Be creative: Match the energy you want

“Data mapped into fresh permutations of fun…” by TORLEY | CC BY-SA 2.0

What energy zone are you in: creative or re-active?

As we are discovering, our ability to leverage our Essential Human Power is predicated on our ability to stay out of our learned, reactive, Shadow-self while we learn to stay in our original creative, higher frequency, Gift-self.

Don’t forget, our Shadow-self is driven by an underlying, pervasive sense of lack; we feel we are missing something. Because of this, we go to our minds, or to something outside of ourselves to find it. Our Shadow-self is essentially re-active. It is not original or spontaneous. We want to slip out of this old automatic mind frequency. We want to move into our heart frequency—into our higher, more creative, expansive self.

Our energy frequency determines the shape and focus of our life because it’s the underlying frequency of Life that constantly influences us, whether the energy is coming from our head-self or our heart-self. As Henk J. M. Schram at Crack Your Egg explains:

“These two (frequencies) are completely different Orientations. The Reactive (head) mode is focused on getting rid of or changing something that already exists. The Creative (heart) mode is focused on bringing something new into being… the only way to escape (your) programming is to rise above it at an energetic level…If you anchor yourself into a higher frequency, the same life can be experienced as through you were living in an entirely different world.”

The truth is we are all yearning for something deeper than our surface-level goals. We want to switch from the usual effort of the head to the effortless creative power of the heart. We are yearning to self-actualize and become our true selves. And we can do this.

The body has over 60 trillion cells. Every single cell is listening, and it is responding to the environmental signals that we create. So, we want to make sure we are sending the correct signals (see The missing link: Direct your energy). We want to re-wire and fire the cells which can lead to our most authentic selves. We want to gain the ability to remain in our creative frequency and shift back to our creative energy as soon as we realize that we’ve slipped back into our old, conditioned self. So, let’s be honest with ourselves; are we coming from our old, learned, reactive self or from a new, expanded, perspective of our highest self?

The Circle of Light, dedicated to helping humanity wake up, gives us inspiration to use our inborn creative ability. They explain:

“While you remain alive in physical form in this Earth game, you are going to keep the usual flavors of your identity. But if you continue to expand, open, and allow more of the power of your personal source, of your soul’s energy, you allow that pure creative consciousness to flow through you. This is when you really get to dance…without the usual painful resistance.”

So, let’s get creative here and learn how to direct our energy to where we want it to go. I’m going to use myself as an example and explain what I’ve learned about directing energy from Dee Wallace in her Awesome Magical Creation Course:

I was having an issue with my health. My digestive system was out of whack. What follows is the process I used to help me direct my energy to where I wanted it to go:

  1. I stated my desire at the deepest level: I am divine health.
  2. I found the place inside me that made me smile and feel love. (Innocent things, like babies, puppies, and kittens.)
  3. I inhaled, smiled, and then on a slow exhale said, “I am divine health, and it feels like love.”

That’s it; that’s the process—easy peasy.

The steps in more detail

Now, let me explain in more detail.

First, you clearly identify what it is that you’d like to manifest. Your statement should be short, clear, and direct. Start with “I am.” You might say, “I am divine wealth, or divine relationship, or divine success, wellness, abundance, or whatever. Keep your statement as plain and simple as possible. (Dee Wallace says whatever is said after the “I am” is unnecessary and could cause conflict.)

For example, if I say, “I am divine health and I want my digestive system to work better”, I am actually sending a mixed signal. On the one hand, I would be saying that I want divine health, but on the other hand, I would be declaring that my health was not working well. So, how would the universe find a match? In which direction would it look—to divine health or to continued sickness?

Or I might get too specific and say, “I want my stomach to work in this way and my bowels to work in that way.” This doesn’t allow the energy complete freedom to find a solution. It might be in ways that I could never have imagined.

Second, Dee asks us to find our “love place,” which means anything that makes you smile and feel love. It could be your pet, the picture of a friend or grandchild, a place in nature, etc. It’s all up to you. If you don’t think you have a love place, (which was me in the beginning) just focus on your heart, then “fake it till you make it” come true.

Dee adds that smiling is the scientific part of the process because it opens the vagus nerve, which sends the conscious intent that we have chosen out into the electromagnetic universe, rather than all the unconscious beliefs that we usually have running around in our heads. And smiling as you say, “and it feels like love” gives the universe a clear direction in which to go.

Note: As you are going through this process, be alert when any doubt or worry that comes in (Am I really going to get this? Is the universe really going to deliver? This is not going to work.) When this happens recognize that it is the old, small, voice that you’ve been carrying around for decades. Say, “Stop!” Then choose to shift back to the clear smile method, stating your divine desire statement.

Third, inhale, smile, and slowly exhale and you say, “I am divine ______.” Fill in the blank with whatever you desire in the highest—divine health, wellness, money, relationship, success, etc. (Divine abundance is my favorite.)

Eventually, with practice, we can adopt a conscious mastery—directing our energy, having our mind serve our higher self, and aligning our thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs with our innate, essential power. At some point, we will awake our natural, creative process, and this feels divine.