Clear the gauze: Taste the freedom

“Texture for Layer” by Theresa Thompson | CC BY 2.0

For days and nights, there has been confusion, sleeplessness, and contemplation. What’s going on? There is absolutely no way I can figure this out. I tell myself, “Just stay open and trust, open and trust, open and trust.” Whoa, now the confusion along with thoughts, sounds, tastes, and my wandering mind are reducing, instantly morphing into a dark compacted spot. This concentrated spot is intensely centered, focused, mysterious.

I listen. The area behind my brow is congested, hard and murky. Allow. Just allow. Neural brain processing is working on something. Oh, old congestion is wakening up, vibrating. Old, ragged clothes are shaking themselves out, airing their energy legs. There is both tension and aliveness here. The space behind my nose is vibrating with an alive sound in silence, producing a silky, luxurious, bliss. Now, there is freedom, glorious freedom!

The I of the “I” is absorbing Itself! It’s a streaming creation which is brimming, nourishing, and morphing into completeness.

The freedom is allowing everything to keep moving on. Now, utter relaxation of my body and nervous system sinking into deep relief. From this frequency I notice that I am actually just a concept being absorbed by Beingness. That’s OK. I realize this eternal moment IS IT. This is actually all there is. It can be no other way. There is nowhere else to go. Nothing to do but be in its flow.

The little mind enters again and does its thing, bumbling around and losing its way. Allow, just allow. My little mind fades and then returns, again trying to establish and maintain itself. I’m onto you sister!

Now back again into a deeper, wider, perspective, into the capacity to allow, to leave, and become the future emerging, morphing. There is an exquisite silky lubricating fluid and a luxurious waterfall as all thoughts, feelings, memories, sensations, and emotions keep slip sliding away moment to moment. This is Freedom! Thank you.


This comes from a journal entry that I wrote years ago. It still packs a wallop for me since I am constantly vacillating between my little limited self and the grand existence that I actually am. This is true for us all. So, let us treat ourselves and each other with love and compassion. Let us not forget that we are humans learning to be spiritual, and at the same time, we are spirits learning how to operate a human bio-vehicle. Not an easy task.