3D-5D series #4: My experience in a nutshell

This post is #4 in the blog series: Moving from 3D to 5D dimensions of reality. See the series overview page for a list of all posts and schedule.

The third (3D) and fifth (5D) dimensions of reality are two very different perspectives. They are very different blueprints which determine my human behavior. On a day-to-day basis, these two frequencies affect me extensively. (See #1 and #2 in this series.) These dimensions come from entirely different perspectives, different frequencies. They generate two very different templates, or blueprints, within which I find myself living.

The 3D Mind

Photo of car engine
“Engine” by Accretion Disc | CC BY 2.0

I’ve been contemplating my move from 3D to 5D functioning. I keep re-discovering how my 3D perception works through my mind, filtered by my egoic perception. When I’m strictly functioning in 3D I’m operating according to my old, learned, acquired, personality system. I’m operating from the old, fear-based template. I see that all my perception funnels through the mind. (wrap text)

My brain functions. It contemplates, computes, analyses, judges, obsesses, and generates information. But, at this point, when my thinking comes solely from my mind, the information feels outdated, incomplete, dull. It feels like an old engine that is over-worked and obsolete.

When I inquire, I see that I’m functioning on an intellectual level that is based upon what I’ve already think I know. It’s not really new thinking! My information is being filtered through a bunch of old beliefs and concepts that I hold onto. I sort, label, judge, and categorize. It could be stories from childhood, a conversation with a friend, a work issue, or a spiritual idea. My 3D brain processes according to old information, whether I’m conscious of this or not.

3D experience is vicarious. It is experienced in the imagination, through feelings, actions, or other people. I see that my brain, my mind, can only imagine things, for example, what it’s like to wake up or to experience from a higher dimension. The mind doesn’t really Know.

The 5D Heart

There is a much grander frequency available for humans to perceive. It’s the high-functioning energy of the fifth dimension. It is based on the Heart, not the brain. It is the 5D Heart that actually Knows. This 5D frequency is what can entrain the brain.

When my 5D energy arises, there is no imagination involved. There is a direct knowing. When I experience from 5D frequency, I become the actual, present, emerging experience! This is totally different than operating from the head. 5D operates through the template of Total Consciousness. This is an important distinction, one that my 3D mind will never be able to comprehend.

Lines of colored light in arcs and waves
“Garden of de light” by kevin dooley | CC BY 2.0

This is how my head and my heart experience 5D

In the beginning, when I experienced the 5D realm, it seemed to come suddenly, out of nowhere. It was definitely outside my usual 3D experience. When in 5D, my entire world felt surreal, like walking in some kind of wonderland. I experienced flashes of insight, and peaks at what is available beyond my usual ceiling of perception. These 5D peeks felt awesome, amazing. Early on, my 3D mind classified these experiences as non-ordinary, yet now I know that this emerging perspective of consciousness is what we humans are growing into. I realize 5D experience comes from the Intelligence of the Universe. It comes from the higher self, from essence. When we actually experience 5D, we Know our experience to be True. We feel it throughout our bodies and our entire surround. We sense this understanding deep within our Being.

The fifth division is about love. Love is so much greater then our 3D memories, beliefs, and stories. The 3D template resists going into the 5D realm. However, the 5D experience brings us into our higher intelligence. We see how it is possible to overcome all stories, to go beyond. In 5D we know we are part of an energetic expression that takes place from the heart. 5D funnels everything through the heart. It brings us to our true potential. It gradually dissolves our 3D resistance. It allows us to live life more fully, from the frequency that’s underneath.

5D takes us to Freedom, Creativity, Freshness, and Connectedness. 5D is open to whatever arises in this very moment. The fifth dimension leads us to Become the moment. Wholeness, Unity, and Oneness pervail. We experience wonderous, magical, abilities. Out of the box possibilities for creative action spring up. We realize the we humans are the determining factor. We are the receivers, transmitters, and transformers for ourselves and for planet Earth.

At this point in my journey, I still seesaw between 3D and 5D. I am able to witness my3D habitual patterns of body and mind. I watch how my ego resists the frequency of 5D. It’s much more familiar in 3D. I also witness how the 3D dimension is producing division, unrest, and chaos in the world today. Yet, the more I practice, the more I experience an integration of the third and fifth dimensions. I see how the higher frequency of light shines through, causing the world to be experienced as less dense and more transparent.

At this point, I’m discovering that the  journey is all about bringing the light frequency of 5D down into everyday 3D experience. I’m trying to remember to view life from my heart, rather than my head. From this perspective I am finding life to be quite magical and joyous.

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