Have you heard? A Great Transformation is underway

Eye in space over a city next to water.
“In the Eyes of the creator” by Malinda Rathnayake | CC BY 2.0

The great transformation is about the actual evolution of consciousness. This is a BIG deal. It’s revolutionary. It involves the evolution of consciousness Itself. This evolution overhauls everything that we’ve learned as humans—how we think, how we behave, and what we understand our world to be. This cosmic reset turns the knowledge of our planet, and ourselves, upside down and inside out.

Many leading voices are talking about the leap in consciousness that is going on right now on planet Earth. This includes astrologers like Pam Gregory, geologists like Greg Braden, scientists like Nassim Haramein, researchers like Bruce Lipton and Dawson Church, spiritual teachers like Dr. Sue Morter , Dr. Joe Dispenza, and even beings from higher frequency dimensions such as the Circle of Light channeled by Georgia Jean. Everything is changing from our physiology to our cosmic potential. Let’s take a closer look.

We’ll see what’s going on with our biology, our actual DNA, and acknowledge the amazing built-in potential that we human beings already possess. We’ll also move ahead and up a level to the new ways we humans are invited to participate as an integrated part of the quantum field.

Let’s begin with Richard Rudd. After an incredible spiritual awakening, he was shown the past, present, and future dynamics of our DNA. In The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose, he explains:

“Our planet is in the midst of a vast transition in which humanity is playing the central role….The great quantum leap is in the air. The Gene Keys show us a world where human beings are governed by higher principles such as love, forgiveness, and freedom. Such a world is not a dream; it is the next stage of natural evolution, and it depends upon each of us unlocking the higher purpose that lies hidden in our DNA.”

Moving on, the original blueprint for humanity is being upgraded. As Michael Beckwith explains:

“The old paradigm (of human consciousness) is being disrupted. The old way of thinking—of lack, limitation, scarcity, is not enough…this old energetic blueprint is what most of us are still living in…a new, truly expansive blueprint is coming in; this is the emergence of a different paradigm of abundance, a paradigm of love, a paradigm of connectedness…both of these paradigms (old and new) are existing at the same time and in the same space.”

The old Newtonian model says that two things cannot exist in the same space and time. But now we see in the latest scientific discoveries in quantum reality, two things can exist in the same space and time; they are just manifesting from different dimensions. This would be like when we can step back and observe ourselves from a distance, and still, at the same time, see how we are thinking, or feeling, or behaving.

Nassim Haramein, a brilliant physicist, knows all about different frequencies and dimensions. He proves that things actually do exist simultaneously in his groundbreaking discovery of a Unified Physics formula. He tells us:

“2024 will be known as the year when we’ve formally resolved the disparity between cosmological and quantum [physical] physics, the conundrum the global science community has spent billions of dollars trying to resolve over the past 100 years… our new understanding will lead to [groundbreaking technologies] like the extraction of energy from the vacuum, gravity control, new life extension technologies, and a truly thriving world.”

Let’s look at the higher frequencies. The Circle of Light is a group of 12 Light Beings who are dedicated to helping humans transcend the old blueprint of human consciousness. In The Circle of Light and the Philosopher, channeled by Georgia Jean, the Circle of Light gives us some examples of what can be. I’m going to quote them in their own language, so you get the flavor of how they speak:

“Some fundamental precepts in the original creation of the human experience are now up for revision. We want you to understand that you are moving to your integrative, galactic light bodies. Some of the original human concepts are not necessary [for example] the template of toxicity, where you were physically susceptible to forms of toxic degeneration like illness, disease, plague, un-well-being have been collective experiences throughout the human experience. [They explain that the concept of disease and struggle was necessary to urge humans to experiment, learn, survive, and move on.] No longer is it desired that you struggle with this particular form of resistance. It’s now time to purify this from the humanity template. We want you to understand all history will now shape around a different creative choice….Yes, it’s hard to imagine the possibility of a world without disease. That’s all right, just love and accept the part of you that struggles with the belief of the possibility of transcending such a global illusion. But in a certain frequency you know this to be true.”

Marci Shimoff, a renowned transformational teacher and expert on happiness, success, and unconditional love says:

“History shows that in chaotic times like this are always followed by a renaissance. If you are reading this right now, you chose to be incarnated to help the world move into the rebirth, into the new world….We are here for a world of unity, for healing our planet, for consciousness, for love. We need to move into our imagination, like Einstein did, move into our vision of what the world can be. We want to move into our higher vision to create the higher world we are looking for.”

So, we’ve looked at what several well-known writers in the spiritual world are saying about the Great Transformation in Consciousness. This is heady stuff. But as Neale Donald Walsch explains in his book Conversations with God, Book 4, Awaken the Species, it’s all about us living our day to day lives:

“This is not just about saving the world. 
This is about your personal spiritual journey; 
it’s about your individual evolution.
It can be the most exciting, enthralling time 
you’ve experienced since your birth.”

–Neale Donald Walsch

In upcoming blog posts, we will dive into what this tremendous change in consciousness means for us on an individual level because we are the recipients of this gift. This transformative level of consciousness is not just for seers, sages, or avatars. It is meant for regular people, like you and me. And it is available for us right now if we choose to do the work and participate.

Note: Check out one of my previous posts about collective consciousness for more background information on what is going on within us as human beings.