Choice: An essential key

“Thinking about thinking, the brain, mind, and consciousness” by sbpoet | CC BY-NC 2.0

Choice with awareness changes everything

Once upon a time, I asked a spiritual teacher, “Is there choice or isn’t there choice?” He answered, “There is and there isn’t.” Well, that was not a very satisfying answer, so I continued to wonder, observe, and question. My guides are now directing me to answer this question simply:

  1. Humans make hundreds of choices every day; most are made unknowingly by the subconscious mind.
  2. Humans are equipped to make wonderfully conscious choices by directing their energy.
  3. Sometimes, answers just come unbidden. This happens when humans break through their usual level of awareness. (This happened for me, decades ago when I experienced that I had no choice at all! For weeks, everything just happened by itself. There was no “me” involved! This was truly strange; I made it a point to pay attention.)

So, let’s explore more closely the dynamics of choice.

Unconscious choice

We’ve been taught to make a choice with our ego-minds, according to our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and through analysis and determination. In the beginning, this is how we view choice. This seems like a lot of work. (We were never taught to go with the flow and come from the dimension of love.)

During my Getting the World off Your Back series, we’ve learned that most of our choices have been coming from our unconscious self, our Shadow, or 3D self (see The Hidden Trap and Let’s face it, we’re on automatic.)

But the thing is, if we don’t consciously choose, we lose. We choose by default. We don’t get to blossom into our full human potential. We fail to latch on to our true selves. We miss signs of opportunity and guidance. We unconsciously allow “outside” events, and our wounded subconscious to choose for us; this takes us away from our authentic self.

Conscious choice

We’ve also learned that we can choose to direct our intention to a higher level, to our Gift self. We want to remember that we are the creators of ourselves. We all have the power to create the reality in which we choose to live. No one else can do this for us.

We are always at a choice point. In each moment, we have an opportunity to make a choice. Many of us don’t notice this choice point. We don’t notice how often we are coming from our old selves, from fear and/or negativity. We worry that something is not going to work out, that it might rain, we’ll run out of money, be sick, or alone, etc. But, we can learn to pay attention to all these inner goings on. With dedicated practice, we can have control over our energy, our thoughts, and our feelings (even though our ego still wants to stay in control). We can learn to up-level our choice making. We can learn to select a view that is filled with the possibility of a new life, a new perspective. Here’s how…

How to do it

1. Observe. Pay close attention.

Watch what’s going on in your inner world. Be the observer of yourself; this is what brings in new, fundamental, information. You step beyond your usual self. You begin to unseat your old, limited perspective. When you just observe, you allow all thoughts, feelings, and attitudes to pass by without judgment; it’s like watching a movie, or cars passing on the street. With this more objective perspective, you are on your way to inner freedom. Simply being where you are, and watching, means a great deal because this allows your higher self (your source) to connect and work with you.

Here’s a practice to try: Notice the things that you don’t like. These “judgments” can serve as clues that guide you to where you have resistance to total life. They alert you to where you could obtain a broader perspective and expand your awareness. Judgements reveal when you are not in frequencies that are headed toward the vibration of love and your most authentic self.

2. Choose what you want

Go ahead, right now, pick something that you want to create. Choose from deep human values and qualities like health, wealth, wellness, integrity, abundance, success, relationship, etc. For example, you might say, “I want health”, or “I want joy, or wealth, success, or abundance.”

Now, change your words to the present tense: I am health, I am wealth, success, joy, or abundance. Do this because, as contemporary science shows, the brain does not know the difference between now and a month from now (see Joe Dispenza). At first, your automatic mind will probably buck, doubt, or say no, “That’s not going to happen.” But it doesn’t matter because you are actually creating this desire in the immediate moment. Once you have your choice in mind…

3. Shift your energy with a feeling of love

This could be anything that makes you feel gratitude, kindness, tenderness, compassion. Remember that love is the most powerful creation tool that we humans have available to us. Review the heart power method and the smile method in the previous post. When we learn to live in the state of love, we continually draw things to us that match our higher frequency. This is because we are directing our choice toward the flow of the universe. When this happens, we are in relation with divine love, the medium of which we are made. This method of decision making will help us learn to master our life rather than allow the world to take us over. We want to learn how to go with the flow, release what’s not needed, and move forward in our unique path of becoming.

4. Let go

Don’t be attached. Let go of patterns that no longer serve you. Let go of trying to control the how of your manifestation. If you have preconceived ideas about the outcome you desire, give them up, otherwise you may miss the signs that it’s already happening in a different way or in a shorter period of time. Plus, the outcome may even be better than you could have imagined.
Let go of anything that is not like Love. Give all your attention to the highest values or qualities of life that you want. This will change your universe; it will also change others around you because you’ll be vibrating in a higher frequency, and love always wins. And remember…

Sometimes the answers come unbidden

It’s just how life energy works, like the time I was out walking in the city, noticing the sights, sounds, smells, movements, when, poof, it happened; instantly; I was the chooser of all my perception! The workers, whom I usually observed with my 3D perspective, were transformed into shining essential beings just doing their thing! The entire landscape was amazing. I was actually free to choose any world view that I desired. I was astounded. I realized that, simply by being born human, choice is something all we have at our beckon call. What freedom! I came to understood, unequivocally, that we humans do have the power to choose—a new belief, a new way of seeing, a new reality! That free energy is here, available, flowing; it’s just waiting to respond to our direction. This is a difficult truth for many of us humans to grok. But we can do it.

So, let us choose deeply human values, or qualities, pair them with feelings of love, and direct our energy to the highest possibilities. In the end, our job is to observe, choose, and ask. The universe’s job is to do all the work and provide the “how’s.” When we consciously choose, direct our energy with love, and commit to the natural process, we co-create with the universe. And life becomes a co-creative dance!