What’s buried in our DNA?

Image of DNA helix

DNA” by Lawrence OP is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 .

When I discovered Robert Rudd’s brilliant work, The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose, for weeks I devoured this tome of a book (over 500 pages). Meals were late, exercise skipped. I was fascinated. What I discovered is that Rudd’s 64 Gene Keys provide explanations on matters that are hugely important for the human race. The Gene Keys:

  • Reveal 64 ways we humans have lived, are living, and are destined to live in the future as a species
  • Unveil the secrets of the universe that connect ancient wisdom and contemporary genetic science
  • Divulge 64 slices of awakened Truth—ranging from our most dense human frequencies to our highest human potential
  • Disclose the underlying realties that exist for both our individual and collective consciousness
  • Explain the blueprints in our DNA which can, and will, ultimately save the human race

The more I read, the more excited I became. The Gene Keys not only uncover the hidden energy-frequencies that currently animate our lives; they explain the day-to-day workings of our mind, emotion, body, and soul. To top things off, the Gene Keys are designed to unlock our inate wisdom-energy and unleash the heartfelt frequencies that move us toward our most exalted selves.

Early in life, Robert Rudd had a mystical experience that kept him in a state of spiritual illumination for 3 days and nights as he downloaded deep, inspirational, knowledge. He then studied and contemplated this far-reaching intelligence for years. In 2002, it came together during a profound unification as he began to receive, and write, the 64 Gene Keys. Rudd says, “It took seven years to write the book, as well as understand and embody its teaching.”

I, for one, am very grateful for this knowledge because Rudd exposes the underlying secrets of DNA and how it truly impacts the reality that we create for ourselves on both an individual and collective level.

Turns out that our DNA is working like a hidden computer deep inside us. It provides the programming that tells our cells what to do. It impacts our physical manifestation of reality by laying out underlying patterns that invisibly control and shape our moods, emotions, and behaviors. It actually produces the pictures that we see on our inner screen, and the actions we take in the outer world.

The good news is that we can change our patterns of DNA by changing our own mental and emotional states. (More about this in future blogs.) When we change our energy state, we actually change our physical manifestation as well. For example, imagine what happens when you angrily say, “I’m never going to speak to you again.” Now imagine what happens when you playfully say the same thing with a silly smile. Feel the difference?

Rudd explains the change. He gives the specific genetic program for each of the 64 Gene Keys in a precise, decisive, and elegant way. He demonstrates how each Gene Key operates through three bands of energy, flowing from shadow to light.

1. The Shadow

The Shadow frequency “relates to all human suffering.” (This frequency is what we have been calling the low density, 3D, or ego dimension of reality.) We need to be careful because Rudd often uses unique language which is different from the usual interpretation of a word.

Some examples…

  • The word Deafness is used to describe the Shadow of the 43rd Gene Key; but here Deafness means “the inability to hear what is going on inside you.”
  • The word Confusion is used to describe the Shadow of the 64th Gene Key. Confusion is a great human Shadow which “sweeps across our world like a great blanket, smothering, disempowering, and screening… the true nature of reality.”

Although the Shadow dimensions are what keep us trapped, and limited, Rudd says, “Once you begin to understand how the Shadow frequency controls the majority of people in the world, including yourself, you realize how simple it is to move out of its grasp.” (We will address this issue in later blogs.)

2. The Gift

The Gift of each Gene Key involves a quantum leap in consciousness, beyond the Shadow state. For example…

  • Deafness becomes the Gift of Insight—allowing us to listen with clarity to our own unique personhood.
  • Confusion is actually “a state rippling with pure potentiality” and turns into the Gift of Imagination. This shift allows our inner spirit to face who we really are and overcome the mind’s tricks.

Rudd explains, “when you accept and embrace your Shadows, they reveal their true nature, and a new creative impulse is realized through you.” (This is what we are working toward this year—moving from Shadow to Gift.)

3. The Siddhi

The Siddhi is the highest energy frequency that humans can handle. (As far as Siddhi’s go, think avatars, like the Buddha or Ramana Maharshi.) Rudd says, “this frequency band relates to full embodiment and spiritual realization.” (At this stage in our spiritual journey, we humans may occasionally get a glimpse, or a taste, of such a state.)


In essence, Rudd’s 64 Gene Keys expose the Shadows which hold us back, elucidate the Gifts that we can move into, and finally explain the highest dimensions of our True Nature—all of which are intertwined within our DNA. The good new is our DNA can be changed with our own intention.

In the next blog post we will take a look at how the Gene Keys affect, and dictate, our consciousness on an individual, personal, level. Stay tuned.

The I Ching corresponds to the Gene Keys

In the meantime, you may wish to take a look at the ancient version of the 64 hexagrams found in the sacred text of The I Ching, the illuminations of which come from the teachings of Confucius, which date back to 400 BC. These early missives directly correspond to the 64 contemporary Gene Keys developed by Robert Rudd.

As teenagers, a friend and I used to throw three coins to discover personal messages found in The I Ching. This book seemed to reveal truths that were somehow housed deep inside us. We were often amazed at the wisdom that came from these simple hexagram codes.

In case you want to throw your own modern-day hexagrams, here’s a link to a book that is simple and easy to use. It’s called I Ching, or the Book of Changes: A Guide To Life’s Turning Points by Brian Brown Walker. Have fun.