3D-5D series #5: Paying attention in everyday life

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Luckily, many more humans are starting to wake up. We are beginning to really take in the fact that life on the planet is undergoing a radical shift. Many of us long to be a part of that change.

But most of us are still seesawing between our old survival mind, driven by comfort and what’s familiar. We still perceive the world only by what we see, feel, taste, touch, and hear, even though we may be aware energetically that there is something very different happening. We continue to move between the third 3D and the fifth 5D perspectives of reality (see post #2 in this series). We get caught up in unseen collective agreements (see #3). There’s so much going on, that our kaleidoscope of experience may drive us crazy!

Stylized rollercoaster, palm trees, and sky.
“California Adventure” by krandolph | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The most important element in moving to the fifth 5D dimension of reality, is paying attention to what’s happening to us in everyday life. We get frustrated by our 3D minds, which perpetually turn out product. But there may be times that we are in 5D and don’t even know it. This means we have to pay more attention.

Most of us have had flashes, moments, or periods in our lives when we are more aware. We may get an unexpected download, idea, or insight. Intuitively, there is a flash of something new, a sense that something greater exists.

Once our 5D perception starts to kick in, strange things can begin to happen. We wake up at 6:03 AM feeling from our heart, instead of from our head, which immediately brings up day’s to-do list.

We notice a faint inner voice, smell unusual scents, or feel subtle energies running through us. Sometimes we experience body tremors or jerking movements for no reason at all. We experience physical discomfort, intense emotion, and mental interference with no known cause. We become more aware of how our usual thoughts serve to distract us. We watch our self more often as a non-critical observer.

We notice there are times that we are calmer and more content to just be. Maybe it’s waiting in a line at the supermarket or sitting at a window looking out. Maybe we don’t stiffen and rush distractedly to an appointment. We remember that our discomfort is just an early childhood reaction. If we don’t hurry, Mom will be annoyed.

We find that we are more relaxed. We are less flustered. We notice these changes from simple incidents, like opening a jar. The top spins off and flies across the floor. In 3D this could cause exasperation. In 5D we simply bend down and pick up the lid. When we open the wrong drawer, instead of being flustered, it comes to us, “ Oh, it’s the next drawer over.”

We begin to change our perception of what’s possible as a human. We begin to feel more organic, natural, and authentic. We become more aware of higher frequencies. This feels good.

In 3D, during a walk or jog, we worry about a meeting that’s coming up. We notice that we are being hijacked by our mind. We are not really present. We are concerned about the future. We pause, stay in present time. We see that we are safe right now. Things are OK. Our perception opens up 360 degrees. We take in the beauty of the trees branching overhead and feel the dew on the grass. We notice an old man walking past.

We’re hard at work. Our computer starts doing weird things; we’re incensed. We’re busy and the phone rings; we’re annoyed, “Go away!” We realize that we are in our old 3D responses. Then we get annoyed as we see how we’ve been swept away in 4D. We are out of alignment with our real self. Bummer, but minutes later we are back on track. That’s just how it goes.

Sometimes we find that we judge less, observe more. We become more neutral. We develop a neutrality gage. We watch. What’s happening? Does the needle go to the right, left, or stay straight up in neutral? If we are in neutral, we give our self a 3D brownie point! OK, so we’re not perfect.

When we have flashes of higher dimensions, and experiences that we don’t consider ordinary, we start to notice more deeply. We start to question long-held beliefs. Who am I really? We begin to realize that the 5D perspective is far greater than we thought. (See earlier posts in this series: #1, #2, #3).

We become more open to other possibilities. We may communicate with spiritual guides. We ask for guidance, “What am I supposed to learn?” We ask for symbols to pop into our head, symbols that mean “yes” or “no” to our questions. (My “yes” started out as a cross and has become a cock- eyed “y.”)

We come to trust more. Maybe Life Itself really does know more than we do! We begin to relax, let Life have Its way. We learn to allow, to trust the information, insight, or experience that comes through, even when it’s not what we wanted or expected.

In the end, who knows what will happen with us! Every soul is unique. This shift from one reality to another is not instantaneous. Moving from 3D to 5D perception takes diligence and intension. We have to engage, get involved. It takes a lot of work to pay attention to de-program our old 3D template. Plus, our nervous system has to catch up. The good news is that waking up is a participatory sport, an adventure. We can assist in our own process, with our own efforts, and free will. We do this as best we can, little by little. No one can do this for us.

Practice is the answer. Practice is what allows us to experience the higher frequencies, the higher wattage, the brilliant new world. We realize that we are here, at this point in time. We are in 3D transitioning to a 5D level of consciousness. Eventually, as we learn, as we practice together, we can begin to choose to energetically write new stories on a collective level.

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