Be as a child again (grandmother and boy)

Boy smells flowers

The picture above tells a truth about who we really are. Each of us was born with the loving frequency of joy, openness, and curiosity. Just watch a young child and you will see. The story that follows reveals the existence of this loving quantum frequency that each of us experienced as openhearted children. The disruption of this frequency came as we developed our limited personality perspectives according to our own life circumstances. Amnesia set in and we forgot.

So today, in these times of turbulence, let’s give ourselves a break. Let’s take a moment to remember what Life is really like—pure, natural, curious, full of both pain and joy. To help us remember, I’d like to invite you to experience the true story of a boy, a grandmother, and a magical journey. So, slow your breath down, breathe deeply, and enjoy the ride.

“Love like you’ve never been hurt.”
— A. Koebin

A Boy, a Grandmother, and a Magical Journey

Once upon a time an eight-year-old boy began to think that there might be a God. When his grandmother asked him about this, the boy said, “Well Grammy, I just think there must be something more.”

So, the boy and the grandmother decided to explore. They would be detectives—sort of like a magical Sherlock Holmes. They climbed into a “silocopter” (which is like a helicopter, but it has no sound because it is silence) and they went flying up into the silence:

Grandmother (G): Now let’s be very quiet. We’ll just watch and see what happens. It’s sort of like being a cat that’s waiting for a mouse to come out of a hole—except we don’t know what’s going to come out! There’s just silence. And we wait.

Boy (B): OK. I’m waiting. I don’t see anything yet. Oh, wait a minute. I see a cat. And there’s lots of space. Now there’s a cloud that’s forming. It’s sort of hazy and I think there might be rain in it, but it’s not raining.

G: OK, let’s see what happens.

B: The cloud is changing. Now it’s all white and fluffy. It’s a happy cloud!

G: Hmm, white, fluffy, and happy.

B: Yeah. There is a lot of space around the cloud. And the space goes on forever and ever. Now there’s another cat and he’s smiling. He’s happy.

G: That’s interesting. Let’s wait and see what happens next.

B: Hey, the cat’s disappearing. Now it’s all white and like milky. I feel really, really, good. Oh, now there is something green coming up, like a tiny sprout. Wait, it’s growing and growing and growing. Now it’s bigger than you!

G: Yikes!

B: Here comes a little branch, and more and more branches. And now roots are starting to form too. There’s some black; it’s a funny black; it’s like heavy. And there’s red too.

G: That red feels strong!

B: Yeah, it is. It’s very strong. Oh no. My normal mind is coming up. Multiplication. This is so random. I hate multiplication!

G: That’s OK. Let’s just watch in space and see what happens.

B: Hey it disappeared. It was just a thought. And now there are Ninjas and more Ninjas and cats. What’s with all these Ninja’s and cats? There’s a red cat. You don’t get to see a red cat that often. Now it’s changing again! It’s all black. It’s a really nice black. I can’t really describe it, but I like it. And there’s lots of space too.

G: More space! Wow! This black feels all silky to me—sort of like I’m taking a bath in warm, melted, chocolate.

B: Yeah, and it’s like peaceful, very peaceful. And now I’m waiting. Blank…blank…blank….blank….blank. I’m waiting. Now there’s a different kind of space! It’s clear, really, really clear! And I can see that everything is in me! It’s all inside me!

G: Yes, it is.

B: I can see thoughts and feelings and colors and everything. And it’s all really, really happy.

G: It feels kind of joyous.

B: Yeah, joy! That’s the word! And it’s so peaceful. Wow! I think this is what happens when people meditate.

G: Yes, it is. But we don’t have to sit in funny positions!

B: Wow, now there is nothing here! It’s de-void. Nothing…nothing…nothing. Wait a minute, there’s a picture coming in. There’s a hand and an arm, now another hand and another arm, and more hands coming down. The hands are like holding. It’s so peaceful and content. There are no needs here. It’s just peaceful like you couldn’t believe. I see Mom. She’s smiling, and Dad too, and the three cats. It’s all happy. There is nothing needed.

G: I feel it too. Let’s just rest here.

B: Yeah. Now my normal mind is coming back again. There’s anger. There’s anger and hate and sadness and pain and despair.

G: That’s OK, this space allows it all to come in. Let’s just watch and see what happens.

B: Hey, it all just turned into nothing. Blank… blank … blank. Now there’s light. It’s sort of a white yellow. It’s very bright. It’s gleaming. I see a huge golden throne but there’s no one sitting in it. Up above the throne there’s like a big shining letter coming in. It’s a “G”! And it’s like written in gold—all shiny. Everything is very peaceful.

A long, long silence occurs.

G: Are you there?

B: Yes, but there’s nothing to say.

G: There are no words here.

B: No words.

Long silence again.

G: I’m going to hang up now and leave you with where you are.

B: OK. Thank you so much for showing me how to do this, Grammy. This is what you wanted to talk to me about isn’t it.


This story reveals a capacity with which we all were born, the capacity to set our constricted minds free to wander into our higher intelligence.

The child in this transcript didn’t just happen to discover silence, joy, peace, a wonderful “nothingness”, and a spaciousness in which there “are no words.” He didn’t just happen to see a “huge golden throne” and the letter “G.” What manifested was the result of setting his mind free and allowing it to drift into his higher soul-consciousness.

This genuine unfolding of higher consciousness demonstrates the natural ability we have as humans. This is an ability we can re-discover. We can witness what’s really going on inside of us with open-ended inquiry. We can allow images to come and go without the mind’s engagement. We can witness colors and emotions that spontaneously pop up. We can open to our quantum spaciousness. When we do this, our mind is set free to explore. We come across things that our usual protective mind would judge as weird, unfamiliar, and dismiss. But what if we don’t do this? Well, then the true journey begins.

(Note: In this book, with the help of a compassionate adult reader, Silocopter actually comes alive and has helped children overcome severe depression, painful divorces, and deaths of beloved animals. Good for ages 8-12.)