3D-5D series #1: Breakthrough blueprint for humanity: Current 3D level of human consciousness expands to 5D

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We humans are in the midst of a gigantic evolutionary shift. Yes, we know we’ve been evolving for eons. We’ve gone through the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Age of Reason, the Agricultural Era, and the Industrial Revolution. Now, in the Age of Information, we are supposedly evolving through science and technology. But many believe we are going backwards, into an age of division, confusion, confrontation, and chaos. Many long for a more expansive, inclusive perspective where we engage with each other in a more meaningful and compassionate world. This is where the big cosmic shift comes in.

The Birth of a New Consciousness

Birth of a New Consciousness by Cornelia Kopp
“Birth of a New Consciousness” by Cornelia Kopp | CC-BY-ND 2.0

We are now experiencing a breakthrough in human consciousness. This dramatic shift in consciousness is transforming life on planet Earth. This groundbreaking level of consciousness is not just for seers, sages, or avatars. It is meant for regular people and is available now. 

Humanity is moving from a self-serving 3D dimension of reality to an expanded, inclusive, connective 5D dimension of Reality. This shift is profound. It’s a game changer. This shift in evolution takes us to a new template of human consciousness, one that is caring, connective and compassionate. At first, this level of consciousness seems impossible to attain, until we get a taste of the Reality of this new perspective.

At some point in life, many people encounter a peak experience. They get a peek at 5D consciousness, which is way beyond the ordinary. Some are amazed. They remember the event for the rest of their lives. Others are momentarily dumbfounded, think their experience a fluke, and forget the entire occurrence.

The good news is that many more humans are consciously experiencing the new, expanded, 5D dimension of consciousness. This frequency is available for us right now. This higher level of consciousness is less driven by ego. It is more driven by an Eternal Life Force. This Force, this frequency, is the Power behind Everything. When we have a direct experience of this Source, it moves us forward. We long for more.

Contemporary scientists, mystics, spiritual finders, and beings of light are currently bringing forth factual information, insights, and direct experience of this new 5D form of consciousness.

Science has discovered the existence of frequencies, way beyond the old radio and microwaves. These quantum frequencies are made up of living particles. These waves of energy had previously been hidden, unknown to us. In the field of science, one brilliant physicist, Nassim Haramein, brings his profound mystical knowledge together with the latest research of quantum physics, cosmic energy, and human Unity. He explains that we are now in a broader planetary template in which we can transcend our usual human patterns and behaviors.

Thomas Hübl, a contemporary mystic, brings his deep knowledge of pervasive human wounds together with a deep understanding of mystical traditions. Thomas has worked with large groups from around the world. He demonstrates that individual and collective healing is possible and leads us into the realm of a higher order of greater creativity.

Spiritual finders, like Georgia Jean, explains that our human story (3D) has been shaped collectively by a huge amount of pain, dysfunction, trauma, and struggle. These dysfunctional concepts are held deep within our cellular consciousness. They affect our feelings of safety, love, health, and how we connect with each other. These old, built-in, perceptions color our world view, including the unconscious beliefs we have about life and the planet. The new human consciousness template (5D) shows us that we can choose new stories. We can collectively re-write the story of humanity with a much higher frequency.

Maureen St. Germain explains that we are “all transitioning from a narrowly focused and polarized awareness of the third dimension and waking up to the higher vibrations and abilities of the fifth dimension” (quote from back cover) She give us lots of information on the new, expanded, consciousness in the fifth dimension in her book Waking Up in 5D: A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation

Patricia Albere tells us, “When we achieve the capacity to love wholeheartedly and without inner conflict, we access higher potentials that allow Evolutionary relationships.” Patricia explains the importance of the collective dimension in her book, Evolutionary Relationship: Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening. This knowledge tells us that we need to enter into Unity Consciousness and go beyond our limited (3D) human selves.

The Circle of Light, a group of twelve light beings (a group that Georgia Jean channels) informs us that we have entered into higher/deeper levels of unconsciousness. We are now able to operate with the new program of what it means to be a human being. The Circle explains that we humans have much more power than we realize. We have the power to choose the new world paradigm. The Circle of Light and the Philosopher: Keys for Unlocking the Soul.

All these voices converge to tell us that we have already entered a new dimension of consciousness. The entire planet is shifting. We as the human race are shifting. We now have the potential to change our individual patterns and collective agreements. We are at a crossroad, a tipping point. The old (3D) paradigm of ego-separation and selfishness is currently being upgraded by a gigantic shift into fifth dimensional consciousness (5D). This shift changes everything.

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