we have the ability to witness our deeper purpose on the planet. We see that there is a benevolent path laid before each of us. So, let’s unify our thoughts, our energies, and our love to make this world a better world.” (See Forbidden Science course.)

Note: If you are not already familiar with Nassim, he is a brilliant physicist who, at age nine, experienced the physics of both the largest and smallest parts of the universe. Nassim has spent over 30 years researching connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, anthropology, and archeology. His research has led him to groundbreaking theories, published papers, and patented inventions in the field of unified physics. He speaks regularly to audiences worldwide and is now gaining worldwide recognition and acceptance. You can learn about these breakthroughs at the Resonance Science Foundation.

Over the years, I too, feel blessed to have been shown that love is truly at the heart of everything. Yes, beneath everything lies this amazing pulsing quality of LOVE. This love is not the kind we usually experience within our 3D bubbles of perception. (See previous blog series.) This deep love is gigantic. Fantastic. Liberating. It extends far beyond time and space. It tempts us. When we dare to investigate, love leads us magically into its mysteries. We discover that love reveals the same fundamentals of Truth as it did way back in the times of Jesus, Buddha, and others. Only recently, when love arose on a walk, it revealed how the frequencies of body, sidewalk and love are continually united. Simultaneously occurring. Demonstrating how love is always emerging, emanating, and moving life forward in a benevolent way. On this occasion, flooded by sheer beauty and the splendor of being alive, my heart surged. My eyes watered with tears of deep gratitude. This is the experience I desire for us all.

Without love we are adrift, bereft. As Anodia Judith tells us in the book Eastern Body Western Mind, “There is nothing more devastating than lack of love. Love is the primal glue of the universe, the binding force par excellence, the unifier. Loves integrates and lack of love disintegrates.”

Reader question: Experiencing quantum love

A reader asked me to explain how it is possible for a human being to actually experience the deepest, quantum, realm of love. He said he didn’t understand. He had never experienced such a thing and couldn’t imagine how it was possible. I’m certainly no physicist, but I will do my best to explain how this happens.

The Physics of love

Years ago, Einstein postulated that space/time was actually curving in waves, although at the time, he had no way to further explore or measure. But the latest findings in physics take us a giant step further. Physics now can mathematically prove that the universe is a United Field of plasma-like energy. This ubiquitous field is made up of the smallest of particles, called Plancks. This field of energy includes everything, you, me, sidewalks, tables, electromagnetic waves, thoughts, feelings, and an infinite number of frequencies. This connective field is Alive and Awake. It is our very own field of consciousness!

Now let’s look at how the field of Planck frequencies is organized. The higher frequencies are lighter, airier, more translucent, and transparent. As the energy filters down, it becomes more and more dense, manifesting through the fifth, then the fourth, then the third dimension of reality. (See blog series on moving from 3D to 5D.). The third dimension is physical reality, the frequency which we experience as everyday reality. This physical dimension is the most dense frequency. The surprise is that the same quantum Plancks that make up the United Field of the Cosmos are the same Plancks that manifest our human form, and the tables and chairs on which we sit.

Let’s explore how we humans experience the numerous Planck frequencies of the United Field. The lowest human frequency is one of survival and regulation. Our body speaks to us through sensation and movement. We feel kinks or tickles or tightness in our joints or muscles. Our digestive system sends us signals. We have the capacity to sense whether we are safe or not. Often, we do things unconsciously at this level, like walk, exercise, meditate, hum, sing, or make sounds to calm ourselves down.

Another frequency in the quantum field gives us emotional knowledge. It filters information through our personal history. It makes unique associations to incoming stimuli that is based on what we’ve learned from the past. This frequency manifests as judgment and expectation. What is this world like? What do I interpret as good, bad, right, or wrong?

Still another quantum frequency speaks to us in the language of images and imagination. This frequency provides us with a much broader view, way beyond just what we see with our eyes. As we learn to witness, awareness deepens, and quantum love reveals that we are equipped with a complete inner world of sense, touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste. This is a huge step forward. We learn how to scan our bodies, discover where we are stuck, where we have emotional kinks, and begin to release.

So, we see, we are already experiencing many frequencies of the quantum realm, many of which we are not yet aware. When we continue to observe our inner world, we develop our capacity for inner knowing. (It’s really an inner job.) The Quantum Field of Love starts to reveal itself, magically, effortlessly. It wants us to see! It brings us peeks that go beyond our usual ceiling of experience. It delivers peak experiences which amaze us.

As our process matures, the United Field reveals we can actually experience reality in infinite ways. We can experience all of the frequencies together. We can experience them separately. We can even experience all dimensions at the same time. The variations are endless. Captivating.

When we leave ourselves completely open, we begin to understand that the root of the united, quantum, cosmic, Planck field is the dimension of Love. It is experienced as Home, Source, Agency. We realize everything is a manifestation of Love. We humans are the expression of love, bliss, and joy. As Gregg Braden and Nissam Haramein explain throughout their course, Forbidden Science, “We are IT. We are soft tech, able to connect to cosmic information. We are the interconnective nervous system of the universe.”


As we continue with the Heart Series, we will explore processes and practices that can help us move toward living our quantum roots. So, let’s get on with our journey, clear the obstacles and find a way to experience more love and joy in our lives. In the next Heart Series post, we will take a look at how we personally cut ourselves off from love.