Caroline Myss: Be part of the great transformation

Lego holiday train
“LEGO holiday train engine” by Philocrites | CC BY-NC 2.0

Update your spiritual engine

There is a new course that I would like to recommend. Caroline Myss is an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive. She has been a sought-after spiritual teacher for many years.

Caroline is now offering a course called The Great Transformation. She says that at this point in her life, she is no longer interested in working on the “disease” end of healing, which is the “caboose end of the train,” where dis-ease is already in the body. Her passion now is to teach from up front, from the “engine of the train,” helping to lead us through the Great Transformation which is now occurring; this is the healthy part of who we are.

In her teachings, Caroline uses down-to-earth language and clear examples. Her lessons are simple and powerful. The nine-week series is available from Sounds True for $197.