Hearing the Whisper

Bouganvillia flower photo closeup
Photo (c) Donna Marcantonio. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

I continue to work on my book, which is compiled from journal entries over the last three decades. Here’s an entry that I wrote years ago.


Today, I need to go v-e-r-y slowly. I want to hear what is going on inside my inner world. I want to tune into the sound of silence that I’m hearing. I am beginning to understand this is a matter of frequency, like tuning into different stations on a radio. Hard Rock music is different than Classical. I have the sense that the frequency of anger is quite different than the frequency of the divine. 

I watch. When lower frequencies come in, like anger, or shame, or disgust, I somehow get thrown off kilter. I’m no longer plugged into my source. I’m more foggy, unaware and bogged down. When higher downloads come, they are clearer, purer. My perception is more expansive, colors are more vivid, life is easier. When this happens, I experience how everything is energy. I experience how higher energy-frequencies operate in a much more effective way in my daily life; they buoy me up. 

So, I want to develop my inner whisper and my sense of stillness. I want to learn how to stay present, even though my mind wanders off every few moments. This seems critically important because I want to hear the whisper and keep my window, my consciousness, open. I want to clear out any old energy that builds up during the day. I want to have enough inner space to be me, to be authentic.