3D-5D series #3: Collective Consciousness: The importance of 4D

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Collective Consciousness is a difficult frequency of reality to describe. The fourth dimension of reality (4D) is the collection of individual human consciousness, combined with the interconnective consciousness of humanity as a whole. In this frequency we all participate in a shared, collective, consensual reality. Located between the third and fifth dimensions, which we have already explored, this silent level of reality serves as an emotional bridge. It greatly influences what we humans do. Understanding 4D can facilitate our moving from the 3D to the 5D dimension of reality.

Collective Human Consciousness

Red and green shapes and lines.
“CAS DE CONSCIENCE/ Case of Consciousness” by lucborell photophones | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

4D is the Collective Mind of Humanity. It is a non-physical dimension, which can be experienced, much like 5D. The collective mind is a mixture of our individual thoughts and feelings, which come together to form collective patterns, as the lines converge in the image above. These patterns connect each one of us to ourselves, and to each other. We humans are influenced by the fourth dimension of consciousness, on both a personal and collective level. This is because 4D energy comes together to form collective human agreements, of which we are mostly unaware.

So far, our human story has been shaped by an enormous amount of collective pain, dysfunction, trauma, and struggle. We’ve come through generations of war, disease, and trauma. These old energetic experiences have become part of our shared hereditary memory. They are held deep within our cellular structure. (See the book It Didn’t Start with You by Mark Wolynn.)

On a personal level, most of us have some experience from childhood that has deeply affected how we perceive life. It could be family dysfunction, death of a loved one, suicide, substance abuse, mental illness, or a myriad of other issues. We all have filters formed in childhood. These unseen filters become ingrained in our personal 3D perspective. The fourth dimension collects these 3D memories. Emotions swirl, congregate, coagulate, and ferment. This is why 4D’s potent frequencies can intensify and take us down when we find ourselves feeling completely alone, unprotected, or we get triggered by anger, shame, or grief. Dr. Paul Conti talks about the prevalence of emotional trauma in his book, Trauma: the Invisible Epidemic.

On a much broader level, the 4D frequency affects entire populations. It filters down over generations and causes disquiet, confusion, division, and unrest. Thomas Hübl shows us in his book (Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds) how old wounds affect our collective human feelings of safety, love, and health. They affect how we interpret life. They affect how we interact with people at home, work, and in our community. Unconscious beliefs distort perception. Old wounds congeal into unseen negative agreements. They color our world view, including the unconscious beliefs we have about life and the planet. Thomas Hübl talks about this phenomenon in this video: The Collective Healing Journey (58 min).

Fundamentally, 4D is the dimension of emotional expression and conversion. The fourth dimension of reality gathers, amasses, clusters, intensifies, and disperses human emotions. This frequency divides our perception into dualities—dark and light, good and evil, positive, and negative. This split drives our collective thinking on both a personal and global basis. This dimension of reality informs humanity for better or worse. 4D energy can bring us up or take us down. This is profound.

On the negative side, 4D frequency coagulates, congeals, thickens, and solidifies our experience. It incites, stirs up, kindles, and triggers. This dimension can lead to unrest, disquiet, confusion, and mayhem, much like we see in what is happening today on a world-wide basis. In 3D reality, many are upset, disgusted, and fearful of what our world has become. Many have come to consciously, or unconsciously, believe that this is just a part of life, that this is how things work. With this limited perception, 4D takes us down and complicates our move to 5D reality

On the positive side, the fourth dimension of reality liquifies and lightens our perspective. It invites feelings of calm, clarity, and safety. We are more compassionate and transparent. The human race has moved into a new template of human consciousness which is positive and transformative, as stated in the first post in this series. 4D energies help move us to 5D.

The fifth dimension of reality is what researchers at HeartMath Institute find in their scientific studies and experiential courses. These contains a wealth of information on the new transformative level of human consciousness.

Dr. Rollin McCrafty is the Director of Research at HeartMath. In his course, The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence, he says, “There is a larger consensual reality that is not governed by linear space and time. There is a deeper Reality that goes beyond our five senses—what we hear, taste, touch and feel. We are moving more and more into the group, consensual, or collective consciousness. This is the sense, the knowing, that we are all actually connected in the field of Oneness. We are in the midst of rewriting the programs of collective, consensual reality. We have the ability to produce real and tangibly different outcomes, even though we may not be aware of this.”

Hopefully we are coming to understand how humanity’s breakthrough to the fifth dimension is so critical. Why? Because the fifth (5D) dimension of reality empowers us to see things quite differently. From the fifth dimension, we can witness, rather than be buffeted around by our 3D perspectives. We can witness both the positive and negative ways that lead us to collective, albeit often unconscious, societal agreements. Unseen agreements affect our personal and collective planetary experience. The good news is that the new human template of 5D shows us that we can energetically and collectively choose new stories. We can re-write the story of humanity on a much higher frequency. Working in unity we can clear the old planetary template and operate from the new.

A short recap: So far in this 3D to 5D series, we have examined how consciousness is expanding on a breakthrough level on planet Earth. We have explored the difference between the third, fear-based, mind-based, physical dimension of reality (3D) and the fifth, fearless, heart-based, non-physical dimension of reality (5D). (Post #2.) In this segment we have talked about how the fourth dimension of reality (4D) is a collective, non-physical, realm of emotion that permeates humanity and affects each of us.

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