Energy is us

Abstract with equation over outer space scene.
“Little Known” by Victorrochajr | CC BY 2.0

Taking a deep dive into reality

When we get down to basics, the truth is we are beings of energy trying to navigate within a human body. We come housed in a bio-body that is made of pure energy. The home we live in, the trees we look at, the car we drive, the chair we sit on—are all pure energy.

Dee Wallace sums it up simply by saying, “At its most basic, everything is energy – no matter how it appears in our physical world. Solid things are vibrating at a slower frequency. Light vibrates at a higher frequency…energy makes up the building blocks of everything.” 

This means:

  • Your brain is energy
  • Your body is energy
  • Your DNA is energy
  • Your thoughts are energy
  • Your feelings are energy
  • Taking a deep dive into reality
  • Your moods are energy

But here is the thing. As Einstein said, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”

Since Einstein’s time, quantum physics has found that the entire Field of the Universe (of which we are an integral part) is 99.999% empty. In essence this means we humans are only experiencing about 0.001% of the reality that actually exists!

This is hard for most of us to understand. For example, when my husband reads about energy, illusion, and emptiness, he says, “This illusion stuff is all very well and good, but I can still stub my toe.” Sure enough; that’s because we need to heed what Nikola Tesla, the great inventor, said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” 

As it turns out, the frequency of our energy is what matters. At low energy frequencies, we experience the world from our 3D ego/shadow perspective. From higher frequencies, we experience the world from a much calmer and more compassionate perspective. We get glimpses of our amazing 5D potential. This knowledge is what we focused on last year in the 3D-5D series.

This year we want to understand how energy underlies our innate ability to reach our highest potential because…

Energy is important

Robert Rudd, the author of The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose, gives us a clue when he tells each of us:

“You have a unique genetic sequence (energy-frequency) that dictates (controls) the unfolding of your true nature.”

— Robert Rudd

Energy determines who we are, how we feel, and how we live our lives. Our whole being, both human and spiritual, is activated and made up of energy. As Einstein said, “The Field (of which we are an integral part) is the sole governing agency of matter.”

Bruce Lipton agrees:

Invisible fields of energy shape matter and form our world, as they do other invisible fields like radio waves, TV, and solar. Energy constitutes a field. The field we are in shapes who we are. You can’t ignore the field because life is an expression of the field…People can feel these fields, feel the vibration of them. In our human system we can distinguish good vibes from bad vibes. This means energy can enhance who we are, or energy can suppress who we are.

Consciousness turns out to be one of the primary energy fields, shaping our thoughts and what we experience. The energy field is governing who we are. Consciousness is creating life experiences. If you change consciousness, you’re changing the field! (For those who wish to have a more detailed explanation, see what Bruce Lipton says later in this blog.)

The good news is that energy can be changed (just like water can boil, steam, flow, freeze, cloud up, rain, sleet, or fog.) This means with understanding, and practice, we can change the energy frequencies of our brain, our body, our DNA, our thoughts, our feelings, our moods, and our spirit.

Getting back to the stubbed toe. When we stub a toe in 3D frequency, we might hop around, say #!?# and feel sorry for ourselves, preparing to have a bad day. When we stub a toe in 5D frequency, we feel the sensation from a higher/lighter perspective and release the energy through the heart. When we start to identify as an energy being, we start to see everything differently.

And this is what our journey is about, changing our energy frequency from our low shadow frequencies to the higher frequencies that are available to us. (We’ll learn more about this, and how it is connected to our DNA in the next blog.)

Note: what follows is some added information from Bruce Lipton for those who wish to have a more detailed explanation of how energy is illusionary emptiness:

How it is that I can see you in front of me, or a tree, or building? It’s because the illusion of physicality is based on light made up of a vortex of extremely high energy, like a force of nano tornados. I can see you because your body is energy whirling with nano-tornados. Photons of light act as light particles, hit the energy of the body and are bounced back. So, you don’t see me; you see a reflection of photons. Underneath that layer of photons, I’m invisible. It’s only when the lights are on that you can see the energy field, you can see me.

Well, you say, how come I can feel you and touch you? Again, consider the tornado. A tornado is a force field of energy, a vortex of extremely high energy. What you feel as physical is the force of billions and trillions of nano-tornados, which you can’t push through. Why is this relevant? You can feel a tornado; it’s got energy and touch. All the atoms in your body are like nano tornados. If you try to push through your body, you can’t because you are hitting all those tornados.

Take this ENERGY QUIZ: Together the following symbols create a sentence. What does it say to you? (Note: This quiz will not appear correctly on a cell phone.)

ANSWER: Energy leads to sunrises, plants, crawling critters, fish, birds, animals, flowers, trees, people, houses, cities, cars, and everything the exists!

If you guessed correctly, give yourself some energy points!