Checklist: 101 Signs of waking up

Fireworks bursting against black sky
“Fireworks – Adelaide Skyshow 2010” by anthonycramp | CC BY 2.0

Here’s a fun checklist of signs of waking up. See which ones may apply to you. You can also download a PDF version if you prefer.

1. Buzzing over left ear
2. Feelings of well-being
3. Surroundings seem to be surreal
4. See in vivid colors
5. Receive downloads of knowledge or knowing
6. Hear the sounds of silence
7. Spontaneous shaking of body (or parts)
8. Experience spaciousness
9. Feel grounded, rooted in Earth
10. Feel spacy
11. Experience hot flashes
12. Feel you are walking up above the ground
13. Have the experience of no space
14. Have feelings of deja view
15. Have experience of past lives
16. Can hear your subtle inner voice
17. Have glimpses of parallel lives
18. Break into spontaneous prayer
19. Feel you are the same substance as rocks and trees
20. Dislike not being authentic
21. Know that you Are actually Everything
22. Have deep feelings of bliss
23. Experience periods of inexplicable irritability
24. Experience of being Nothing at all
25. Tear up when see beauty
26. Suffer unexplainable pain or discomfort
27. Experience the Oneness of Everything
28. Feel light or buoyed up
29. Spontaneous relaxation of body
30. Able to just witness your mind
31. Recognize behavior patterns that limit you
32. Wake up during the night and process
33. Feel the density of being human
34. Feel the stickiness of the little self
35. Experience deep aloneness
36. Realize how ego gets its way
37. Feel loving in general
38. Feel peaceful inside
39. Wake up excited about the day ahead
40. Have a sense of connection with deeper realities
41. Experience spontaneous joy
42. Feel unexplained inertia
43. Feel connected to people you don’t know
44. Realize when you become separated from your Self
45. Know when you are out of alignment
46. Are comfortable being alone
47. Feel you are loved
48. Feel full of life and vitality
49. Feel worthy of receiving Source
50. Have discovered spiritual guides
51. Are satisfied with personal relationships
52. You like yourself
53. Know you are really not alone
54. Feel neutrality
55. Feel connected to Source
56. Experience wonder and awe
57. Feel that life is safe
58. My life has value
59. Experience the flow
60. Every experience offers a lesson
61. Feel that what you do counts
62. Experience the illusion of life
63. Feel Life supports you
64. Experience multidimensions
65. Allow unusual things to happen
66. Experience the black velvet spaciousness
67. Allow Life to have Its way
68. Don’t have to analyze
69. Don’t have to understand
70. Can be a witness to your own feelings
71. Experience feelings without getting engaged
72. Experience from the heart, not the head
73. Discriminate feelings moving through you
74. Pay attention to your inner life
75. Feel more love and compassion
76. Able to feel outer happenings without becoming overwhelmed
77. Take your experience to your heart
78. Notice what brings you down or up
79. Able to give up your stories
80. Comfortable with the silence
81. Curious about life
82. See how concepts & beliefs can hold you hostage
83. Have the experience of melting
84. Merge with nature
85. Feel a subtle level of anxiety
86. Can distinguish between separation and connectedness
87. Observe without becoming engaged
88. Feel the magic of the moment
89. Wonder about the possibilities
90. Experience infinity
91. Feel light-headed but OK
92. Experience spontaneous gratitude
93. See the space between all things
94. Have a sense of wonderment
95. Overwhelmed by love or bliss
96. Tear up with joy
97. Can tolerate intense emotions
98. Feel the hugeness of your Self
99. Feel the freedom to be who you really are
100. Feel unlimited, not constructed
101. Have a sense of open awareness

You can also download a PDF version if you prefer.

These occurrences are often the natural result of Waking Up. See which signs apply to you. Add your own waking up signs to the list. What did you discover? Do you have any signs to add to the list? If so, please contact me.