A Gift: Source speaks softly

Red roses close up
“Red Means I Love You” by j3ssl33 | CC BY 2.0.

While I was wondering what I could offer you, my fellow companions on this journey of life, the following words were channeled to me by Source as a gift or all of us in these times of both stress and potential.

Source speaks softly

It’s OK dear one to soften your habitual parts: You still have remnants in your mind, body, and soul—laid down before you had learned about me. Some were imprinted long before you had words, acquired before you could understand. Other parts were formed by parents, teachers, and society and became habits over time. These remnants are not who you are. You are much greater than that.

It’s OK dear one to soften your mind-stream: Let it retract. It’s been working so hard all these years—filling up the space which you were so afraid to leave empty. This was necessary back then to keep you feeling safe and secure and to give you your imagined world. But the manifest world has become some “thing” that you’ve learned to hold onto. The truth and the silence have been covered up.

Your higher mind can now see how your compacted mind is no longer needed. Your higher mind can now see that your usual mind is just a composition, a construct. It’s a complicated structure of thought forms—made up of passing memories, sensations, beliefs, and habits picked up along the way. You are now able to see how you have glommed onto these passing forms—giving them your attention, treating them as if they were real.

But dear one, you have become identified with these forms, mistakenly taken them to be who you are. So now just stay with me within the moving stillness. Watch how the forms of thought come unbidden—like birds appearing in the sky or traffic passing on the street. These thought forms will keep coming like a wheel that keeps turning but pay them no mind. They are not you. There is a whole world that awaits you.

It’s OK dear one to soften your more mature parts: You now understand I am here in this ever-present, eternal moment and have always been. You are knitted into the very fabric of existence—and beyond. You cannot be dropped or lost—unlike the younger parts you continue to fear. Be not afraid. As I enter your conscious mind, you will come to see you are no longer in need of the made-up world. I am showing you the incredible world that actually Is, that actually exists for you right now. I bring light through your body and take it all the way down into the ground—away from the usual mind. Have patience. Together we will clean out all the rooms so that you can host me as a permanent guest.

It’s OK dear one to soften your body even more: I am your every sinew, tissue, muscle, cell, and bone. You no longer have to tighten, to hold your “self” up, and go it alone. That unconscious habit can be put to rest now, as I am consciously flooding your body—giving it life and filling it with light. I am coursing through your brain, and your circulatory and nervous systems. The more you soften, the freer I am to penetrate every atom, expanding the light of your body, making you more able to both give and receive.

It’s OK dear one to soften your heart even more: It’s OK to open up and be vulnerable, as I am a built-in part of you. We exist together like a sponge swaying in the sea of Life’s currents— porous, aware, alive, awake! Just let tides and storms flow though, taking in life’s nourishment and eliminating all debris. Open to old wounds, hurt, betrayals and beliefs. The more you open, the more I am able to slip into every nook and cranny of what you are—healing every fissure, every separation. I am with you consciously now—at the very heart of Being and Life Itself.

It’s OK now to be totally you with all your parts—both imagined and real. I will guide the way. With this brilliance there is no need for old blueprints; we just go forth into the unknown. With genuine practice, we can rewrite the past together—with openness, authenticity, and love. Go now in peace and love.