The Gift: Dance with your own light

“Installation: Cosmic Kisses Illuminated” by Lance Shields | CC BY 2.0

Become the dancing lightness that you are

Hu translates as deep

Man translates as manifestation

To be Human means deep manifestation

This is who you are
The light
The true you
The ever-emerging new you

Stop right now. Become an unattached observer. Create some distance from your usual self. Discover yourself moment by moment. Use your imagination, your higher creative self, to picture yourself high above the Earth. As you look down, you find yourself to be in unfamiliar terrain, observing the “you” that is yet to emerge.

See yourself dancing with yourself, as in the image above. Dance. Dream. Play for a bit.

Now, go ahead and engage with your higher self; feel into this deeper, more light-hearted, version of you. Take your time, while you dance from your limited Shadow-self into the newer, expanded “you.” This is your birthright, your Gift.

No holding back; just let yourself go.

Feel the wonder.

Feel the joy.

What visions float through your head? What feelings arise? What experiences dance in your soul? What is it about this dancing self that seems unfamiliar? Is there something that is still unknown? Be curious. Let your heart do the exploration. Have fun.

Now, sense into your “vibrational key.” This is uniquely you. Bring your cosmic energy down to the Earth through the top of your head. Allow this energy to land in your body. What happens? Let it feel good. Anchor this energy in your heart. This experience can be yours in any moment. This embodied frequency broadcasts an entirely different world view, and it’s all yours.

Remember to nurture the things that you love about yourself. Dance with the real you—the new, fresh, twirling, the delighted you—the human that you are meant to be. Memorize these feelings—love, joy, gratitude, and abundance—because this is who you are—dancing with the Light.

Happy New Year!