A Critical Move: From head to heart

“Heart or Head” by Del May | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A Critical Move: From head to heart

As we’ve seen in previous blog posts, most of the time we humans are living from our heads. (see Mind Games). This is not what we want. We want to be our most authentic selves. We want to allow our hearts to lead us through life because the heart is the most powerful tool on the planet.

So, now we will take a look at what contemporary science, and deep human experience, knows about the heart. We are not going to talk about heart in the usual colloquial way, although we humans do use phrases like, “it would break your heart”, “take it to heart”, “my heart’s not in it”, “he is heartbroken”, “I just ‘love’ this or that”, or “get to the heart of the matter”. No, we’re going to take a look at the actual power of heart frequency, which is much greater than any of our usual heart-based understandings. Let’s begin with some contemporary heart facts.

The heart has its own intelligence. It turns out that the heart contains thousands of its own brain cells. It has an electro-magnetic field that is the most powerful, and the most extensive, field in the human body. The heart’s potent field is about 5,000 times stronger than the electro-magnetic field of the brain. The energy frequency that the heart broadcasts can be detected several feet away from the body, between people, and throughout the Earth’s atmosphere. (Make sure to watch the video below.)

Research shows that our heart directs what happens. The heart sends its messages to the brain and the brain responds to that message, even before we actually act on the physical plane. An example of this is how our non-physical, invisible, heart-intent trumps the intent of our mind.

The heart does it all. It powers all levels of existence—from the most compact, physical, 3D Shadow level, through the lightest, non-physical, 5D Gift level, and far beyond.

Neuro-physicists have discovered that the heart is able to facilitate or inhibit the brain’s electrical activity. This aptitude is why I think the following quotation from Jack Kornfield is of particular importance,

“The Heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear, resentment, or love. What seeds will you plant?”

— Jack Kornfield

This is a great question. We’ve seen how our mind is often in an over-active mode, functioning on automatic pilot (see my post Let’s face it, we’re on automatic). This behavior is based on fear because our mind has learned to protect us. But we want to learn how to come from love, from the heart.

The problem is that many of us have not yet learned to engage the sensitive guidance of our heart’s intuitive intelligence. Magic happens when the mind finally realizes there is something much more significant that it can be doing to help us in our life experience. As Dr. Sue Morter (see her Fear Into Fire course) says:

“The human heart has the capacity to transmute anything. You can pour love on any situation, and it will change.”

— Dr. Sue Morter

The heart has a GPS

The heart has an Intuitive Guidance System which uses non-local, or non-physical, energy. This intelligence comes from another dimension. It comes from the higher, creative, intuitive part of us. It comes from our Gift dimension—from the quantum field.

This heart intelligence brings with it a gentle, direct, instantaneous kind of inner knowing. We may sense that someone is staring at us or know who is on the phone when it rings. We may be able to detect the mood of another person across the room or feel their energy. This heart-knowledge responds to difficult life situations with less tension and more expertise. The good news is that we can anticipate and learn to follow the prompts of the heart before we say or do something that we may later regret.

Intuitive heart-energy is based on love rather than on fear, and it is filled with possibility. This kind of love is not syrupy. It manifests as needed—soft, gentle, sweet, courageous, or ferocious. This kind of love simply uses the power of our heart to enhance our intelligence. When this occurs, something magical can happen. This is when we get that “aha” experience. Knowing comes to you. You just know.

When we work in partnership with our mind, the heart pulls in intuitive information which selects the best option for the situation at hand. With practice, our heart can help us get to the underlying understanding of our thoughts, feelings, circumstances, and problems faster than anything else.

For example, I had been struggling with a difficult emotion for days. I didn’t like it and I didn’t understand it. Then, as I was stepping into the shower—flash—the answer appeared with a zap: This is the exact feeling I had as a child every morning! I was not loved. I wasn’t allowed to give love to my parents. There was to be none of that mushy stuff. My love was not noticed or accepted. It was tossed aside. I was alone.

The next zap came when I realized, as a child, I had built an emotional prison for myself, locked my heart down. I had dreams of a bright red lobster. Oh my, this represented my safe place! I hid inside the shell; the lobster was keeping me safe.

Another zap, I was creating the same shell in my current family environment! (Wow, I never would have figured this out with my usual mind.) The lesson is, when we allow the heart’s information to surface, the heart sends wisdom to the mind.

The heart can change our lives

Current research shows that we can take charge of how we respond moment-to moment. That means we humans need to understand how to make this shift so that we can use the most powerful tool on the planet!

Watch this 7-minute video from HeartMath to see the extent of the power of the heart—from an individual’s perspective right up to adding value to the collective frequency of humankind.

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