3D-5D series #2: Moving from a 3D to a 5D dimension of consciousness

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see-saw with man and white stick figure
“See-Saw” by mikeleary83 | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Intro: In post #1, we discussed that we humans are in the midst of a gigantic evolutionary shift. We are moving from an old human template of consciousness, based on ego-separation and selfishness (3D) to the new human consciousness, based on expanded Intelligence, compassion, and connection (5D). In Series #2, we focus on the move from a 3D to a 5D level of perception. We discuss what it means, why it’s transformational, and how this shift leads towards an expanded life of joy, cooperation, and love.

Series #2: Moving from a 3D to a 5D dimension of consciousness

The 3D and 5D dimensions of Reality serve as templates. They are blueprints for how we operate as human beings. These two dimensions are very different operating systems. They come from very different energetic levels. They produce amazingly different views of everyday life.

Currently we are moving from a primitive, linear, mind-driven perspective to a multi-dimensional, heart-driven reality that is open, free, and abundantly creative. This is what moving from 3D (the third dimension) to 5D (the fifth dimension) of consciousness is all about. When we actually move from 3D to 5D, we go from the perspective of the young boy on the seesaw, to experiencing ourselves as a body of light.

Let’s take a closer look.

The 3D template of consciousness

The third dimension is one of physical reality. It is based on the mind. Our brains and nervous systems are still operating from thousands of years of collective human experience. This 3D operating system is both limiting and fear based. It is a survival system that has been our unconscious blueprint for eons.

3D is where we spent the majority of time in daily live. It is our usual, head-based, way of operating in the world. This is the frequency within which most of us “do” or perform. (While 5D is the pure agency which is behind what we “do.”) In 3D, we push to accomplish. We struggle to succeed. We want to feel good.

Our ego self loves 3D because the ego is mind based. Our mind loves to play with, and buy into, distractions—personal stories, beliefs, judgements, and preferences. It jumps into scenarios of future and past. Our 3D perspective makes us feel inferior, superior, clear, or fogged in. Inside it can feel sticky, oppressive, energetic, or lethargic. Our mind easily gets hijacked and often leads us around by the nose.

Our 3D level of operation limits perception. It feeds our fears and urges us to continue to operate in familiar, constricted, patterns and behaviors. We desperately want to feel safe. When we stray from our familiar way of things, we feel uncomfortable, consciously, or unconsciously. This is scary. We don’t know what will happen next. We can’t predict. So, most of the time, we automatically do what feels familiar and safe, as the mind predicts.

3D is the realm where guilt, punishment, and suffering occur. Fear, division, and “us vs them” thinking comes from the third dimension. We choose sides. We argue our perspective. We want to keep things the way we want them. We try to figure things out, be in control. We back off or we fight. We don’t want to look inferior.

3D consciousness is an expression of the ego for control. The ego believes it has the power to control reality. It focuses on the limited perspective of linear time and space, cause, and effect. Of course, we’re not trying to eliminate the ego. We will always have our personality and what we have learned so far. Yet, our ego can become more flexible. It can open enough to allow our higher selves to come forward. This more open perspective unburdens the ego. It allows the ego to develop a more mature perception, which can integrate higher and lower frequencies. When this happens, our everyday mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual frameworks look brighter. We are far more creative. We are more able to experience the 5D dimension of reality.

The 5D template of consciousness

The fifth dimension is based on the Heart. This 5D template is significantly different. It is a game changer for human consciousness. This dimension is a super Intelligent, Heart-based, way of seeing, knowing, and operating on planet Earth.

Our brains and nervous systems are just beginning to witness, allow, and adapt to this emerging template. 5D operates on a much higher frequency, with much greater wattage. Many people are beginning to actually experience this frequency in their daily lives. When this happens, we no longer push, or struggle. There is no polarity or judgement. Our actions just arise naturally, they flow effortlessly, seamlessly.

5D consciousness is an expression of the soul. It’s the expression of the Truth of humanity’s potential. 5D is our higher self. This frequency projects a world which goes way beyond the ego’s reach. 5D consciousness gives us the ability to transcend the 3D mind. It totally opens our perception of every-day reality, changing it completely.

From the vantage point of the fifth dimension, we clean up our energetic wounds. We see though our limitations. 5D takes away our veils of confusion. We are able to see how we are actors in an experiential play. With practice, we can witness our habitual patterns and beliefs and fall into the simple truth of who, and what, we really are.

5D is the realm of openness and wonder. This more infinite level of being informs and reveals. This level of consciousness unleashes the pure, rich flow of innovation, possibility, and collaboration. From the fifth dimension we witness, and experience, how things work behind the scenes. We no longer see ourselves as singular. We witness that we are a part of a unified whole, part of a cosmic reality.We see that we’ve come to experience planet Earth in a new way, as we live, breathe, shop, and work each day. We learn to operate from the heart, to come from the higher frequencies which manifest us, and everything. We learn to live an expanded life of joy and love. 5D raises the frequency of humanity. It brings freedom.

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