Calling in your future desire

abstract.8 by foxrosser
abstract.8 by foxrosser | CC BY-ND 2.0

What follows is an exercise I’ve adapted from Jean Houston’s class Unlock Your Quantum Powers to help each of us explore what we personally would like to have happen in 2022.

Deeply explore your own personal desires. For example, you may wish to feel more connected, start a group, feel more loved or loving, moving ahead on your spiritual path, buy a boat, allow life to unfold without wanting to always be in control, start a business, learn to play a musical instrument, maintain an inner calm despite what is going on in the world, trust life to unfold as it is, feel safe, lead with your heart, grow a garden, whatever. What would you like to call forth in 2022? Take your time. Make a list, “I would like to………” Once you have chosen an intention, have fun with the following exercise.

Calling in the Future

Imagine what you would really like to do, or be, or manifest in 2022. Let your imagination fly. It can’t hurt, and it could be quite enlightening. Take a very favorite desire and imagine it now. Actually picture it. See it happening. Feel into it, knowing this is something that will enhance your life, and perhaps the lives of others, because after all we are all entangled in the same Quantum Field.

Imagine your desire as vividly as you can. Find yourself beyond the curtain of time. Hold your hands out. Go ahead. Feel the energy frequencies. Pass through that thin curtain of time into the frequencies of future. (You may see, or feel, various kinds of future in front of you.) But hold on, as vividly as you can, to the particular future that you desire.

Now, call for that future desire to emerge from the collection of all other possible futures. Reach out for this future. Begin to bring it toward you. Feel it in your heart. Feel its liveliness, its vitality, it’s reality. Vividly imagine it. Again, take your time. What do you see? What do you hear? Touch this desire with your hands, your heart. What does it feel like? Taste it. See it. Hear it. Smell it. You’re discovering that you can really be with this future, as you are right now. It is very, very real in the highest frequencies.

Now step into this future. Live in it as thoroughly as you can. Experience its reality. Observe the course it takes. Feel the excitement, even the joy. Feel the fulfillment unfolding. As you feel deeply into your experience, be aware that the quantum ground of Being is holding this future right now for you. Know that this is an interdependent, participative, co-arising between you and the field! You are establishing the appropriate frequencies of attraction to bring this possible future into probable manifestation. In this way, you are interacting with the quantum field to co-create your desired happening.

Feel the vital energies of this creation. Sense how it vigorously brings in new power. It brings a new reality to power your emerging creation. The future is presenting itself to you right now with the presence of this creation. You need only to continue your desire and allow what’s needed for fulfilment to come to you. When you unleash your highest self, you enter the realm of your greatest power. When you have an intention, pay attention, and stay the course, you increase the likelihood that your greatest desire will manifest in your life.

I thank you for your participation in this exercise. I look forward to our being together in the quantum, connected, web of Life. I look forward to this group creating magic together in 2022.