Coming out of the Box: Do I dare?

“Outside the Box” by Adam Swank | CC BY-SA 2.0

Am I brave enough to come out of my box?

Last time, we talked about all the hidden things that have prevented us from being our authentic selves. We also gave contemporary evidence that we can learn to overcome our Shadow limitations and move into our Gifts. But now we face a decision.

  1. Are we going to keep trying to ignore the hurtful things that come up inside? Are we going to continue to store them in our basement and try to deny them? Yes, we can stay in our old, familiar, subconscious perspective (even if it continues to make us feel lousy) simply because it’s what we’ve been used to doing all our lives. Or…
  2. Can we decide to come out of our comfort zones and do something different? Do we have the courage to dive in and resolve our recurring aggravations? (You know, the usual ones that keep coming up to hold us in place.) This is the tough choice. Change takes effort, dedication, and courage.

But here’s the thing. The effect of this choice determines the course of the rest of our lives. Think about it. If we decide to keep things the way they are, our Shadow-selves will continue to haunt us.

Fear and distress will become themes in our daily lives. Denying the underlying disturbances that keep us in status quo will prevent us from experiencing our Gift-selves. We will be unable to come out of the box and fulfill our Source-given potential.

To help you discover what the right choice is for you, I offer you this personal inquiry. Please read each section slowly. After each section, close your eyes and take the time to contemplate what the words bring up for you.

Personal inquiry: Am I brave enough to come out of my box?

Stop for a moment. Pause. Feel the space inside your hands. Feel the space within your feet. Feel inside your head. What’s there? Space! Oh my, who am I?

What have I done? Have I accidentally learned to live inside a familiar, confining box! It’s no one’s fault. My parents and teachers didn’t know how life really works. I didn’t mean to create this close-fitting garment, this capsule, but here I am, same old feelings and concerns, coming up again and again.

If I’m honest with myself, I can feel some fear inside, some sadness. Underneath, there are very subtle feelings of which I’m not usually aware. How did I get here?

Since I came into this world, my energy has splintered. A lot of my energy goes into my head. I can feel some energy in my body. But somehow, I sense there is a great deal of energy that’s still hung up, waiting to see if I’m ever going to feel safe enough to come out of my box.

I know I have my own patterns, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, but are they really who I am? It’s not like I actually choose them. They just come up unbidden. Automatic.

Wait a minute, let me contemplate this for a moment. When I close my eyes and really feel into the space inside me, I don’t think that I’ve actually discovered the whole truth of who I am, or who I could be.

There is more. There is a deep part of me that knows I’ve been living from within a confined place. It’s stuffed with beliefs and patterns, like a default mode that runs on auto pilot.

Yet, if I allow it, there is another part of me that feels more expansive, spacious, and empty. If I permit myself to go to this place, I can sense emptiness in my hands, my feet, my head. This emptiness is also a part of me. And it doesn’t feel scary, even though I don’t know what it’s about. Curious.

I think I may have actually lived myself into a box. Do I dare come out? Do I dare to look, feel, and explore more deeply? Who knows, I just might be one of those “energy beings” that I’ve been learning about. Really, what’s the worst thing that can happen? This could be an adventure, a branching out. Do I dare?

Note: Now is a good time to write down, or say out loud to yourself, what you’ve discovered during this personal exploration. Who knows, there may even be more that wants to come up. Go ahead, allow, be surprised—for better or worse. Take the chance.