How DNA affects your personal consciousness

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Last time, we examined the important whats and whys of Richard Rudd’s brilliant work, The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose. Today, we’ll take a look at how the 64 Gene Keys affect our individual, personal consciousness. As we discussed in my last blog post, each of the 64 Gene Keys contains a Shadow, a Gift, and Siddhi. The Shadow level equates to our usual egoic level of consciousness. Understanding, and transcending, our Shadows is what leads us to experience our Gifts. And, as Richard Rudd says,

“We are designed to overcome the Shadow states inside us so that our true genius can emerge, and we can add our spirit to the world.”

Before we dive into personal ramifications of the Gene Keys, here are a few more factors:

  • The 64 Gene Keys make up a programming blueprint for our physical, emotional, and mental life.
  • Each Gene Key contains a specific genetic aspect of our personal human behavior.
  • Each of us contains all of the 64 Gene Keys
  • Each of us also has a Personal Profile based on the time of day, the date, and the place in which we were born. (See link at end of blog.)

If we really want to know more about ourselves, the Gene Keys are a good place to look because they are driving us every day. Besides, they hold information that gives us clues as to how to move toward the natural gifts we have genetically buried inside.

Gene Key #35

Let’s take a look at Gene Key #35 to see how our genes affect our consciousness and, in fact, our entire orientation to life. The 35th Gene Key is the one that drives all human progress, not the progress of the outside, physical, world but the progress of our human awareness. So, let’s find out how the frequency of this Gene Key can either hold us back or move us forward.

The Shadow for Gene Key #35 is Hunger. It’s the inner hunger that holds us back. The Gift of this gene key is Adventure, which awakens us to a new level of awareness. This is the great possibility, but first we have to learn to move through our shadow-selves.

The Hunger of this gene key isn’t “hunger” in the usual sense. The hunger here is for a deep knowing of who we really are inside. A problem occurs because this shadow diverts our attention out into the material world, at the expense of our inner world. Rudd explains that we humans “are a hungry and unfulfilled species…When we look to the outside for fulfillment, we sacrifice potential to transform the inner nature of humanity itself.”

So, let’s take a close and honest look at how we may unknowingly be trying to satisfy our inner hunger. Let’s face it, we’ve been taught to hunger for things on the outside. Many of us focus on food, drugs, sex, technology, and/or entertainment. We may obsess about how much money we have or how others see us. We may continually long for a vacation, a new job, or a wonderful partner. We may try to keep our inner hunger unconscious by developing a profound sense of boredom or keep ourselves too busy to get bored. Many of us are constantly looking for external stimuli to fulfill our internal hunger. We all have our ways to go to the outside, this is because we are not actually feeling ok on the inside.

But, as we go through life, we begin to notice that each time we fill ourselves up, we again come to feel empty. As Rudd says, “no matter how you try to satiate your hunger in the outer world, it will never be enough because…it is not outer space you long to explore, but inner space.” At this point in our journey, most of us want to get beyond the limits of our five-senses-self because we know that we are bigger than that. See more in my blog series “Moving from 3D to 5D”.

Enter the Gift

The Gift of Gene Key #35 is called Adventure. The adventure happens when we begin to see how trapped we are within our usual low frequency perception. Feeling trapped may not seem like a good thing, but, as we’ll discover, feeling trapped holds a hidden gift because when we work through our shadows, we begin to feel the energy of our gift. Rudd explains, “A new sense of freedom begins to rise up…We learn to stop our energy from moving out and direct it back inside.” (This is where the action occurs, and this is what we will be learning in future blogs.)

When the leap of awareness occurs from Shadow to Gift, we break through the hunger barrier of the head and blossom into the heart. Rudd says, “this always involves love…because love is the connective tissue underlying all creation.” The gift takes us beyond our usual mental awareness and propels us into the powerful energy-awareness of the heart.

The 35th Gene Key stands out as an anomaly. Rudd tells us:

This is the only place within all human DNA that human beings have a choice as to how their reality is constructed…it is as though the gods who designed the machine put in a hidden short-cut through…a wormhole that leads to a vast realm beyond our comprehension.

The Siddhi, or highest energy-frequency, for Gene Key #35 is Boundlessness. Rudd explains this frequency “invites human beings to expand their consciousness ….If you can entertain the concept of boundlessness in your daily life, you are automatically drawing yourself away from the lower frequencies.”


Wow, I just read over this blog and I’m super excited about our journey together this year.

We’ve already seen how we, and everything else, are made up of energy which changes. We’ve explored how our DNA can remain at low frequencies or can move us up into our higher dimensions. In essence, we can either learn to flow with our invisible life-energy or get in its way.

Gene Key #35 portends that we human beings have the inherent power to move into the energy-awareness of our heart. (We have yet to examine this exhilarating process, but we will.)

We will also explore the hidden processes that keep us in our heads and tethered to our usual low-level perspectives.

We will learn how to observe, connect, expand, and act in ways that help unleash the true potential of who we are.

Gene Key #35 also tells us that we have the genetic capacity to choose our reality. This is surprising and inspiring. How will we learn to direct our intention? What will we choose to create in our process of waking up?

Yes, there is still much to learn. These are the kinds of things that we will be exploring in future blogs. Stay tuned and we’ll see what my guides come up with next.

Now, it’s time to find out about your own Gene Keys. Get your own Personal Hologenetic Profile.

It’s free. You will instantly receive a wealth of information. You will be given your own set of Gene Key numbers. You will get to read some insights about personal questions such as, What am I here to do? What am I here to learn? What keeps me healthy? What deeply fulfills me?

On the Gene Keys page, keep scrolling down. There is a lot more information. Explore the different aspects of your Gene Profile. Click on various tabs and videos. There is a wonderful meditation with Richard Rudd. There is the beginning of a course you can try out if you wish. And all of this is free.